what is this feeling?

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what is this feeling?

Since I decided that am now an atheist, everything has not been as they were before like now am always the last to submit at our class and I suddenly getting attention from everyone. So can you please help me on this one because now am feeling sad. And it seemz like my friends has disappeared too!

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Simelane I myself have shared

Simelane I myself have shared the same pain when i became an atheist a few years ago. My friends left me and i also got a little more attention than i liked. The key to getting past this point to look for people in your school that are Atheist or agnostics and stay away from the people that are very religious cause there always going to want to debate you about your lack of faith in the melevolent magical sky gene that lives in the sky. Its a tough journey but you like many of us will get through it.

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Stay strong Simelane. Your

Stay strong Simelane. Your true friends, the ones who love you for who you are will always be there for you. The ones who walk away werent your friends at all.

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Being an atheist ca be a

Being an atheist can be a burden, but you also ned to realize that there are stupid atheists too. Just like there are small minded christians, there are also small minded atheists. They may question god, but some of them are bigots, racists, elitists and immature, just as much as a christian can be.

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Any ideology can have all

Any ideology can have all kinds of people involved in it. I know outstanding human beings that are christians and they are devoted to their families, responsible, and not trying to shove their beliefs on you. While some atheists are reckless, selfish, irresponsible people that are not worth two cents.

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Simelane: that happened to

Simelane: that happened to all of us when we decided to become atheists is such a tabu not to believe in the skydaddy, my advise to you is to stick to your real friends the ones who accept you no matter what; and if they do believe dont try to convert them nor debate with them, find other atheists there must be others like you. widen your circle of friends. Being an atheist does not define you as a person, dont wear it as a tag, so dont go telling everybody that you are an atheist, that way you wont draw unnecesary unwanted attention

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Thanks for the great advices.

Thanks for the great advices.

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I think your problem is more

I think your problem is more mental. I'm not making fun of you, but you're used to doing things in order to please "god." When you make a mistake now, it's even worse because it might feel like a punishment. As a Christian, you're used to thinking "god made this great thing happen in my life" or "I need to work harder to live up to god's expectations." You need to set certain goals and expectations for yourself. That way, you only have yourself to blame if you make a mistake...not "god will make it better." You need to make it better! And as far as friends go, be respectful. They have their views and you have your own. Just let them know why you feel this way, but don't let it turn into a debate. Just tell them you don't want to argue because you respect your friendship too much. :)

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