Seeing the horrors of fundamentalism in graphic detail may just change how you view the abuses committed in its wake. For me, all it took was a bad YouTube video.

“Holy Lands” and Their Abandoned Peoples

As the late, great Christopher Hitchens put it, “Religion Poisons Everything.” The Earth shrinks in the eyes of the faithful – you may be relative newcomers like the Lhotshampa or residents older than the usurpers, like the Hindus of Pakistan or Parsis of Iran, or its just that you had a new idea, like the Baha'is or Ahmadis. Only a secular republic will recognize every single inhabitant as its own.

The Self Fulfilling Prophecy of Islam

Many Muslims claim Muhammad was illiterate and thus the Quran must be divine. These Muslims claim that if no one is able to produce something like what is found in the Quran, that the Quran must be from Allah. But what criteria are used to judge those who attempt to meet this challenge? What does the Quran itself say about the challenge? Does the challenge itself even make sense?

Science in the Quran?

One of the most common arguments heard from Muslims is that everything in the Quran has been confirmed by modern science. Is there really any accurate science in the Quran? What kinds of things are Muslims claiming to be science in the Quran? Some of the most prevalent claims concerning science in the Quran are reviewed here. Do those claims stand up to scrutiny?

How Many Fallacies Does it Take to Make a Muslim?

Many Muslims just don’t know logic and so they regurgitate the fallacies they hear from Islamic apologists and post fallacy filled Youtube videos. By reviewing and explaining some of the most common fallacies used in one of the most commonly posted videos, maybe, just maybe, Muslims might actually stop being so fallacious. Or at least learn to recognize fallacies when they hear them.