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Cranky - Australia has been

Cranky - Australia has been fortunate!

In my little county, about 5,000 of us - there have been 2 confirmed cases and “we’ve been real good at the social distancing”...and staying home.

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For me Whitefire13, I live in

For me Whitefire13, I live in the middle of one of the major epicenters for this pandemic. So I conduct myself appropriately for the situation.

8,097 cases
634 deaths

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Today is a big day in the

Today is a big day in the state of New South Wales.

Selected Covid19 restrictions are being lifted. Social distancing rules still apply.
Cafes and restaurants, clubs and pubs with restaurant/bistro services will be allowed to serve food to 10 customers at a time. No wating queues in the street are permitted.
No over the counter alcohol services are allowed.
Training groups and sports training are permitted only for 10 people per group observing social distancing.
Swimming laps in outdoor public pools (we have many swimming pools on tidal edges along the coast as well as usual swimming venues)
Public outdoor exercise equipment can now be used.
Public children's play equipment is now available.
Churches, mosques and synagogues are open for worship for 10 people at a time.
Weddings are permitted with 10 guests, the celebrant and the wedding pair. Twenty for indoor funerals, thirty for outdoor funerals(?)
Visitors to a private residence has been increased to five, meaning if you have a fourth child they would have to stay at home. Stupid rule.
The ban on travel interstate remains.

OK so now we sit and watch the daily infection rate carefully for two weeks. The national infection index is currently back to 1.0 (down 0.6 from last is below 1.0)
To date we have had over 3,000 recorded infections in the state and I have just learned I live in one of the most heavily infected areas of Australia. Its a good time to be a misanthropic grumpy hermit.

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As of midday Wednesday Canada

As of midday Wednesday Canada has 71,490 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 5,212 deaths. To date, the United States has more than 1.3 million confirmed COVID-19 cases and has reported more than 82,000 deaths.

And...because of “lifting” restrictions the border issue came up (which fuckin’ freaked me out!)

Good to see, eh? I’d rather wait to see how their strategy down south is working before letting the tourists in... and Alberta relies on tourism as much as many other provinces.

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Lol!!! American (obviously,

Lol!!! American (obviously, mostly Trumpinators) reaction to the “news” of keeping borders closed... (my Facebook)...

There’s a shit-tin more comments (rotflmao)...
This is how it was presented (news)


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China is throwing its weight

China is throwing its weight around in the South Pacific. They've stopped imports of Australian beef because of import regulation violations, which mysteriously came to light after Australia called for an investigation of how COVID-19 started and spread.

In New Zealand, the Chinese embassy tried to dissuade the government from imposing a lockdown, describing the most as premature and an overreaction.

I hope the rest of the world will stand firm against Winnie the Pooh's aggressive posturing. The Chinese government must be called to account for the vast damage it's caused.

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Fuck yah! Down with China,

Fuck yah! Down with China, down with China! Seriously...can’t stand their politics!

Can’t wait for their political wall (and internet) to be taken down like the Berlin Wall :)

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After reading Huffpost

After reading Huffpost Australia and US this morning and latest idiocy from Trump and Pence

--False promises about the end of the epidemic and availability of vaccines.Plus, from each, a kind of Covid19 denial with both Trump and Pence refusing to wear face masks.Trump saying "testing is overrated" are refusing to wear a mask,. People meeting with Pence have been told to remove face masks.

Although I do not usually wish ill on others, I'm making an exception this time. I really hope Trump and Pence both contract Covid19 and get really ill, without dying. Although I'm Ok with the idea of one or both dying from Covid19. Might save some American lives. ----BUT there are also some dumb/tone deaf motherfucker State Governors around.

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So more good news. Man's best

Some more good news. Man's best friend could save us.

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Fascinating stuff.

I seem to remember reading claims that some dogs can detect some kinds of cancer.

Just had a quick look around. Seems cancer detecting dogs are or are becoming a thing . That being the case, it makes perfect sense for dogs to detect Covid19..

Be fascinated to hear what Donnie and Mikey have to say about that. Mikey could swing either way, declaring such a thing to be of the devil or a miracle sent by gawd. I suspect he'd go for the devil. People of his ilk seem to spend more time on what they're agin than things in which they are in favour.


OT found some great clips onYoutube entitled "Old Jews Telling jokes". A bit cheesy perhaps, but I laughed.


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Dr Mike Hansen is an American

Dr Mike Hansen is an American a pulmonologist, ie a lung specialist who has been posting you-tubes about the effects of covid 19, since the pandemic was announced. He does not deal much with how it spreads or any of the usual demographic information available everywhere else, but how it specifically it attacks and affects the body and he is honest enough to show how much or little medical science has revealed about the problems the virus causes for different sufferers. Its more like daily medical journalism than just a medical education.

Two of the latest vids he has prepared deal with findings of autopsies of victims, which are not gruesome, mostly microscope photos and illustrations detailing his explanations. But the information is a worry.

