Please be advised spammers are attacking....

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Please be advised spammers are attacking....

My icon was not displaying so I checked my profile. I found my profile corrupted. I posted this problem here for maximum exposure to the forum members as well as the administrators and moderators.

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Hi, can you attach a

Hi, can you attach a screenshot of your profile from your end? It looks okay on ours so if you can send us a screenshot, we can check on what's happening

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sorry don't know how to do

sorry don't know how to do that. I reset my icon and everything is working now.

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Print screen (ptr scr) if you

Print screen (ptr scr) if you got a full size keyboard.

Also: if you running windows vista or newer, hit the windows key and type: snipping. You will see snipping tool come up then you can take a screenshot of whatever you like on your screen by dragging a rectangle over it with your mouse. That way you can control what is in the screenshot without taking a picture of the entire desktop.

To late now to utilize either of these options for your profile corruption when it occured, but always useful tools. (If you are using a mac or android or others their is similar tools built in, just google it.

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