Are we born good or evil???

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simple for me: devil has been

simple for me: devil has been proven, god just a eager participant.

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google image search
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You can upload any picture you like from your local machine.

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my opinion is that where born

my opinion is that where born helpless and innocent the environment has a big effect on us. But so does our siblings we grow and develop personality we develop morals friends and some times enemies, Economics plays a role also we experiment with drugs and alcohol some of us get into gambling, We have body changes, we start in our teens to engage and fulfill sexual desires.Most of us pursue an education and trade some of us get into trouble with the law some of us accumulate huge student debt. So the pressures of life have a tremendous impact on us.Some of us will have a spouse some will cheat as we get older we compete in the market place we come into contact with all sorts of people especially if we live in a bustling metropolis.WE eventually get old enough to retire if we could afford it, Then in our twilight years we eventually come down with illness and eventually die.some of us will be remembered kindly while others not so. Yes this is life the way I see and experience it.

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No mention of god in this

No mention of god in this reply. Are you back to agnostic now? Maybe atheist?

Your description of how people live is incomplete, but mostly accurate for most people not in 3rd world countries live today.

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did you reply to the original

did you reply to the original question? the question was pretty straight forward...born good or evil! ?????????????????

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G or E? I think neither. A

G or E? I think neither. A person is the product of interplay between chance, choice & circumstance.
A suggestion for 'devout christian' - read something other than revisionist history & religious propaganda. Do your homework & then reach an informed conclusion.
Try the site, 'jesusneverexisted' or 'vridor'.

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Correction: try 'vridar'.

Correction: try 'vridar'.

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@OP Both to be exact, all of

@OP Both to be exact, all of us are born gray. Good x Evil is a religious thing. Some maybe leaning more towards good while others evil later in their life based on various factors such as upbringing, environment and experiences.

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Exactly, we're human by

Exactly, we're human by variable degrees.

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I don't think we're born good

I don't think we're born good or evil. Those are concepts that come later in life when we are fully aware of the consequences of our actions and how they affect other people, and the intentions behind it. A child wants the toy, so the child takes the toy. It's not done with evil intentions, or a desire to hurt the feelings of the other person. The child has not yet learned that he/she must consider the other persons feelings. Children's communications skills are still developing up until even the age of 5. And even older in some cases. To say a child is born good or evil, is to say that they were good or evil from conception. A babies cry isn't to deceive, it's to communicate. A laughing baby doesn't get a diaper change before their parents notice.
A person does not become good or evil until they can distinguish right from wrong. Until then it is innocence.

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I think some people are born

I think some people are born with mental defects that might cause them to act in ways that society considers evil


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