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"This is a near death not an NDE"

The letters NDE mean .. near death experience.

Maybe there is some confusion in translation. But when we say "near death" that means the individual displayed signs of death (no vital signs), and was resuscitated.

it does not matter who witnessed it, where it occurred, or even if any paperwork was filled out. The term applies to the individual who suffered this experience.

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I know very well that........

I know very well that..........The letters NDE mean .. near death experience.........who said the opposite?
What I am saying is that these are real death that is why it doesn't make sense to me to call them near death.

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Real death is when you do not

Real death is when you do not wake up. Really dead, as in worm food. This is one state that is specific and ultimate. You can not get any 'deader".

It is assumed that when a person has no vital signs, they are dead. But if they are resuscitated soon enough, or come out on their own, they have returned to the land of the living. That is what is considered near death ... they appearedd dead but later on were alive.

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That is your personal belief

That is your personal belief David which of course is not evidence.
To believe the opposite would surely knock down all your atheistic beliefs and I do not think that you are ready for that yet.

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"That is your personal belief David which of course is not evidence.
To believe the opposite would surely knock down all your atheistic beliefs and I do not think that you are ready for that yet."

I fully understand that it was a personal experience, and thus does not carry any weight regarding the veracity of any claim. I am glad both of us agree on that item. Just remember what you agree on when you deal with religious claims. Any personal experience is just that, and not the truth.

But I did have an NDE, while you are leaning on the personal claims of others to support your belief in NDE's. My personal experience matched almost all the NDE stories, with just two exceptions. The topic of my dream was definitely not religious in nature, and I did not find myself floating above my body and perceive the world from a third person view.

As for the topic of any dream, that is a purely personal thing, and although we can study what happens to the brain in such circumstances, we currently can not tap into the content of the dream. But for the claim of a viewpoint floating above the body, that can be tested.

Since there is at least one method to test this scenario, and no positive results have been revealed, the urban legend of a spirit floating above the body is a huge fail. It could be proven, it has failed that test.

Oh my, you have played the "your mind is intransigent" card. For religious debates, that is like playing Godwin's Law in a debate involving politics or ethics.

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@ Alain

@ Alain

The "temporary separation of consciousness" is the worst possible definition I have ever heard for NDE. What about OBEs? Are not they same thing as TSC?


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When the consciousness

When the consciousness separate from the body obviously you have an OBE however many people dream that their consciousness left their body so here you got to be careful not to confuse a dream with a real NDE.

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And by definition, an NDE is

And by definition, an NDE is an OBE and thus is nothing more than a dream caused by stressful situation.


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RE: As Dr Kreps said, NDEs

RE: As Dr Kreps said, NDEs might just be specifically designed for people who need them, in moments of extremis to resolve problems.

I tend to think the same about dreams. It is not that they are there to resolve problems but when the mind and body are stressed the stress comes out metaphorically in dreams - an NDE is very much like OBE or Lucid Dream/ I know this only from descriptions. I have always had the ability to Lucid Dream and have OBEs/ These are just states of mind that were once valued by primitive societies but are no longer valued in the pragmatics of the world as we know it. All of these, are in fact, things that the human mind does, and I believe, regardless of race or culture, I blame Degrees in Sociology and Psychology for my opinions in this matter. "People are People." Nothing any one person experiences is "special" to the extent that another person could not do it if they really wanted to..

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Would nightmares count as

Would nightmares count as Lucid Dreams? Not familiar with that term Lucid Dreams, but nightmares are dreams resulting from some level of stress or unprocessed information banging around in the subconscious.
I sometimes laugh in my sleep. I have funny dreams, sometimes populated with the Marx brothers and the Three Stooges. It really pisses my partner to wake up to me laughing out loud. Would that count as Lucid or just annoying?
I have read somewhere that religion might have had its start in dreaming, lucid dreams perhaps. Dreaming about a successful and much needed hunt where the details seem boldly real then after waking up thinking you had been to a spirit realm.

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Some do and some don't.

Some do and some don't. Typically in a lucid dream, you have some modicum of control. You decide where to visit and can assert yourself to a degree. It is still very much a vivid dream state.

I get the giggle in my sleep too. What pisses me off is waking and not remembering the joke or just not finding it funny upon waking.

RE: "I have read somewhere that religion might have had its start in dreaming, lucid dreams perhaps."

