Are there any scientific/historical theories that are taboo?

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Are there any scientific/historical theories that are taboo?

Does anybody know of any scientific, or for that matter historical theories that are taboo? I mean as in you aren't allowed to talk about them or they're considered too outlandish to even consider. That sort of thing.

There's a saying which goes : To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. With that in mind, would you say it's ever justified to set limits on speech when it comes to talking about scientific ideas, or for that matter historical events?

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Whats with the swastika.

Whats with the swastika.

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swastika removed, along with

swastika removed, along with Mr. Sandal.

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Good riddance!

Good riddance!

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Some countries - the idea of

Some countries - the idea of racial superiority of one race over another, is if not taboo, at least illegal.

In the US, it's not actually illegal.

One advantage of that - it makes it easier to spot the morons.

They're the ones blathering on about how great they are, by virtue of the color of their skin.

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I didnt get time to say what

I didnt get time to say what a ridiculously ignorant question that was.....oh wait.
Swastika and meaningless questions. I now wish he had been a drive by.

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Like the Theory of Gravity.

Like the Theory of Gravity. Or the Germ Theory of Disease?

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I was thinking more like

I was thinking more like eugenics ironically enough.

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Eugenics is now considered a

Eugenics is now considered a failed pseudoscience, not taboo. We can discuss Eugenics and its failures.

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Eugenics was far more popular in America than in Nazi Germany.

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I don't like Nihonjinron,

I don't like Nihonjinron, which is the theory that the Japanese are racially, ethnically, psychologically and culturally unique. Nihonjinron classifies humanity into Japanese and others, ignoring the fact that the Japanese are as ethnically diverse as most nations.

One of the high priests of this pseudoscience is Tadanobu Tsunoda, who wrote a book called "The Japanese Brain," in which he claims that the Japanese process music in the left hemisphere whereas Westerners (everyone from Russians to Californians) use the right hemisphere. He tested this theory on a very small group of subjects, who among other things were required to masturbate while listening to music through headphones. One subject, a Mormon I think, refused to masturbate on religious grounds but was happy to have sex with a woman instead.

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Ernie Sandal: A sock for

Ernie Sandal: A sock for ZenKlaussen maybe?

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Good point, Chimp.

Good point, Chimp.

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clap clap *whistle*

clap clap *whistle*

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Opinion should not be

Opinion should not be confused with theory.

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Has there ever been two words

Has there ever been two words that should be confused with each other lol.

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My point was that the OP was

My point was that the OP was making out there was a taboo on talking about particular facts, when in reality, this was him expressing his dissatisfaction about not being able to voice his prejudices in polite society.

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No. Not if you use the

No. Not if you use the Scientific Definition of a "Theory." There are all sorts of social theories that are taboo. Intelligence and IQ tests come to mind. Black people have lower IQs than white people. Scientifically this does not hold up. Socially it is a theory but also quite taboo in most circles. It is a non-issue for Scientists.

Ancient Aliens might be another non-functional scientific theory but is it quite popular in the general population. Scientifically there is no hard evidence what so ever supporting the idea. (Not Theory). The only people calling it a theory are the non scientific community.

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