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Waddaya mean, how good I've

Waddaya mean, how good I've been? I've been sooo bad...Oh how I have dreamed of getting a lump of coal for Christmas!! That other Santa never ever answered my letters I been so bad.
As for you, you candy arsed tonka toy, how's your My Lil Pony collection coming along? Looking forward to a new addition from BS this year?
Hope you get a new toilet door handle made of banana skins. (wow, how bad is that!?)

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@Grinseed Re: "'s your

@Grinseed Re: "'s your My Lil Pony collection coming along?"

Hah! Shows how much YOU don't know! "My Lil Pony" is sooooo yesterday. I completed THAT collection YEARS ago. Now I'm working on my Care Bear collection. And next will be Teletubbies. Do try to keep up with the times.

Ummm... I Do have to admit, though, I am growing a bit concerned about the banana skin door handle. May have to try to be a little extra bad in hopes of avoiding that.... *shudder*...

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Note to Secret Society:

Note to Secret Society: Observed Tin Man talking about his little Pony. Explicit sexual content in violation of site policy. He says he has a teletubby, probably a friend he watches TV with. Then he goes on to talk about his banana's skin and doing something to a door knob. This guy is sick! Spying on him makes me want to vomit. Disgusting.

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quoted:As for you, you candy


As for you, you candy arsed tonka toy

BWWHHAAAAAAA... (*choking on my own spit...*)
Tonka toy... Well Tin-Man the ball is in you court

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Ohhh... Grinseed!! I thank

Ohhh... Grinseed!! I thank you so much for such a warm welcome. Especially now... You realize it's a North Pole here, right? I went outside to do my business.. squatting ( .. and... as pathetic as it sounds, some parts stuck to ice (I don't want to go into details, you understand..)

I shouldn't have accepted Rudolf's offerings

You see, Rudolf fucked up a few nights ago getting shit faced drunk.. (I've reported on that on other posts)

Today he came to my office apologizing and all that shit... and he brought a case of German beer and a few bottles of Polish Vodka...
Of course I dismissed him right on the spot...(bribes???? not Santa!!)... well..hmmm... kept the offerings (mea culpa)... (shit.. I have to talk to Jesus about this?? Do we have some provisions to keep stuff like that??)
So YES I've indulged..

I read you loud an clear.. you're BAD.. (sheshshsh...I know you a good boy deep down)
Just say what you want and it WILL be delivered..(LOL)

And as far as Tin-Man goes...
I have to admit, I have a soft spot for him... (the old fart sold me on his wit and jokes)..

Lately he asked for item 58 and he had a fucking audacity to ask for a DELUXE model with interchangeable appendages, can yo imagine that?????
Well.. fondly reaching for my Polish Vodka cocktail... (fuck Rudolf!!)

I offered him an experimental Model 58XBA (XBA=Extremely Bad Ass), let's see if he can handle that !!! He hasn't responded to my offer yet...

So... Grinseed, any specific wishes for this awesome heathen's season !!!

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@BS Re: experimental Model

@BS Re: experimental Model 58XBA (XBA=Extremely Bad Ass)

Hell YEAH!!! Didn't know that one was available yet. Oh-boy-oh-boy-oh-boy!... *clapping excitedly*.... So much to do, so much to do! Let's seeeee.... Uh, clear out that spare room and add extra padding to the floor and walls.... Hmmm, probably some plastic sheeting to the ceiling, too. Definitely gonna have stock up on extra lube. Oh, and I must remember to call the nearest hospital emergency room and have them on stand-by. They always hate it when I show up unexpectedly.

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Note to secret society:

Note to secret society: Today Tin man is discussing how bad his ass is. Probably an infection of sorts. Rust is my guess. Oh my God. Looks like an orgy. He is clearing out the spare room and putting plastic padding on the walls and floors. Does his deviance know no boundaries? This is not going to be good!!! I wonder if I can borrow some of that lubrication and where is my pig nose?

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...*dropping pants, bending

...*dropping pants, bending over, and mooning spy-cam*.... *vigorously scratching rust stain on left butt cheek*....

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Off the top of my head BS, I

Off the top of my head BS, I would like you to GIVE Tin the 58XBA-WGTT (WGTT=With Glycerol Turbo Thrusters) WITHOUT confirmation JUST to see if he can survive it much less handle it. That would be an awesome and entertaining Christmas special indeed....and a bottle of that Polish vodka, thank you Bad Santa :) Muhahahahaha!

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You guys ARE killing me... Hhahaha
I will respond for sure... (as soon as I get my extremities un-stuck from permafrost... reaching for my drink...)

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@Tin, you're right Tin, BS is

@Tin, you're right Tin, BS is a good fit for AR but I think for Christmas we should put in for a Portaloo for him. I cant unbleach the image of his permafrost stuck extremities from my mind.

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@Grinseed Re: "I cant

@Grinseed Re: "I cant unbleach the image of his permafrost stuck extremities from my mind."

Yeah, I'm with you on that one!... *frantically looking for sulphuric acid to drip into eyes*... Hell, at this point, I would even be willing to chip in for a HEATED Portaloo! And I do feel really bad for the poor little elf who has to go out there and scrape him loose. Imagine the therapy bills resulting from THAT duty.... *shaking head sadly*...


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