I would agree. That and Drugs. There have always been mystics among us. People with vivid imaginations. I studied Dream Cultures for years. Certainly dreaming and the ability to slip into an OBE would have influenced early religions. Many of the ceremonial dances are actually moving meditations designed to influence the mind in the same way Church music is designed to have an effect on us. There are Yoga meditations, the Dancing Dervish, Krishna Consciousness and African Dance is currently gaining New Age Popularity. The American Indians also danced themselves into altered states and used drugs. All these things are designed to alter consciousness so New Age Gurus can pump minds full of SHIT. It's all WOO WOO> The most spiritual person in the world can not get a cup of coffee without a dollar in his pocket. It's all chewing gum for the mind and the ignorant are susceptible to the BULLSHIT these New Age Gurus push. Anyone can alter their consciousness or learn something from a dream - you are who you are - dreaming is just another form of self talk. Alter your consciousness and it is still you. You create the dreams. You create the images. You evaluate the insights.

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Like Cognostic, I have been

Like Cognostic, I have been practicing the same thing for over 40 years. However, I have always remember it being called Dream Lucidity. As Cognostic said, it is where you realize you ARE dreaming and can take control of the dream. If the dream is particularly enjoyable, such as a dream of being with my family, I just let the dream take me where it goes. Others, I take control. A lot of my lucid dreams became short stories I would write then me wife would edit and proof them and get them published in magazines. Dream Lucidity is also a great tool for dealing with the stresses of life also.

Start here, and be sure to check the links in the "References" section:


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Well, this is interesting,

Well, this is interesting, without knowing the term I discovered in my 20s I could direct my dreams. I use to meditate quite a lot, perhaps that was part of it. I didn't meditate with yoga exercises or any spiritual baggage, just sit or lie quietly, focus on single ideas and/or my parts of my body. Being deaf is a huge benefit in this, as I can meditate in a restaurant if I wanted.
I tried to teach my wife who had deep psychological problems that provoked many bad nightmares. Sometimes late at night she would scream abuse at perceived enemies and she'd even punch and kick in her sleep without waking up. I'm still surprised I slept at all, but I believe she slept sounder with the meditation even though her bad dreams continued.
I taught my kids, who were disturbed by their mother's nightmares, to meditate and not to be frightened of dreams, I assured them the dreams were part of them and not part of spirits and ghosts and gods entering their heads and because it was only their subconscious' way of communicating about issues their conscious self had missed.

Now to go back to checking out the references. Did any of your short stories survive? Or will I find that easter egg in the references?

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I would imagine they are

I would imagine they are still out there, but you would have to look in magazines in the 80s. Plus my wife always used a pen-name. And to be honest with you, I can no longer remember the titles of any of them except "Blindsight." Hell, I don't even remember what they were about.


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@Grinseed Re: "...then after

@Grinseed Re: "...then after waking up thinking you had been to a spirit realm."

Ah, the spirit world... A wonderful place to visit...

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It would make a great theme

It would make a great theme park as long as the likes of Ken Ham kept well out of it lol.

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I had an NDE. My body was

I had an NDE. My body was fully stressed, and during my emergency operation I had a very vivid dream. it was one of the most powerful dreams I have ever experienced. Maybe the most. But that is what it was, a dream. What is interesting is that something that was at the front of my mind was the topic of my dream. IMO those kinds of dreams come from what the person is very occupied with. I was thinking ships, a christian may be thinking of baby jesus and heaven.

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@ Dave

@ Dave

Same as my NDE. A very, very powerful dream/hallucination. Nothing more. And, yes, it was the most vivid one ever.


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YOU ARE 100% correct.

YOU ARE 100% correct. Deafness is a massive advantage. My mind must block out all external stimuli. Muscle twitches, itches, little pains, and "YES" sounds. I have found that I am much more successful with ear plugs.

I pretty much lost all my short stories when I moved to Korea. I gave up my storage space after a few years here. The rats had gotten to almost anything I wanted to keep; I lost a suitcase full of original writing. I remember many of the themes but none of the stories as I had written them. There are locations that I like to visit. One of my favorite places is a restaurant at the end of the Balboa pier where I grew up.

It would be like a small upscale Cafe. The neat thing about it is that it is not on the pier but under it. The front of the restaurant is unbreakable glass, like an aquarium. The waves roll in at low tide and hit the glass. At high tide you can see the fish swimming.

Now what is really cool about this restaurant is that all the animals are dinosaurs. The fish in the ocean and the ones walking along the beach. There are Teridactils in the sky and with all this going on outside, the coffee shop itself is just an amazingly peaceful place. The waves smash up against the glass and monsters swim by the windows as you sit and sip on a warm delicious cappuccino. I really like this dream.

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Wow, this subject never ends

Wow, this subject never ends - so many possibilities out there.

Could not the cosmic consciousness be the laws of nature?

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landlore: "Could not the

landlore: "Could not the cosmic consciousness be the laws of nature?"

