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Atheist/Theist Political Views

So, a lot of the atheists I have met are pretty much left wing when it comes to political views (myself included). Likewise, I've noticed that a lot of the heavy religious people are more right-wing than others. So, I came to the conclusion that religious views dictate how left wing/right wing/neutral you are in politics. So, that's it, end of story.... right? Well, I came to the same conclusion about homophobia, that only the Religious were homophobic, but I was soon proven wrong on that conclusion.

So, instead of making the same mistake I made before, I'll ask you guys (since you all would help me figure out if my conclusion is true or not), are you more Left-Wing, Right-Wing, Neutral, or just don't care when it comes to politics?

Note: this question is *not* just to Atheists, it's also to theists. I want to see answers from both parties of my theory.

Second Note: When talking about political views, things seem to get pretty heavy debate wise, so I put it in the debate page (just in case political debate sparks).

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Austin---I occasionally make

Austin---I occasionally make fun of your funny face and silly hat. Sometimes you don't "get" my satire and accuse me of trolling and I get back at you in a funny way which you always don't get. I have made fun of your "age" and asked you to maybe come back and have a "intelligent conversation when you get older. But your post Atheist/Theist Political Views" is something I have tried to bring into the conversation before but was ignored because it was me(the troll that I am) or no one had any interest in it. Not all atheist are liberal---just most of them. The more intelligent you are the more likely to be an atheist. There are some smart/dumb people(John Lennox-professor at Oxford), or Frances Collins"-(scientist) who are Christians and believe in the resurrection of Christ. It is true(a fact)that more intelligent people are atheists. It is true(a fact) more intelligent people are liberal (fact). So therefore more atheists are liberal.(fact). Your example of homophobia reinforces how religion and politics(liberalism) intersect with religion and atheism. Atheist who are mostly liberal (fact) are probably not only not homophobic but be active for the cause. Christians(protestants) who are mostly conservative are also more likely to be homophobic. Even though your perceptions are true I tried to reinforce them as true and a fact. What you know as true sometimes others with stupid or closed minds can not see. After all 45% of Christians believe in Adam and Eve and the talking snake. Keep the hat-get rid of the glasses--nose pierce would look good-smile God Bless

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Public information announcement(from Pragmatic):

"fred,k" is actually the infamous troll of the Atheist Republic forum.

Generally referred to as "Kenny", has been banned many times under different names.
Previously known aliases include: "Kenny Schweiger", "Kenny", "myself", "alleycat", "richardd", "Christopher", "marken", "punkin", "amber", "Simon".

Claims to be an atheist. But he has a fondness for using "sarcasm", even though no one ever gets his sarcasm and he has been told this many times, he keeps posting such deceiving comments.

He seems obsessed with religions, creationists and the stupidity of Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Joel Osteen, Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, Vanna White, Sarah Palin, etc.

This announcement will be posted whenever he spams, agitates, confuses or flies of the handle.

Also, he finds these announcements 'boring'.

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I'm actually one of the odd

I'm actually one of the odd ones, because I don't believe in God, or any Gods for that matter, but I'm very conservative in my views. Well, that's not entirely correct I guess, because I'm also liberal in some of my views. For example, I think abortion is murder and should be outlawed. But I also think marijuana should be legal. And I'm in support of gay marriage, I have no problem with that. We actually named one of our daughters after my Aunt, who is gay.

From an economic perspective I believe the money I earn is my own and I should be able to keep most of it, and I believe hand outs just create more dependent people that end up feeling entitled to hand outs. I'm not saying there should be no hand outs, but there should be a lot fewer than we currently have, for sure.

I believe smaller government is definitely better than big government, and that people generally need to be left alone unless they physically harm another person or their property. So I'm more libertarian minded, I guess.

Just my two cents.



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Big Huge dick. Thank you for

Big Huge dick. Thank you for reinforcing my post. You are not in any category discussed. You are not a moron theist. You are not a traditional liberal although your ok with homosexuals but pretty conservative in most things. You are like in limbo--Most atheists are liberal (MOST). Most "theists are conservative (MOST). Of course there are variations and mutations and crossovers. Your a libertarian--"not that there is anything wrong with that" God Bless

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My stance on politics depends

My stance on politics depends on the issue. Like BHD, I am fiscally conservative. I work way too hard to give as much money as I do back to the government. Socially, I'm more liberal, but in general I consider myself an independent. Unfortunately, unless you vote for candidates who are either way left or way right, you are going to get the same results regardless of which party most politicians say they belong to. (They all seem pretty much the same to me).

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I’m neither Blue nor Red. I

I’m neither Blue nor Red. I fancy myself an independent thinker. Here are the words of a modern day prophet that says it best:
“Anyone who makes up their mind before they hear the issue is a fucking fool. Everybody, nah, nah, nah, everybody is so busy wanting to be down with a gang! I’m a conservative! I’m a liberal! I’m a conservative! It’s bullshit!
Be a fucking person. Listen. Let it swirl around your head. Then form your opinion.
No normal decent person is one thing. OK!?! I got some shit I’m conservative about, I got some shit I’m liberal about. Crime – I’m conservative. Prostitution – I’m liberal!”
Chris Rock

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8/10/205, 8:10 PM (EST) -

8/10/2015, 8:10 PM (EST) - Three Atheists responded, two out of three classified as "independent." The other classified as "More Liberal."

Atheists in Mention: Big Huge Dave, Sam, Danny Boy.

I have yet to record a Theist response.

Note: every day I will do a record of the data I have collected. At the end of the month, I'll just put it all together and see what I get data-wise.

