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Bad news

Had some bad news at the doctors today, kinda miss being christian now atleast id feel comforted but i cant make myself believe i know to much.
Anyone else ever missed their faith?

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Sorry, no I don't really ever

Sorry, no I don't really ever miss my faith. What's the bad news you got today?

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Blood test; low testosterone

Blood test; low testosterone (not a real man :( well, explains my 13 year abstinence) doctor said he could refer me to hormone treatment decided not to bother, im fat with one leg a bad back severe lethargy and memory aphasia oh and despite being on over the recommended limit on one of my four different painkillers im on max for the others im still in pain; if i could get a girl i couldn't do anything anyway lol extremely high cholesterol and liver damage consistent with drinking, haven't had a drop of alcohol in over a year and haven't been drunk in over 13 years. Its all the damn pills i have to take.
Its enough to make me wish i had faith.

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Sorry to hear this, I

Sorry to hear this, I recommend taking Bobfin's advise below.

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Painkillers will do that to

Painkillers will do that to your liver. Hopefully your doctor's aware of that...

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Oh and i suffer from

Oh and i suffer from depression is that a shock lol

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Get the hormone treatments.

Get the hormone treatments.
Half your problems will disappear.

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Did not mean to get your name

Did not mean to get your name wrong above. but I think he should take you up on that advise.

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I feel so much better as an

I feel so much better as an atheist (formerly Christian). For me, just knowing "sin" is not going to affect me or my loved ones, but rather a direct, real consequence for my actions... it makes me feel much more positive about the world... happier. As for your condition(s), I work with and test many medical support devices such as wheelchairs, pressure boots, cushions, beds. I would be happy to answer any questions about it if you want!

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I couldn't feel better about

I couldn't feel better about something even if I was a christian again. I don't nkow why it gives so many hpe that life will get better. You have to know, even if you believe prayer can work, that most of the time it doesn't and it is just as likely that nothing will change. The only hope christianity ever offered me was the hope of heaven, which didn't even sound that appealing. but that was always muddles with the fact that I could never be sure that I was doing it right, and might end up in hell. I mean, there are thousands of ideas about what you're supposed to do. The odds of those other people were just as good as mine. And we could all be wrong. It was never something that gave me hope. It was (at the time) just a fact of life and I tried to understand it the best I could and get as close to correct as possible. It was really quite a bother.

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The prospect of life after

The prospect of life after death is a wishful thinking promise, that gives some hope to people in need of it.
Religion uses this idea to attract people and rob them of their money.
It is based around the fear of death fact, fear of loosing what you have in this world.

When you come to the conclusion that Christianity is not offering a better deal then the end of your existence, you can never turn to be a christian again.
Having a choice is what me want most, death robs us from that. Heaven does not give you a choice neither, realize that and you won't miss being christian at all.

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No. I've been an atheist

No. I've been an atheist since age 6. I cannot imagine lying to myself because the truth of this existence, as much as we can know of it, isn't how I think it should be. I don't need a lie. I need truth because it will help me live a fuller life, it can help me live longer, unless there's a freak accident or us humans finally destroy each other.

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Some people find lying to

Some people find lying to themselves a type of consolation. Which is also a fact.
I would be very happy if i thought that I have a million euros in my pocket every day.
Of course there is no better thing then the truth but some people cannot face the truth ether because it is too harsh or because it is too frightening for them.
Not everybody is strong as you or me, Ellie.

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Reading the posts ive come to

Reading the posts ive come to realise im guilty of nostalgia i dont actually remember believing in god oh i remember the stupid god is great songs and the bible but ive blocked out much of my child hood as it was very traumatic what ive read in my social services file makes me doubt i ever really believed.
So i think i just wanted some comfort from anything.