Got any objective hard empirical evidence?


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@ Alain

@ Alain

Went searching for it and finally found it. You were referring to THIS POST where I stated:

No god exists. Never has. Never shall.

And you asked how I can make this statement without any evidence in THIS POST.

As I already thought you keep on avoiding to give evidence about your claims that there is no God...

Why do I not give any OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE for my claim? Because there is none. There is absolutely NO evidence any deity actually exists. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

And please provide your definition of "god."


And furthermore, you have avoided answering my question in THIS POST.

She who?

In response to your POST.

She is an abstract entity...

Again, She who?


Alain: "If you want to know God you need to be interested. The same thing apply to a lover. Love sprang out of deep interest for somebody else. God is love. Spiritual love that pervade the whole of you. Not only atheists but most people are just not interested in this topic so it become impossible to establish interest at this stage. Interest in God will come when people will get sick and tired of getting nowhere by chasing finite things. At the end everybody will come to the conclusion that only the infinite will be the real MaCoy but it may take many many reincarnations before people will wake up and start thinking wisely."

Got any OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE for any of these preposterous assertions?


Alain: "Most atheists put a barrier in their mind that God is not there and in any case they are not interested so is quite obvious that they will never get a real NDE but there are exceptions where atheists got an NDE and now are strong theists."

And since you refuse to go read it, here it is. My NDE.

There was once I thought I had died. At least I think I did. I can remember this horrible screaming and a tumbling, then all goes black. After who can know how long, a light appeared. Funny, I thought to myself, this is familiar. Then the light appeared to move closer. As it came closer, or I was moving towards it, it seemed to be coming from the far off opening of a tunnel. Curious, I began moving towards that light. Then it dawned on me why this seemed so familiar. It looks exactly like all those Near Death Experience (NDE) stories I have heard and read about.

Wow, am I dead? I thought.

As I was approaching the light, I could see what appeared to be three persons moving about in the light. However, the shapes were exceptionally vague. As if they were not completely coherent. As if not fully formed.

At this time I am thinking to myself, What the hell is going on? Am I hallucinating? Am I dreaming? I use the standard idiot test of pinching myself, already knowing this ain't gonna prove anything. But I do it anyway.

Finally, I arrive and enter into the light. Whoa, I think. That was a trip. I can now see clearly as if it were nothing more than a clear, sunny day. However, there is no sun, just light. It is as if I am floating, suspended. Yet, I can move wherever I wish just by thinking about it.

Once I am into the light, I look. I am dumbfounded. There in front of me are my wife and twin daughters. What the hell…, I think.

“Sweetheart,” my wife says as she closes for a hug. “Dad,” my daughters say as they do the same. I almost succumb to the group hug and give in to the all too real emotions. However, being the onerous skeptic I have always been, I snap out of it. I release them and look deeply at them.

“Where are we?” I ask.

“Sweetheart,” my wife says and places a gentle hand at my ear. “This is the Precipice.”

“Precipice?” I ask.

“Yes, this is the Precipice before one enters into the Presence of God. What most people call Heaven.”

I am dumbfounded. Why am I here? I think. I have never believed in any of this.

“How,” I begin to ask, but she moves her hand to still my lips.

“Yes. We were all atheist in that life. It seems it actually matters not whether we believe or not in that life, but what we believe. Once the corporeal existence is over, we all come to the Precipice first. Then we enter into the Presence of God before coming to the Throne of Judgment.”

“I still don’t understand,” I say.

“Come. You shall.”

We then move deeper into the light. As we are moving, I can feel this complete awe, a something, a presence washing through me. It is almost as if I am now coming truly alive for the very first time. It almost feels as if I am being imbued with such power that only God should possess.

Then we come to a throne so huge it seems as if it could span complete continents, if it were on the Earth. And upon that Throne…

Welcome,” an all immense voice says, coming from everywhere, yet also seeming to come from nowhere.

“Whom may you be?” I ask.

I AM THAT I AM,” the Presence says.

Great, ask a stupid question…

“Why am I here? I have never believed in any of this,” and I spread my arms to encompass all.

You are here because this is where all living things come after their corporeal life has ended,” the Presence says. “They all come here regardless.

After a pause of some time, “And…” I say.

And I am the Crux of All. I am that which Brings Balance to That Which Exists. I am the Center of All Things. I am the Creator of The First Universe.

“But I have never believed in anything like your existence,” I say.

Of that I already know. And I now ask, why did you choose not to believe?

“Lack of evidence. Virtually everything the Absolutists say about you is immoral and preposterous,” I say. Then continuing, “Besides, have you read those books they have about you?”

