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Suppose there is a cosmic

Suppose there is a cosmic deity. Which one of the thousands of gods people have worshiped throughout history would you want it to be? And what would you want your favorite deity to do for you? Would you be disappointed if your favorite deity didn't exist but a really weird one did?

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I can appreciate the metaphor

I can appreciate the metaphor, but I have a few problems with it as well. If God is the supposed wine, and all that exists is of Him and within Him, He must then be crafted of measurable material, yes? And as you displayed, the wine is in every sense measurable. God, however, is not. We cannot see God, His influence in the world if there is indeed any, or His evidence in creation. As an atheist, I come to the argument looking not to correlate any substance to a supposed god, but to what it actually is. The wine is wine, the glass is glass. If anything, the metaphor is far more applicable to reality, to the air, the ground, space, the cosmos. Things that are measurable, and for which evidence exists.
The second problem is the escapist mentality of the argument. So the observable world is God, drop it, right? Nothing else to it. Don't analyse, just enjoy. Well, this rules out science. This rules out philosophy, manufacturing, thinking, doing, caring. This truly just paints the world in a sort of pseudo-epicurean picture, in which instant gratification is key. Just drink the wine. Where does consequence come in? Or curiosity, for that matter. What about studies to improve life? If we as humans abandon the search for knowledge through empirical analysis, we're done. We might as well be dead. No pursuit of truth, no reason to live except to satisfy ourselves. Personally, I would rather give my whole life searching for the answers than to live my entire life contributing nothing to anything. Wouldn't everyone like to say they did something worth-while?


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