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It does, an their be a reason

It does, an their be a reason fer that. Two of the main members, Black Bart, an Peices o nine, died of cancer within a three day time period. Those two ad been their since 2005 an were like a magnet. Heck, rheyed even met a few o the others an everyone were great friends with um. After they died in 2014, almost everyone left. Now they be but a few who still visit even once a month, cept fer Nef Yoo BlackBeard. Poor kid is only 14 an he still acts like they ain't dead......

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It does, an their be a reason

Arrr, now let's quit talking bout this ere, I don wat te get flagged fer off topic discussion.

An check out my The Flustered Sail forum in the Atheist hub on here.

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" The Flustered Sail"

Double post,

Hmm if you double click save it makes a double post, interesting...

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You absolutely have input

You absolutely have input here. We're talking about you. About people your age. People younger than you. People who won't learn that condoms are available and should be used, birth control is available and should be used. That abortions are legal and a right. Don't sell yourself short. Jump in and make yourself heard.

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Early pregnancies? Let's

Early pregnancies? Let's preach some more of God's rules on sex! Good idea! (Note: sarcasm)


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