What books?” the Presence asks, almost as if it already knows the answer.

“One is called the Bible. Then there is the Qu'ran, the Torah, the Talmud, the Bhagavad Gita, and there are probably hundreds of others.”

Ah, you mean the collections of horror stories written by frightened primitive humans. Yes, I know of those books. I had nothing to do with what is written inside any of them. You see, they have it all wrong. All I have done is to create the structure of the Multiverse to hold all the universes within, of which they are infinite. I only sit at the Crux of All the Universes. I only created the First Universe, from whence you have come. After creating the First Universe, I left it alone. I let it become whatsoever it may. After the creation, I have had nothing to do with the First Universe.

“In other words, you left it to the Theory of Evolution,” I said.

Yes. That is an apt description, albeit, ultimately incorrect,” the Presence replied. For some reason, it almost feels as if the Presence smiles, knowing who I am more so than I know myself.

One thing you must understand is that an entity such as I that possesses the Ultimate Power of Creation also possesses the Ultimate Power of Destruction and can do nothing with his creation once created, except to destroy it. Essentially, there are only two things an entity such as myself can do: Create, or Destroy. I cannot nurture, I cannot aid, I cannot prohibit, I cannot interfere with that which I may create. If I were to reach into my creation to do anything, then my own Ultimate Power would utterly destroy that creation. If I so desire, I could send others back, such as yourself, since you now possess that Power, but of a much lesser degree, and you could do things within my creation. You could eventually bring about its utter destruction if you so wish. But even that would require much work and expenditure of your Power.

And once there, to them, you would seem to be an angel. A being of mighty power.

“Have you sent others back?” I ask, interrupting.

No. Once all those whom have found the truth about the Ethereal Existence of Eternity, all have chosen to exist within their own realm. Their own universe.

“Thus, the reason why there never has been any evidence. I can understand that. If I am given the Power and opportunity to spend this Ethereal Existence of Eternity with my family wherever I may wish, I would not want to return to that shit-hole for any reason.”

“And we had to come here from ours in order to be with you,” my wife says.

“Yeah, it was kind of growing dull being with the Simulacrum of you we had created. We wanted the Real You,” my daughters added in stereo as was their wont.

Exactly. Ultimately, those, like you and your family, always show themselves to be worthy of this Power. It is persons such as yourself who choose not to believe in power, who choose not to seek for power, who choose not to possess power, ultimately prove to be the most worthy of the Power itself. Such are those who would actually not use the Power except to create their universe of existence in which to spend Eternity.

“But what about this Satan being all those Absolutists are always eluding to?” I ask.

A fantasy. A personification for them to use to convince others they need to be controlled without actually saying they need to be controlled. And before you ask… Yes, ALL things come from me when I created the First Universe. Good, Evil, Love, Hate, Light, Darkness. Everything. For you must also understand that not even Nothing itself can exist unless its equal, yet opposite, counterpart also exists. And, yes, that means you cannot have Something unless you also have Nothing. That is why I am the Crux, the Balance, for all that exists.

Those who choose to seek power over others, they are the ones who prove to be the most unworthy. They are the ones who ultimately receive the Ultimate Death of Non-Existence. For they have already chosen to have their heaven within the corporeal existence.

Then He pauses to look at me. It is almost as if He were looking into me.

Yes. The ones you call Absolutists, especially the inexorable ones, but perhaps not all to whom you refer with that term, are the primary ones who seek power over others. To have their heaven within their corporeality. They seek to enslave and to control others. Seek to sap their mental will. Sap their mental faculties for free thought. And once they control the will, they continue to sap them for more and more control and power. Mostly in the form of beguiling theft of what is called money. And they tend to also do this through political offices where they exert their power and control to pass laws to favor their abilities and desires for even more power while in the corporeal world. They are the ones who create these fantasies about the true nature of Eternity. Those like you and your family tend to be more reasonable and more rational about everything. You still may not have it correct, but you Rationalists are usually as close to true as any of you can get.

And, No. The corporeal life you had is not a test to see about your worthiness. Well, that is not exactly true either. Basically, it is the corporeal existence one makes for themselves which will also dictate the ethereal existence you will possess in Eternity. In other words, what you have made of life in your corporeal existence is also the life you shall have in the Ethereal Existence of Eternity. In other words, you now have the Power to create your own existence, your own universe within the multiverse, within Eternity. Whatever you may wish is yours.

And then I look to my wife and twin daughters, seeing the smiles on their faces, and the light begins to fade. I can only hope we are going to my idea of my heaven…

And then… Everything is a blurred fog. My mind a nebulous fugue. A floating blob of liquid glass. A spider web over my body. A blur of white. Then, fade to black…

And I am still an atheist, anti-theist, anti-religion, and things I know nothing about, agnostic.