I would not recommend viewing these things if you are particularly sensitive to hearing bad news, prone to depression etc. I will not accept any responsibility for adverse reactions. But as Hansen insists the information is not presented to frighten or alarm, but to educate and forewarn. We are after all in the middle of a world wide pandemic. IMO its obviously a superior information service than you get from the waste of time and resources that typify Trump's Covid-19 press conferences, or from most other-wise reputable information sources.

I only refer to these you-tubes for the important information contained in them, which is not available from the mainstream media that so far have only emphasised C19 is not just another flu and is transmissible.
Hansen covers why and how it is transmissible, exactly why it is not like normal flu and in great detail. This is very much cutting edge information; a global medical investigation only weeks, months, old about a very complex disease. The information can only be of useful importance to all of us. It is imperative to know our common enemy here. Hansen does cover everything from basics but goes further, continuing to broadcast the latest medical findings day to day.

The discretion is entirely yours. Enter "Dr Mike Hansen" into you-tube and make your selection of the several videos.

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Hah, I am worried to watch

Hah, I am worried to watch those videos.

The Guardian had a great article called: 'Weird as hell’: the Covid-19 patients who have symptoms for months

I am guessing the video you linked is somewhat similar. Detailing what this does, and how complex it is, varied etc. It truly is a Novel virus.

Some people have symptoms for 6+ weeks. Just another reason to take whatever reasonable steps possible to avoid getting covid.

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Hansen explains the 'Novel' aspect as being in part how Covid 19 'presents' itself or produces so many different symptoms in different people which at first added to the confusion surrounding the virus itself. The majority of victims may might not suffer anything more than a mild flu reaction, or not even realise they have been infected at all; others develop heart problems, deep vein thrombosis, pneumonia, even meningitis, which appear to leave debilitating long term health problems. And despite the appalling mortality rate it is still only a small percentage, 1-2% so far of those infected.
He also expressed confidence in the idea that warmer temperatures and certain levels of humidity did appear to lower the prevalence of infection.

I know of your current personal circumstances Logic, its not necessary for you to know the details beyond the fact we are dealing with a very serious health threat. You should focus on looking after your people and to continue your cautious approach to keeping them and yourself safe.
Its enough to know everyone should avoid getting this virus
Take care Logic, the fact that you started this thread shows how far ahead of the curve you are. You and yours will be fine.

@ Everyone else, keep safe and keep informed.

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Here in South Australia we have had ONE new case in the last 10 days, I think. Currently two people on respirators.

Our Stats:

Total registered number : 439
Recovered : 331

Deaths: 4

Restrictions have been eased. Pubs are now open, but with social distancing in force.

My mate is coming over for dinner tonight. He is keen to resume our Sunday night dinners -I'm excellent cook when i can be arsed. He also misses Major. He's been isolated since mid March. However , social distancing rules will apply. I've been doing shopping ,with great care, but I guess it's possible I could be infected.

News this morning;

An old and frail looking Barack Obama has been ripping into the Trump Administration in colleges addresses. The topic is Trump's failure in handling the corona virus. This former president making such direct criticism suggest he's really livid. That Republican nitwit REALLY should not have told Obama "to keep his mouth shut"

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Queensland appears to have

Queensland appears to have dodged another bullet. A nurse at an aged care home in Rockhampton developed symptoms and was tested, but continued to work for 10 days. Everyone at the home has received negative test results.

I'd like to propose the establishment of the Black Death Award for stupidity in global pandemics.

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"I'd like to propose the establishment of the Black Death Award for stupidity in global pandemics."


Existing Darwin awards don't really cover stupidity leading the deaths large numbers of others. EG: Donald Trump, his sycophants and and some truly moronic US state governors.

Thank the FSM that all Aussie states are on the same page. Of course Australian states don't have the same level of autonomy as US states. To me ,those seem more like a bunch of small countries, much like the EU. .

OT: My favourite photo of a pair of aspiring Darwin Award winners was; Two morons floating in an above ground pool, surrounded by a plethora of electrical appliances. Also floating nearby was the power board to which the appliances were connected. Sorry I seem to have lost the photo.

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@Cranky47 Two morons floating

@Cranky47 Two morons floating in an above ground pool, surrounded by a plethora of electrical appliances.
Is this the pic?

You can find several at:

One of them has the title "Why women live longer than men". The power board is actually floating on a pair of flip-flops.


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Yeah that's it. Thanks for taking the trouble.

If the house is wired with circuit breaker they might not die. Still get a nasty shock though.

There are some interesting Darwin award entries on Youtube. In them, the people involved

.I actually have qualms about laughing at the death of another person . Perhaps if detected, they could just be made to have a vasectomy .That or castrated with a kitchen knife . I have a boning knife which would be idea. It's a sad fact of life that really stupid people often breed like rabbits.



Two princes of old Araby were speaking about the need to have eunuchs to protect their hareems.

First prince; "I need more eunuchs, but it's so expensive"

Second Prince "Not really , you just neuter them yourself"

First Prince "Oh? How do you do that ?"

Second Prince "Easy. You get two house bricks see------"

First prince; " Good Grief! Doesn't that really hurt?"

