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Spam floods

The spam infestations by morons like matajiji02 have returned with increased intensity. Is there anything that we as a community can do to help stop these idiots?

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Hi Algebe. The spam has

Hi Algebe. The spam has never stopped. Typically a script takes care of them before you ever see them. For one reason or another, some occasionally slip through. We handle them as soon as we see them.

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Hello CyberLN:

Hello CyberLN:

I guess I have more time to enjoy the love problem solution attraction spell offers, because the crap avalanches seem to start in mid-afternoon my time zone (GMT+9).

The Captcha process takes several seconds even if I get the sum right, and if I try to post a picture it always accuses me of using the same number twice or something, so I have start again. But these idiots seem to be able to post dozens of spams in minutes. It's weird.

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@ Algebe Re: Captcha

@ Algebe Re: Captcha

If you attach an image to a post, the Captcha will always ask you for a second Captcha input. The first one is for the post, the second one is for image. To avoid this, you could use an image archive service like imgur. Then you can just insert a link back to the image at imgur. Otherwise, expect the two Captchas when you attach an image.


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FUCK!!! If this was a

FUCK!!! If this was a Christian site instead of an Atheist site we could pray the spam away.

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But we can still pray.

But we can still pray. Atheism is lack of belief in any gods. Says nothing about not believing in prayer...


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Bots that can defeat spam filters in part or whole are always going to seem more succesful than humans. Computers operate incredibly fast and have infinite patience. A bot could "fail" 1000 times for every success, and still successfully blanket these forums with their nonsense.

Even with the latest forum/message board software, I never seen a "bullet (spam) proof" solution to stop spamming other than invite only via referral closed system, which goes against the very point and nature of these boards.

I could go into more detail but I don't need to give these spamming a-holes ideas.



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I suggest either the creation

I suggest either the creation of mods with the sole ability of being able to soft-delete posts (thus having a low level responsibility that is not too open to abuse), or perhaps some system where admins are contactable via email when such incidents occur.

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The spammer has never stopped

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Thank you for shedding light

Thank you for shedding light on a lesser-known topic The article was well-structured, and your explanations were clear and concise. It was an eye-opening read.

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