Absolute proof of Super Intelligent Creatorship!

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Okay, Kevin PROVE YOUR

I want, no DEMAND REAL empirical verifiable substantiated PROOF.
I don't want a bunch of proselytizing bullshit, no bible quotes, no intelligent design crap. I want PROOF.

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@Kevin Houston: "Paluxy River

@Kevin Houston: "Paluxy River bed"

Most of the so-called dinosaur/human footprints have since been found to be scientific misinterpretations. The only exceptions are the ones carved by locals to sell during the Depression. Not even young-Earth creationists (apart from yourself obviously) take them seriously any more.

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Is amateur hour over yet?

Is amateur hour over yet?

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If god cares about people &

If god cares about people & the earth that much why doesn't he show himself, Because he doesn't exist that's why & never has.
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