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Christianity Disproved

There is a great website I found looking through tumblr. It is called, and it gives a very scholarly rundown of how christianity has been disporven beyond any reasonable doubt. I think it might be a useful tool to any of you with christian friends or family members who like to attempt to convert you or just discuss with you. It's also a good thing for any Christian, (or Jew or Muslim) to read before they start trying to convert or argue with atheists.

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agree with gregpek

agree with gregpek

also on it mentions the prophecy of Jesus that it didn't came to pass:
"I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened."
Well it did came to pass in exactly 40 years, you just need the right context of that era to understand it.

I suggest viewing the video to see the evidence of it:

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You say the tools are not

You say the tools are not likely useful for the committed, but I have to disagree. I was entirely committed to the Bible and to god. When I was searching for "evidence against Christianity," I was doing so in full confidence that it was bad evidence and I was going to destroy it if anyone ever offered it to me. But when I say the evidence, I could not honestly believe anymore. There was just too much suggesting it was false and nothing suggesting it was true. So the commited can be disuaded. It is just rare.

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ex-christian this prolly

ex-christian this prolly should've been posted in the Atheist Hub forum.

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Na its better here otherwise

Na its better here otherwise christians wouldn't see the link.

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I have an intuitive feeling

I have an intuitive feeling that this website will merely poke holes in Christianity and then claim it false.
I read a little bit of it and I already knew that this website is based off of objections long refuted.

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So the Crock of God is back

So the Crock of God is back pretending like he was not posting regularly on this site a while ago, some of the most ridiculous arguments you've ever seen. And he's back saying he, and I quote "read a little bit of it". LOL

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Would you care to share the

Would you care to share the parts that have been refuted? IF you are correct, it would certainly be welcome. I suggest you read the entire thing before dismissing it. It isn't very long. Besides, even if there are one or two unsound arguments, it doesn't render the sound arguments invalid.

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ex-christian don't bother

ex-christian don't bother with 'shock of god', he is an example of a 'committed' person Greg was talking about.

You were determined to prove Christianity right, you were using your head logically. I don't think Greg meant that type of committed.

I think that when Greg said committed he meant accepted the fact of Christianity as truth and no argument can change his mind.

ex-christian, there are Christians(like my mother) which just don't have that part of their brain that lets them think using logic anymore.

They are so "committed" into it that they cannot imagine their life without it. They think that even if they don't understand something, they just think that they are not worthy of understanding god so they try to find any possible way to explain it. They also think that you are being used by the devil to shake their fate.

I know you share a similar experience so you know what I am talking about.

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That may be the case. However

That may be the case. However, I am sure that is what any atheist would have said when they were arguing with my former christian self. But, because they were persistent I learned to see reason. If I can contribute to someone else taking off their God Goggles, I think it is worth it to keep promoting valid reasoning. You never know what one thing might just stick with someone. Plus, these responses aren't just for the individual I respond too, but people who might be reading the thread but not contributing. They might benifit from our debating as well.

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True, though this guy is just

True, though this guy is just spaming the topic at hand, changing subject.

"I have an intuitive feeling that this website will merely poke holes in Christianity and then claim it false.
I read a little bit of it and I already knew that this website is based off of objections long refuted."

Has nothing to do with the topic.
For the sake of who is interested in the topic , we tend to ignore these people.

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Theres no need to poke holes

Theres no need to poke holes in christianity its got more holes than swiss cheese lol

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