Billy Graham has gone home

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Billy Graham has gone home

Thank You Billy Graham For all the kind words of the Christian message at 99 you were still preaching Jesus Christ You have witnessed to more people in over 200 countries .You have brought untold millions the Gospel you had a ministry that was unsurpassed in size. I know the experience I had years ago seeing you in Boston Mass. You were electrifying the way you proclaimed Jesus Christ the crowd loved you. There wasn`t a feeling of selfishness in your words no boasting only the truth of Jesus Christ. All you had is Love and the desire to proclaim Jesus Christ. The ministries call goes on. I will always pray for you and the ministry that your son now heads. WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT.

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And now he is simply compost.

And now he is simply compost.

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Fuck Billy Graham! He was an

Fuck Billy Graham! He was an UNAMERICAN asshole that didn't respect the separation of church and state. Nixon used him to try and save him from being prosecuted but it didn't work. They should have arrested Graham for abetting the many felonies and treason that Nixon was guilty of! Thankfully the fucking bastard will turn to dust. The fucking asshole won't be able to STEAL from the gullible morons that gave him money!
All your heroes are criminals Billy...all of them! UnAmerican assholes and criminals. Extortion, collusion, fraud among many more crimes to include TREASON!

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PLease Americas pastor just

PLease Americas pastor just died this morning, Don`t you have any respect for the dead? How callous of you how sick of you!!! You are Narcissistic sick sinner. But I and billy Graham forgive you. .you can`t list one thing that bill Graham was involved with that was scandalous Your just out to discredit anything I post, But I ignore you and your profanity and hate and I keep on posting so get use to it I`m here to stay.

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@ FIG he wasn't America's

@ FIG he wasn't America's pastor. There is no such thing. It is actually prohibited by law you unAmeriucan moron!
How about the Nixon tapes asshole? Graham got caught with his racist remarks!
You are here to troll and nothing else! And I will call you pout every fucking time you do! Count on it!

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One more antisemite bites the

One more antisemite bites the dust!

He only apologized after tapes became public. Imagine! Encouraging the President of the U.S. to take action against Jewish people. Fuck Billy Graham!

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Unlike Falwell and Swaggart

Unlike Falwell and Swaggart and the rest of the poisonous bunch Graham, although in my view entirely mistaken in his belief, was a real human, He bailed Martin Luther King out of jail, hailed him as a 'prophet' despite the hatred and poison directed towards King by the majority of white christian evangelicals.

I would swap Pat Robertson, Creflo Dollar and all the charlatans for another 10 years of Graham.

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Old man, you are wrong Graham

Old man, you are wrong Graham never bailed King out of jail. It is just one of the many lies he told. He took credit for it but it didn't happen.
Clearance Benjamin Jones bail King out of jail with money supplied by the personal funds of the Kennedys!

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Really? I was taking that as

Really? I was taking that as read from an article in the "observer" if I am wrong, then I stand corrected.
He was an antisemitic bastard, a mealy mouthed religiotard who raised an unspeakably disgusting child.

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When King was in a Birmingham

When King was in a Birmingham jail Clearance Jones kept in touch with the Kennedys. Jack was running for the presidency. Nixon was running against him. Nixon sent Graham to Birmingham to see if the Governor would let King go. The Kennedy's met Jones at the bank in New York and gave him a suitcase full of cash.
When Jones got to the Jail Graham insisted on going in with him. Graham was trying to steal the credit for Nixon. The truth is that Graham and Nixon were both racists!
It was first thought that Nelson Rockefeller gave the money but the fact is the Kennedys produced the cash out of the Chase Manhatten Bank.
The Kennedys did it as a coup to get the black vote. They already knew they had lost the southern democrats votes. At the time most blacks were republican, but Nixon was a racist. he also wanted the southern Democrats to vote for him.

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Thank you...I am corrected.

Thank you...I am corrected.

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Re: "Billy Graham has gone

Re: "Billy Graham has gone home"

Billy Graham lives in a graveyard??? *scratching head*

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I always found Billy Graham

I always found Billy Graham to be one of the more tolerable Christians, although showing him respect merely because he is dead is rather incongruous considering that he believed that I will be tortured in hell after my death.

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Graham's Christianity is a 3

Graham's Christianity is a 3 act play. The Jews, gays, and atheists disappear in the 3rd act. If you want to call that tolerant, you are welcome!

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Billy Graham was a money

Billy Graham was a money grubbing whore that sold a lie to become rich. If he wasn't, he would not have worked so fucking hard to be rich and famous.

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Although I do feel pain at

Although I do feel pain at the death of any human being, my sympathy extends no further.

FiG, what kind of response did you expect in here? This is an atheist web site where critical thinking is practiced. We do not swallow the BS and lies. We are aware of the damage he has caused, and how he made a truckload of money selling manure.

He is gone, and the world is a better place.

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