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*siren sound* warning..

*siren sound* warning...warning....troll alert

"Athiest" also has "ie"

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You are the one who's

You are the one who's trolling since you are comparing to the word "believe" to "lie".
Oh wait, is that you can make stupid arguments for how a word is spelled similarly and I can't?

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"is that you can make stupid

"is that you can make stupid arguments"

yeah, ahhmm..cause you're stupid...and all you say is utterly bollocks.

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How am I stupid? Is it

How am I stupid? Is it because I believe in things and you don't? Belief=/=Stupidity
Saying that beliefs are what cause bad things to happen is a stupid assumption to make.

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"Saying that beliefs are what

"Saying that beliefs are what cause bad things to happen is a stupid assumption to make."


i said it? me?...bwahahahah...

even your god thinks your idiotically stupid....hahahahah....
keep it up....even magic can't cure your stupidity.



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You are just making fun of me

You are just making fun of me. Mocking me and insulting my intelligence. I thought Atheists stand for religious freedom.

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so putting words in my mouth

so putting words in my mouth is not insulting? wow...

so intelligently're really one of a kind bruh....

i really wanna stay but i'll be off duty in about a couple of minutes...
so good luck michael, just don't break anyones leg here...alright?

tapping're so cute i just wanna squeeze you

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Unfortunately your word play doesn't work because there's no "ie" in the word "atheist". And while "lie" is a meaningful word, "ie" is not. If you wanted to hit back using a word play, you could say the word "atheist" contains the word "heist", and that atheists rob people of their beliefs. Just a suggestion.

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oh boy... that's... an

oh boy... that's... an interesting set of statements lol. i don't even know where to begin with that. sorry dude. u shouldn't enter a debate forum if u don't like facts or reality... so... yikes lol.
also depression and sadness are not entirely out of the material realm. think of the chemical reactions in the brain.
u should probably study ur own denomination's theology cuz it probably doesn't say to throw facts out the window. ik mine doesn't.

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Hey there, Isobel! How ya

Hey there, Isobel! How ya been? Good to see you again. By the way, that Michael guy got booted off the site many moons ago. Sadly, he started threatening suicide. We all hope he ended up seeking professional help, but we may never know. Anyway, hang around awhile and find a thread to jump into. Take care.

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Come for the strawman!

Come for the strawman!

Michael - So you are just saying everything atheists say are fact...

Stay for the fake quotes!

Michael - ...anyone who disagress are considered "ignorant".

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