Baizou - why Chinese laugh at western liberals.

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Baizou - why Chinese laugh at western liberals.

New word for me but been around a while. Chinese social media use the word as an insult to self emasculating white males.

Trump is actually right about how we are being laughed at.

More detailed explanation:

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TD, what is your purpose for

TD, what is your purpose for posting this?

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TD, this forum discusses

TD, this forum discusses atheist, and thus religious issues. I am very sure that if you looked hard enough, you can find forums that discuss your politics.

I am a racing nut, I discuss racing on a forum other than this. I am also a member of another forum that discusses politics. I don't talk racing in here, I don't talk politics in here unless it has a direct link to something impacting religion.

When I discuss politics, I do it in a politics forum.
When I discuss racing, I do it in a racing forum.
When I discuss religion, I do it in a religion forum.

Hint hint.

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I'm so confused now. Chinese

I'm so confused now. Chinese isn't a religious sect?

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I would like to retort that

I would like to retort that "the Chinese" are free to think what they like, but unfortunately, I fear that isn't true.

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A more interesting topic

A more interesting topic about China would be the treatment of the Falung Gong movement, which is seen as a threat to the established religion of state-worship.

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Falung Gong is considered to

Falung Gong is considered to be a threat not to any state-worship, but as a potential threat to the government due to its size, independence from the state, and spiritual teachings. Officially, China is an atheist state. But the government become very tolerant of many religions, and allow their practice without any interference. Just as long as any religion does not get in the way of China's politics and internal power structure the state allows it.

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China Gov accused of

China Gov accused of harvesting organs from Falung Gong.

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God made Heaven and Earth,

God made Heaven and Earth, but everything else is ''MADE IN CHINA''

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Good one, Q! LMAO

Good one, Q! LMAO

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