8th day circumcision

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If you want to believe in a

If you want to believe in a god and praise him for anything that leads to the genital mutilation of a new born baby then you require serious psychiatric help!

Allow me to ask, if you had no religion, and this was just something that someone did, how would you react? I think it would provoke a fierce outcry and physical violence... it's disgusting and deplorable.

I enjoyed our discussion on the Torah but this has gravely reduced my opinion of you.

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That's wonderful if that were

That's wonderful if that were true. However, you do not provide any citations to back this up, which would be nice. I did find one on the web that quoted a chart written in a book by S.I. McMillen called the None of these Diseases which seems to have it's popularity among christians. The author himself is described as a missionary physician and the entire thrust of the book is to prove that health and happiness can be found if you simply follow the bible. I have not read the book I am just paraphrasing from the cover: "A physician testifies that health happiness and a longer life can be yours if you follow the teaching of the bible"


This is agenda-driven science. Until you can provide evidence that the eight day is the optimal day for circumcision from an independent study then all we can really say is that the ancients through trial and error found the baby healed best after day 5 and most likely decided to play it safe and wait a week and somehow it became 8 days. But you have not shown me any reliable study that shows that the 9th, 10th and 11th day are not just as safe.


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