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There would be no comfort to

There would be no comfort to be found in having "faith" anyway my friend. It would mean God has done this to you (cause he works in mysterious ways) for some reason, while letting rapists and pedophiles enjoy full health. I think this would cause further depression and leave you feeling angry, confused and victimized, understandably.. I think it's very much the fear of hell rather than the hope of heaven that keeps people blinded. Whichever the case, it's clear that; fear and faith go hand in hand. This is a very unhealthy way to live your life.
.. If there's a heaven, there's a hell in it - Akala

This might sound random, but have you ever tried juicing? I always feel fresher and happier after a good natural fruit n vegi juice, and it can taste great too. I recommend getting into that, it does wonders for the body and mind :)

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Im hoping the pain specialist

Im hoping the pain specialist can give me something that doesn't have as bad side effects if i can get better memory and more energy i can make changes that will help me.
I have had some people tell me im atheist because i hate god for doing all the shit to me or to the world. Trust me if i find out hes real i will hate the bastard but until then im not gonna waste any energy on something i dint believe in.

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Lmale, humbly offering the

Lmale, humbly offering the following to you:

You have some physical stuff going on that sucks. No doubt about it. You're not the Lone Ranger in this, though. I say that not to diminish your struggles but, instead, to let you know you are not alone.

Questions...are you a victim of this stuff? Is that a comfortable place for you to exist?

Each of the things you have described in your posts is treatable. If one doctor isn't listening, you can go to another one. You can keep asking for answers / treatments until you get the ones that work for you. You can insist on it. You get to do that.

So, you can stay a victim or you can become a survivor. They are very different things. Victimhood is powerless. It is folding to the ineluctable shit that comes everyone's way. Being a survivor means you made the decision to quit being its slave and, instead, take control of it.

Being a survivor takes some guts and energy though. It means making the decision to seek the assistance you need and take control of your own life and body. It's not necessarily easy, but I will tell you that, as a survivor of a ton of shit, it is worth it. It won't happen over night, but it can happen if you decide that's what you want.

It's entirely up to you. Some folks make the decision (and it IS a decision) to stay victims. The payoff of victimhood is just too great for them to move into being a survivor. Is that you?

Very often, others become weary of those who stay victims. They stop listening. They stop offering sympathy. They get bored. The victim has to keep moving from person to person to get that sympathy. How tiring would that be!?

Survivors are champions. They take control. They do the work to challenge the struggles. They are winners. Others adore survivors. It's a much more sustainable way to have relationships with fellow human beings.

Being a survivor doesn't mean the crappy stuff didn't happen. It doesn't mean that all the crappy stuff miraculously goes away. It is an attitude. It is saying, "I will not go quietly! I will not lie down!" Being a survivor means you go after and apply all the available solutions to the crap.

Survivors certainly have moments of feeling the burden of their crap. But unlike victims, survivors don't allow it to overwhelm them into inaction. Survivors provide themselves the opportunity to revel in the joys not just wallow in the hardships.

You have said you suffer from depression. Is its cause situational/emotional/historical or is it biological? There are treatments for both. If one isn't working, you get to ask for a different one. You get to do that. But you have to make the decision to do that.

Do you have a job? There is a ton of work and training for that work out there for folks with disabilities. Working not only can increase one's self-esteem but it puts coin in their pockets :-) Additionally, increased self-esteem increases a person's ability to contend with (or avoid) physical ailments. A win - win thing.

There are so, so many options.

I recommend being a survivor. It rocks.

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Im definitely a victim but

Im definitely a victim but thats life we cant all be survivors.
My depression is all of the above extremely bad childhood and bad living situation possibly meds related too.
I have no energy i dont even have enough energy to try to sell my inventions which i know will give me an easy life.
Im waiting for a pain specialist referral hoping that will take away my three biggest problems the memory pain and lethargy.
Ive already changed my diet a bit im limited by funds but ive cut out the biggest problem some delicious biscuits that i had not bothered to read the contents turns each little biscuit is 11% rda fat ive been eating loads! Switched to low fat spreads and oil even tho i rarely cook chips. My second biggest diet problem is my peanut butter sandwich addiction i live off them. Never really been into other spreads i do occasionally gave ham or cheese based sandwiches but cheese is getting expensive.
As for the job thing i dont sleep well cant train as i dont remember too often have pain so great i curl up into a ball and the lethargy. No my only shot is finding a business partner whos got the skill and energy to sell my 8 inventions and over 30 concepts.
Just to show how good my ideas are i thought of putting the kinect sensor into a mobile years before apple.

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By the way apple dont seem to

By the way apple dont seem to have figured out the second part of my mobile phone concept.

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