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Coming out of woodwork....

Greetings fellows citizens of the Republic, another heathen here.
I’ve been a member for a few years now but never had the courage to introduce myself or participate in any debate, although the itch was strong...
There have been two reasons.
When I started reading debates and the atheists' answers to outlandish theists’ claims, your responses, explanations, questions and rebuttals... they just floored me.
The knowledge of the Bible, the quotes provided, the depth of rational thinking, the logic... I’ve never experienced anything like it or met anyone like that in my life...
So the first reason was how could I add anything of substance to what you guys have already said?

The second was that English is my second language. I immigrated to Canada from Poland when I was 26, and this year I cracked the magic 60. I’m trying to be precise and to the point in my written English (Sheldon, thank you, you taught me a lot regarding the respect for written language).

But speaking...? Yeah I still have this thick Slavic accent and even though in discussions, I think I get my point across, I get those brain blanks from time to time, searching for a word in a most unfortunate know, the look of that cow’s gape.. (is it the age or too much good liquor?...)

I happily resigned myself to just reading the content. And boy!! How it opened my eyes!

Anyway, I want to say that two things have had the biggest impact on me here, the knowledge and humor. And at my age I really appreciate humor (what else is there in life, laugh at yourself, and others with stupid claims)

Thank you Old man shouts, arakish, Sheldon, Tin-Man, Cognostic, David Killens, Nyarlathotep, Nyarlathotep 198, LogicFTW, Algege, CyberLN... and so many, many, many others (the list would be too long)... you have enriched my life.

One thing I have to admit to, is that I like to use cuss words, don’t ask my why, I have no idea. I very seldom use them in Polish.
In English, they sound sooooo good!
Maybe I got it from here, so many years ago;

And to be fair, I never use them to insult a person but, if they present a stupid claim or idea I am like a burst dam, I let them have it... meaculpa.

So, on that note:
If you would have me, I would like to join the party.

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By golly, Bad Santa, come on

By golly, Bad Santa, come on in here and make yourself at home! If you have been following us for that long, then you should know by now we always enjoy getting new folks into the fray! And - HEY! - with a name like Bad Santa, what's not to like? *Big Grin*.... Great having you aboard! Kitchen is third door on the left after you pass through the living room. Bathroom is at the end of the hall on the right. Oh, about that, by the way. If you happen to see a banana peel on the bathroom door knob, it is highly advised you NOT go in there until at least thirty minutes after it has been removed. Uh, that means Cog was in there. And while we have no idea what the hell he does while he IS in there (everybody is afraid to ask), let's just say I still have nightmares from the first (and only) time I ever walked in there while the banana peel was still on the door knob. Just sayin'....

Anyway, it is BYOB, and it is also a good idea to write your name on any food you put in the fridge. Welcome to the ansane isylum.

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@Bad Santa Re: "One thing I

@Bad Santa Re: "One thing I have to admit to, is that I like to use cuss words,"

Well, shit. Don't know how the hell I missed that damn sentence. Sorry, dude, but you gotta go. Get the fuck out! You were doing good up to that point, but then you had to go ass it all up with profanity. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not on my fucking watch! We try to keep things respectable around here, and we ain't having no filthy potty-mouth sons-of-bitches strolling in here with their profanity and fucking up the pleasant environment we try to cultivate. Been nice knowing you. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

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Well come right on in to this

Well come right on in to this little corner of godless heathenistic satanic paganism. The temperature is a nice 15,318°C. Just ask any Christian.

Jump right on in. But mind yourself, this is a "swim at your own risk" pool since we don't have any lifeguards.

As with all atheists, you will find a wide variety of fine minds. Just don't get too drunk reading their posts.

Have fun. Peruse the boards. If you see something you want to comment on, do so.

And don't listen to no one else here about my BARK being RUFF...


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Another note: What the fuck

Another note: What the fuck you doing in the fucking woodwork?

C'mon out and join our party. You'll have more fun.


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Praise the Flying Spaghetti

Praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster, for He boiled for your sins!

May we all be touched by His Noodly Appendage!


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Welcome, Ramen, ***cough***,

Welcome, Ramen, ***cough***, Rohan. I see you already know is a comfortable 15,437°C here. Yes, it is where we godless heathens live that boiled/created the greatest monstrosity, ***cough***, deity to deserve our worship.

Jump right in. But remember, it is "at your own risk"


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Thanks, Arakish! And just so

Thanks, Arakish! And just so you know, just like what Bad Santa said in his discussion starter, I have also been here on ARep for quite a few months (since late April in my case), but it wasn't until about a week ago that I really started becoming active in the forum discussions/debates. I am one of the newest forum commentators on the scene.


