Why I am not a "Non-Muslim"

Look at the world as either “Muslim” or “non-Muslim,” and you have accepted the mentality of “us against them,” and the “Dar al Islam” (House of Islam) and the “Dar al Harb” (House of War). Buried in a mental desert is every exotic and diverse feature that makes you who you are.

One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Leap for Brutality

Legends are borne from the passage of time, but are rarely ever worthy of such status or acclaim. They are used as benchmarks, role models for us lesser mortals, something to aspire towards—but who, in all honesty, wants to be immortalised as a barbaric, blood-hungry warmonger? Well, if your name's Muhammad, you might raise your hand.

Muslim Brotherhood, Religion and Politics Don’t Mix!

Take a look on any news page on facebook recently and the threads are full of Egyptians posting whether or not they condone the happenings in Egypt. I always detest violence myself, I think it is the behaviour of people who aren't clever enough to talk but I can understand where some people are coming from regarding the Muslim Brotherhood.