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"If you're serious about

"If you're serious about there being no God, then you have to think about how it's possible that there is no God."

No I don't at all, that's the very definition of an argument from ignorance fallacy. Do you consider how it's possible there are no mermaids, leprechauns or dragons?

"Part of that would be about how life started. My questions are about how life got started."

Then they should be addressed to science not atheism.

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@All regular atheists here

@All regular atheists here Re: Dear little Vince

I don't know about you guys and gals, but I have seen sharper crayons melting in a hot skillet.... *rolling eyes*....

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Yep. Ain't none sharper.

Yep. Ain't none sharper. Don't know how we are going to compete.


EDIT: inserted omitted word

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@ TM & Arakish

@ TM & Arakish

I think Vince was the dux of JNV3's class. That is all.

His Prom Queen was a chicken.

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Chicken and egg race results.

Chicken and egg race results. (I love sniffing this stuff out)

Earliest egg fossils for nascent coral forming animal discovered in China dating back 600 million years.

Ancient Egg

Eggs were utilised by water based lifeforms, everything from eukaryotes to fish. Soft water borne eggs were very popular for 300 million years for starting families, until amniotes (four legged predecessors of all reptiles, mammals and birds) took to land where their amniotic and shelled eggs proved most successful to keep embryos from drying out.

Eggs and chickens

The first ancient chicken, a jungle fowl called Gallus gallus (eventually to become Gallus gallus domesticus) appears 58 thousand years ago in the place that we later know as South East Asia. The actual "chicken" egg however requires a form of calcium that comes only from chickens themselves. A stewards inquiry is underway.

IN the meantime the egg wins by a handy 600 million years, give or take. According to evolution and not the creator god.


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