Second prince; "Not at all, as long as you remember to keep your fingers on top, out of the way"

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As a licensed electrician,

As a licensed electrician, just, "what a bunch of fucking idiots". I have also received a lot of training on safety. One precept I always worked with was that procedures come first, protective equipment secondary. In other words, if you followed the correct procedures and checked everything properly, there should never be the risk of any danger or shock. Obviously all procedures went out the window after the second beer. That just leaves the circuit breaker.

For many high risk areas (kitchen, washroom, outside outlets) a special "ground fault circuit breaker" is used. It senses if amperage going in one direction is equal to amperage on the other circuit. But you are now relying on one little piece of cheap equipment to keep you alive.


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Jesus fucking Christ!!! This

Jesus fucking Christ!!! This has to be a joke right. Is the power board actually “plugged into a socket” and is the socket breaker “on”...

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My point of view as a medic,

My point of view as a medic, poem taken from my recently out book


Like the falling man from the World trade building,
The boy in Tiananmen square without any shielding,
Like a moth rushing towards the flame with disregard,
I was sitting looking at my specialist ward,

Asking myself, are you willing and capable? Or unwilling capable?
May be, you are willing incapable, Or perhaps unwilling incapable.
I am mere mortal, don’t know a thing,
I asked God, what he would do, be as a being.

I will walk on the ward where fellow men lie in bed,
Willing and capable? will try and help out instead,
I am not lured by the after-life reward,
awaiting answers, why there is COVID on my ward?

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Indeed. An oldie but a goody.

Below is a clip you might enjoy if you haven't seen it.

Excerpts from a debate in which Stephen Fry took the the contra position one the proposition that ' The catholic church is force for good in the world"

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Huff post US today

Donald Trump announced on air that he has been taking the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine "for months" to prevent contracting covid19. There is no evidence of its efficacy. However, it seems there IS evidence of its possible side effects. One of them is sudden death from heart irregularity (arrhythmia?)

In the same edition; HHH chief Alex Azar is defying rules on social distancing with quite stupid claims about freedom.

Well, there seem to be at least two Darwin award winner aspirants in the Trump Administration. Assuming of course that Donald-liar-liar-pants-on-fire-Trump is telling the truth.

A word on the vaccine last night by a very frustrated medical expert :

Claims of a vaccine by the end of the year are fake news That it takes around 7 year to find a vaccine for a viral infection .

That covid19 is the seventh version of the covid virus. Vaccines have not been found for any of the other versions.

That there is still no vaccine for A.I.D.S.

That the vaccines we take against the flu each year are AT BEST 40% effective. I will of course continue to have the vaccination each year. Costs me nothing and there is nothing else of which I'm aware.

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"That the vaccines we take


"That the vaccines we take against the flu each year are AT BEST 40% effective. I will of course continue to have the vaccination each year. Costs me nothing and there is nothing else of which I'm aware."

That's an excellent idea, the slower the progression of the newest influenza mutation, the better for everyone, not just you.

The 40% they quoted has to be an average, as the guess at which mutation is going to be the next biggest proliferation amongst the masses, can be spot on, or a complete miss. If spot on, the efficacy has been in the 60th percentile...if missed, lower than 10%. The fact that the present administration doesn't know this, or doesn't truly sad. With the correct funding, for all the strains, there is a possibility of stopping the flu, altogether. Every flu strain is actually a descendent of the spanish flu...I think it has gone on, way too long.

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I guess of been suspicious of claims on raw stats. Very suspicious when weasel words and phrases are used. What I take away about flu vaccines is they apparently have some effectiveness .There's not a lot more I can do for myself, apart from staying home .

Politicians have proudly announced that thee have been no new case in my state in over a week. I'm under the impression that up to 50% of infected people show no symptoms. So we really don't know how many carriers there are at large. Or indeed the number of bloody minded people who don't like doctors and like hospitals even less. ;

Of course Americans must be terrified of the costs.

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@ cranky

@ cranky

Agree...their words don't often instill confidence...usually quite the opposite.

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According to the CDC, the flu

According to the CDC, the flu vaccine, on average, is 40 - 60% effective at preventing the flu.

What also needs to be considered is the following (quote from CDC website):
“A 2018 study showed that among adults hospitalized with flu, vaccinated patients were 59 percent less likely to be admitted to the ICU than those who had not been vaccinated. Among adults in the ICU with flu, vaccinated patients on average spent 4 fewer days in the hospital than those who were not vaccinated.”

Anecdotally, several years ago, my husband was admitted to the cardiac ICU with viral cardiomyopathy. He was a hair’s breath away from dying. (For those who might understand, he had an EF of 9.4.) His cardiac ICU physicians said that had he not gotten the flu vaccine that year, he would be quite dead.

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Holy shiznit...9.4 Ejection

Holy shiznit...9.4 Ejection Fraction...that's some bad heart failure...that's IV lasix and or dialysis time. I am glad he is ok.

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He was on the transplant list

He was on the transplant list for a while and worked up for an LVAD. He was lucky enough to have landed a brilliant cardiologist who got him thru it all on just meds. That was five years ago. EF now in normal range and heart back to normal size.

Thanks, doG. I’m glad he’s okay now too ;)


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