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Years and you're just now

Years and you're just now coming out of the shadows? That is pretty cool. I think you're ready for the ring. And don't stress too much about the english. First, what I just read is perfectly fine. You will be able to get your point across quite well. Second, you can edit posts for mistakes if you catch any.

And you will be a fresh perspective. Can never have too many of those.

And if you're in the hub, definitely don't worry. This is our "safe space." Well, as you've been reading the threads for years I imagine that you already know how all this works.

Anyway, come, feast. You will join us in battle when you are ready.

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@ Aposteriori Unum Nice

@ Aposteriori Unum Nice profile pic!

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Well, welcome to the site.

Well, welcome to the site. Your English is great, at least in the example you provided, As far as cuss words go, I don't think they are a problem on this site until they are. The mods are pretty liberal and a bit of cursing goes on. They seem to not mind much if it is mutual but they really step in if someone seems to be getting picked on. Even unintentionally. (I think that's fair.) There are a bunch of verbally expressive people on the site and cuss words are not very necessary. Still, like you, they sound good in English and are just FCKING I mean DAMN great to use sometimes. LOL

Look, if someone is actually getting offended someone else will probably drop you a PM ..... He he he he .... Ask me how I know that??? It's not the end of the world. Just tone it down a bit and move on.

Currently we have a Petition to Remove Tin Man from the site. His creaking potty mouth ruins the whole ambiance of AR. If you want to sign the petition I will send you a copy. We need 300 names and then he is gone. Looking forward to counting on you. Enjoy yourself more by ridding the site of Tin Man!

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@Cog Re: "Currently we have

@Cog Re: "Currently we have a Petition to Remove Tin Man from the site."

Whoa whoa whoa!!! Hold on just a sec! You mean to tell me there is a petition going around about ME? Well! Ain't THAT a fine howdy-do! And WHY, may I ask, have I not been asked to sign that petition? After all, it IS about ME, right? And for all you know I could be that three hundredth name you need to get me tossed ou-.... Oh.... Wait.....

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@ Tin-Man Re: Petition

@ Tin-Man Re: Petition

Hey. Don't worry. I signed twice. Once for, once against. That should negate that one vote short of 300.


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I think we are up to letter

I think we are up to letter 'M'. 'T' comes after M, stop whining and wait your turn. Just another reason everyone wants you off the site. Your constant whining about everything. Sheeesh... take a frigging chill pill ...."I want my turn, I want my turn, I want my turn!" People are just sick of you. Life isn't that serious.

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Really? What the fuck?! You

Really? What the fuck?! You're gonna fucking ban Tin Man? You SOBs! I'm gonna bloody avenge Tin if you SOBs lay one fucking hand on that largely defensive weapon of banhammer! (largely defensive weapon of X is a RationalWiki reference btw, don't ask.)

Anyway, I voted a fucking "no" on the bloody goatdamn petition, and voted "no" again with 5 fucking sockpuppets! Don't worry Tin; it is now 293/300.

P.S. Okay I'm only kidding about the socks; I don't have any sockpuppet accounts. In reality, I convinced 5 other folks to also vote no.

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SEEEE Tin Man, Letter 'B"

SEEEE Tin Man, Letter 'B" before letter "T" Bad Santa has already voted. Unfortunately I slipped in the toilet and lost most of the "Bs" yesterday, but I am sure his vote would not have changed the overall outcome of the petition. Trust me, I will be completely unbiased and fair.

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Hi bad santa, glad you’re

Hi bad santa, glad you’re going to be throwing your thoughts in! Enjoy!

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@Bad Santa original post

@Bad Santa original post
Well your typed english looks great. I would of never guessed reading your post that english was not your first language.
With the name of "Bad Santa" I would expect no less then a lot of cussing. As you well know from lurking here there is plenty of swear words to be found, no rules against that!

I too am just amazed by the level of intelligence, knowledge, experience, solid reasoning and logic around here, I too at times feel like I am among giants and feel like how could I possibly add anything more?? Yet every regular here always has something to offer, some new idea to contribute or even an injection of sometimes much needed humour to add. We are a community and at least on my part I always like more interaction, more discussion and if needed more like minded (on being atheist) to vent to. Please do jump in and add your own "2 cents."

And I encourage any other "lurkers" on these boards that read and enjoy these discussions to jump in and say hello as well, what is the worst that can happen? A new poster can decide they do not like writing out responses? They can simply go back to lurking after giving it a try.

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What LFTW fucking said above.

What LFTW fucking said above. There are no damn rules agains using any bloody cuss words on this fucking site! In fact, we goatdamn bastards have used cuss words so many fucking times that we pissed off countless bloody theist SOBs!

