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Subscription notifications

Hi whats wrong with the subscription notifications.
Im getting the feeling the sites dying out without them.
You can only check in so many times to se nothings new before you start checking less and less.

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Ill add i comment on alot of

Ill add i comment on alot of topics so im having to check 5 pages on the hub and the debate room takes so long.

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The feature is still under

The feature is still under development and not quite ready and changes to the style and other options may change.

Knowing that I made you a beta tester of the feature --and the feature will be made available upon request of a user, knowing that it's not fully polished feature yet.

Also any feed back as the changes are made will greatly be appreciated.

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I agree with your opinion.

I agree with your opinion. There are fewer posts on the site and less interaction between readers and writers.

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Knowing that I made you a

Knowing that I made you a beta tester for the feature —and that the functionality would be made accessible upon user request, despite the fact that it is not yet completely developed.

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Knowing that even though the

Knowing that even though the capability has not yet been fully built, you have been designated as the feature's beta tester and that it will be made available upon connections game user request.


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