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I want to believe what is

I want to believe what is true. I have never let anybody tell me what I should believe. That has caused me much contention with family and friends concerning religion and politics. I consider myself an independent politically. I am often disappointed in movements that start out with good intentions but eventually go to far to the right or left. For example, I was always for the equality of women; however, the actions of third wave feminists have gone too far. They are using “equality” as a stepping-stone to superiority over men. For example, the family court system has become blatantly biased against men when awarding child support and enforcing incarceration for failure to pay:

I’m sick and tired of politicians that have become puppets of Wall Street. Politicians that are complicit in allowing Wall Street (elimination of the Glass-Steagall act in the US) to gamble with working class money. They have no problem with sticking the profits in their pockets but when their bubbles burst and a crash ensues they have no problem with wanting the government to socialize the losses. To make matters worse, nobody goes to jail!

In closing, like I said above, I just want people to be treated fairly and not forced to believe things that can’t be proven. Call it left, right or in between. (gets off soap-box)

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Ok- I presented an example of

Ok- I presented an example of atheism,and liberalism and theism and didn't explain exactly what I meant.. My fault. "Liberal" was not a political term but a belief in being liberal in Social issues. Economics, taxes, politicians, etc has "hardly" anything to do what I am talking about. Issues like homosexual marriage, minimum wage, and other liberal "ideas are what I meant by liberal. Atheists are(mostly) more "liberal than theists(fact). Atheists are more intelligent(mostly) than theists.(fact). ImFree-I am not on a soap box--just stating FACT. These conclusions are not mine but conclusions made by people much smarter than me. By the way I disagree with some of your bullshit especially with regards to woman issues. God Bless

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"By the way I disagree with

"By the way I disagree with some of your bullshit especially with regards to woman issues."

Enjoy : )

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I tend to be conservative in

I tend to be conservative in my political viewpoints though the Republican party is certainly making it hard to agree with them. This union of extreme conservatism and evangelical Christianity is relatively new (~50 years old:

I think it we have reached the breaking point where the Republican party will have a hard time taking the White House until they divorce. They will remain very powerful in the legislator for another 20 years though.

Danny Boy is right with his Chris Rock quote. Many people are letting their party determine their political viewpoints and not their viewpoints determine the party.

I am an atheist and a conservative. That means I am pro-market solutions and free trade, think unions are too strong, think we need a balanced government budget***, think people should all pay the same tax rate*, and think people should be able to do mostly what they wish as long as its not damaging to a third party**. That makes me a conservative. I don't believe in god. That makes me an atheist. The two aren't theoretically related.

If you read what I've said above that makes me a conservative, read the asterisks below and you'll see the point I'm trying to make. Above sounds Republican, below sounds Democratic. BOTH are conservative, the US is a conservative country. The merger of evangelism into the GOP has make it so we don't get a choice on real politics anymore, and all we can do in choose between religion or sorta-not religion.

*saying everyone should pay the same tax rate is something that you hear a lot of Republicans say, but I'm not sure they know what it means. It means increasing taxes capital gains and dividends, which is what the Democrats want to do, and Republicans call them socialists for it, then Republicans say they want to do the same without really knowing it......

**Having 270 million guns in this country clearly isn't "not hurting anybody", and I am in favor of much stricter gun control

***We can help balance the budget by not spending exorbitant amounts on war.

ImFree's picture
"***We can help balance the

"***We can help balance the budget by not spending exorbitant amounts on war."

So true WalterK, many conservatives conveniently overlook that point. If their going to complain about government debt, they should acknowledge adding expensive wars to the nations debt load is a burden. (unless your a defense contractor)

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Tuesday, the Eight of August,

Tuesday, the Eleventh of August, 2015.

Five Atheist responses so far. The results go as follows

3/5- Independent
1/5 - Liberal
1/5 - Conservative

I still have yet to receive a Theist's response.

Results were a bit different than I had expected so far, as a majority of Atheists classify as independent, while the others classify as Liberal and Conservative. These findings are much different than what I expected them to be.

Thanks for all of your inputs (aside from fred,k's) about your political standpoint. So far, seems that more Atheists are Independent rather than having a Left or Right wing view.

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I guess I'm so far right that

I guess I'm so far right that I appear left. ;-)

Austin Hodge's picture
So, people tend to think you

So, people tend to think you're left-wing when you're right-wing?

CyberLN's picture
Well, it's so far right that

Well, it's so far right that folks think it's incredibly different. To many, incredibly different = left.

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The Ninth of August, 2015.

The Twelfth of August, 2015.

Six Atheist Responses so far (still no theist responses). The results go as follows:

3/6 - Independent
2/6 - Right Wing
1/6 - Left Wing

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I am what would be most

I am what would be most likely described as a centrist. I USED to be liberal, then the progressives took over and it just seemed like they were steering for a more authoritarian government. I never have been, or could be, really TradCon. So I am stuck somewhere in the middle, wondering when the insanity will end and hoping I will still have my civil rights when it does...

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Austin-Sorry about losing

Austin-Sorry about losing your silly hat. It seems your head has shrunk as you "poll" is invalid and you are "lost" without your hat. There is no need to take a poll or survey with 6 people and to come to a conclusion about anything. The FACT that atheists tend to be "liberal" is indisputable. There is no need to poll a few people and expect a conclusion that has any value at all. Probably because of your youth and lack of intelligence and perception about things prevents you from understanding complicated matters. In a few years when you grow up you will have a better understanding of the world. ...The fact that "atheists" are likely to be liberal is a FACT. Although there are a few mutations and degenerates out there.........Also-FACT--Theists are most like to be conservative. Austin--your way to serious--next time you take your picture --smile--keep the glasses--get a new hat

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