Cognostic's picture
That's probably not exactly

That's probably not exactly true. You might get someone complaining about being picked on or some such nonsense and then you are likely to get a very polite note from one of the mods asking you to just back off a bit. (ASK ME HOW I KNOW!!!) No one has ever whacked my pee-pee yet or told me I was a bad boy for expressing an opinion. A lot can depend on whether or not someone else thinks you are ragging on them or not and whether or not they complain to moderation. They do try to be extremely fair around here but they will jump in occasionally and protect the victims.

Bad Santa's picture
Ahhhh, fellas, thank you so

Ahhhh, fellas, thank you so much for such a warm welcome!

And warm water is great at 15,318°C arakish, LOL! Remember, I live in Canada where we pull our asses from permafrost in early spring when the temperature reaches whooping +2°C and we call it tee-shirt weather! Oh Joy!!

@LogicFTW RE: And I encourage any other "lurkers" on these boards that read and enjoy these discussions to jump in and say hello...
Funny that you've mentioned this because it was on my mind when I decided to write my first post. I realized that there must be a lot of folks out there who limit there participation to just reading. The more people start being active, the more strength we project to the world.
I will second your encouragement!

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I agree! I’m from Seattle,

I agree! I’m from Seattle, USA, and I know what it’s like each winter- brrr, so c-cold. I hate, hate, HATE it! Even more than Seattle’s scorching-hot-due-to-climate-change summers! I sometimes think that if there were a Hell (and thank goodness there isn’t), then it would be an eternal snowstorm! Personally, I’d find that WAY worse than fire, which begs the question: if the cruel, sadistic psychopath known as God had known that and been omnipotent, then why didn’t he make Hell a lake of ICE instead of FIRE? Cold makes me feel worse than hot.

LogicFTW's picture
Psh, Seattle is warm, also, I

Psh, Seattle is warm, also, I pick cold over hot any day of the week. Cold you can just out on some more clothes and move a little to keep warm. Hot? Once you are down to just your underwear, (or less!) you are done, you get to feel your useless sweat get sticky everywhere, and end up longing for the temperatures where all you had to do was put a sweater and/or a warm hat on.

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Been there. Done that. Ever

Been there. Done that. Ever lived in SENCland? Cricky. Humidity so high in summer the air feels like water. Use to have winters there when I was a child, but that ended during the 80s, and winters have been getting shorter and shorter.


LogicFTW's picture
I have lived in Florida, so I

I have lived in Florida, so I have that experience to draw from and I was there when the power was out for a week (due to a hurricane) in September. Yeah, an experience I never care to repeat. (I expected the loss of convenience and house AC) what I did not expect was the noise, somehow every one of my neighbors managed to get a generator + gas and those things are NOT quiet. Plus all the noise of repair, chainsaws, fans at night windows open in desperate attempt to cool, (to replace ac) etc. And it was barely a category one hurricane in the area I was. My neighborhood even had water/sewage the whole time and it still was also incredibly smelly, no deodorant in the world stands up to hard physical labor + no AC in humid hot Florida in September. I remember I spent a lot of time in my car, AC + radio + cars are remarkably good at cutting out sound, I would of happily paid 1000 bucks to rent a minivan where I could of taken out a few rows and laid down flat with an air mattress, the one thing I wish I thought of in preparation for the storm.

I still do not get why so many older people like to retire there. Sure you do not have to shovel snow, but when you are old and retired you do not have to drive in snow, and there are remote control snow removal equipment now, almost fun activity if the bugger was not so slow.



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I lived in Florida for a few

I lived in Florida for a few years also. Was even born there. The air there and in SENCland, I was always fond of saying, "The air is so thick you could scoop it, put it in a pipe, and smoke it." ;-)


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@LogicFTW Wow, dude... You

@LogicFTW Wow, dude... You have a custom sig in your comments? How did you do that? Oh my Goat...

Rohan M.'s picture
Oh yeah, I forgot... global

Oh yeah, I forgot... global warming...

Checkmate, Climate Change Deniers!

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@Rohan M. why didn’t he make

@Rohan M. why didn’t he make Hell a lake of ICE instead of FIRE?

The ninth and lowest circle of hell in Dante's Inferno is a lake of ice. Medieval people believed that warmth and light came from god, and that the further away from god you went, the colder it got.

Rohan M.'s picture
Oh, really? I thought that

Oh, really? I thought that all of hell was an inferno. What devices of torture does the omnipotent psychopath have in store for us down there, exactly? Just out of curiousity.

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@Rohan Re: "Oh, really? I

@Rohan Re: "Oh, really? I thought that all of hell was an inferno. What devices of torture does the omnipotent psychopath have in store for us down there, exactly? Just out of curiousity."

Ice skating.... Eternal ice skating... However, you have to wear the left skate on the right foot and the right skate on the left foot. It would be agonizing. Oh, and they play Polka music the entire time.


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