Bangladesh Riots and Islamic Extremism

When I heard about the riot in Bangladesh I immediately “aha, this is a revolt against an oppressive government” because I am a simple-minded fool like that. But when I looked into it, I learnt that it was very much the other way around and I began rooting for the government to regain control. The rioters were chanting for the death penalty for atheist bloggers and all those who insult Islam and for greater segregation of men and women.

If the Islamic extremists had their way here, I would be dead, executed for being an atheist, my wife too. Our family, most people I know, and indeed a large portion of the population of Scandinavia would all be hung for not following Islam. The riot broke out in the first place because the International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh gave a man a death sentence. This man was Delwar Hossain Sayidee and his list of crimes included murder, arson, looting, rape and forcefully converting non-Muslims to Islam during the Bangladesh liberation war of 1971 – so he was a fluffy, cuddly sort of guy. This man was one of the leaders of a political party called the Jamaat-e-Islami and it was this “political party” that was outraged by this decision because apparently, the crimes he committed were just all good fun, playful behaviour, nothing to take too seriously. It was his followers and others like them who ran amok and destroyed Dhaka.

Now to those who say this was a political rather than a religious act, I can inform you that a lot of the attacks that took place were on Hindus – over 50 temples were damaged including a Buddhist temple (the least offensive religion out there). Over 1500 homes belonging to the Hindi people of Noakhali, Rangpur and many other Hindi districts were set on fire. If this was not a religious attack, then I really don’t know what could possibly be described as one. Hindi homes and businesses burnt to the ground and all because some mad butcher is going to get what’s coming to him. Just for a second put yourself in one of those victim’s shoes; you go to work, you overhear at work that Sayidee has been convicted, you finish your long shift and go home to find your home, your possessions, everything you have accumulated in your life all burnt to the ground, destroyed by the men who want to reign as the governing political party in your country. Of course Jamaat-e-Islami deny their involvement, but to question their participation in this is lunacy. Of course they’re responsible; the buildings didn’t spontaneously combust, this wasn’t the work of one lone slippery arsonist. If life were a comic book the equivalent would be the Hulk standing next to a pile of rubble where New York City used to be with an “I didn’t do it” look on his massive green face.

One of the worst things I read was about a police officer who had his eye gauged out and was hacked to death. These people, and I use that term loosely, took his eye out before cutting him up like slab of meat. That’s his story over now, that’s how he died, not warm in his bed surrounded by loved ones but murdered on the street. Some people condemn the police for using live ammunition on the rioters and I say to them, “What you prefer them to use? Quick wit perhaps? Maybe a stern telling off would shift the murderous rabble?” If there is a time to use lethal force, it is when people are viciously murdering, raping and pillaging the country.

This is the problem I have with Islam, it is the nutters that Islam breeds. Christianity has its nutters too but they seem slightly less bloodthirsty. Not all Muslims are violent, I myself know quite a few Muslims who are caring, non-judgmental, and quite frankly thoroughly good people but penetrating their ranks are these violent, psychopathic barbarians and to call them anything else is political correctness gone mad. Anyone who thinks it is okay to throw acid into your wife’s face because she has “dishonoured” you somehow is a savage, anyone who thinks that those who do not have the same belief as them needs to be killed is a savage, anyone who thinks the marriage between a fifty year old man and a nine year old girl is completely fine is a savage. We need to not be afraid to call it what it is because the second we hold ourselves back for the sake of “playing nice” we let these poor people suffer. And it is our business, what happens in the countries run by men who condone this behaviour is our business because what affects one nation reflects on us all as a race especially if we just stand by and do nothing. When I look at someone suffering I don’t take their geographical position into account.

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