P.S. — And Grinseed worries over my verbosity...

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I just do not understand why

I just do not understand why you waste so much of your time making up such a silly story.

By reading hundreds of NDEs I learned that the real NDEs follow a certain sequence-thread so it has become quite easy for me to pick up the fake ones such as yours.
God never boost himself about his power.
This is your great failing but also all the rest doesn't make much sense at all.

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What? Me worried? Never

What? Me worried? Never worried. I expect and welcome it. Thanks for your story. As usual, moving and well written. Don't stop. And be as verbose as you please.
Fuck ' em.

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I have taken time to read

I have taken time to read some of the testaments on the NDERF site.
Its a large collection of testimonies of what anonymous individuals report they experienced. This is not science not research. NOthing is being studied except a bunch of uncorroborated stories.

This is only a loose collection which has been padded out with "possbile NDEs" "OBEs" even a 'FDE' - Fear-Death Experience, which clearly do not evidence the seperation of the physical body and spiritual consciousness that NDEs boast.
Some randomly selected examples of such padding were
3098. Lori E STE/SOBE 5/1/2012.
4564. Abby Jo O NDE-like 10/6/2018. NDE-like 8650, summary reads "Remarkable SOBE that was NDE-like. Involved returning the soul of a person who died of suicide to the afterlife.")
Another is a supposed NDE of a nurse after feinting. Hardly an experience of death.(4591. Sabine G NDE 11/27/2018. NDE 8685.)

This testimony relates events of a drug overdose with no sense of any spiritual experience at all. Very loose collection indeed.
4541. Kim M Probable NDE 8/12/2018. Probable NDE 8614.

Quite a few feature NDEs recalled from childhood, years after the event.
Age 9, 4575. Samieh Y NDE 10/24/2018. NDE 8664;
Age 4 4573. Karmen Possible NDE 10/24/2018.

Marie was very young this is the FDE mentioned above - 'fear-death experience'. She thought she was going to die in a truck and bus accident that apparently did not happen. Very poor choice for 'research' - 4529. Marie S FDE 7/11/2018. FDE 8590.

One rather dubious tale involves an NDE at age 7 weeks! The claim to remembering anything that early is greater than the NDE itself (2772. Paul P NDE 7/23/2011. NDE 5284.)

Many revealed prior active religious lives. Some were absolutely certain that the light was god, more, they KNEW it was their god and the blurry images were definitely angels. Nearly all, despite previous level of beliefs claimed the experience they had increased their sense of spirituality.
4580. Rebecca R NDE 11/2/2018. NDE 8670;
4561. Ron P Possible NDE 10/1/2018. Possible NDE 23311. (..there was Jesus Christ!)
4558. Timothy V NDEs 9/16/2018. NDEs 8640.
4556. Michiel W NDE 9/11/2018. NDE 8635.
4530. Charles T NDE 7/11/2018. NDE 8594. (I knew it was Jesus!)

One writer claimed Native American spiritualism, obviously of American Indian descent. Others refer to God and Jesus, which begs if all the experiences weren't actually based on cultural rather than purely spiritual influences.

All of the above were random selections from NDERF.
No real doctors or real hospitals were named in any of the testimonies and no medical evidence provided at all about anyone being clinically dead.
The accounts are identified by one first name, as anonymous as no name at all, really.
This simply isnt a discerning or carefully selected collection of proof for NDEs.
Testimonies aren't proof, they are simply claims. There are no collaborative references as to doctors or nurses or hospitals, nothing. Anyone who just wanted to see their story online could have contributed. There is no verification of any kind for any story.

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@ Alain,

@ Alain,

So, you have made the claim that the 'conciousness', the innate, spiritual, immortal, god-given consciousness, can survive afer the brain dies and that it does not require a physical conduit. You suggest that the experiences known as NDEs prove that point.

But what happens when someone is physically knocked out cold by a blow to the head? The brain's usual chemical processes required for imprinting 'memory trails' in brain cells are temporarily terminated, in some cases permanently, and no memory, not even of the events immediately before the trauma, are recorded in the brain, because the chemical processes require a certain amount of time to occur. If the trauma is very bad, a victim can lose memory of their identity for any amount of time, hours, days, weeks.

So in these circumstances, where the non-essential functions of the brain have ceased, just where is this innate, spiritual, immortal consciousness, that is suppose to exist despite what happens to the physical brain, even death? Why is there no memory in such circumstances as there is in NDEs?

It would appear that deprivation of the senses through traumatic injury to the head better approximate conditions of brain death than so called NDE experiences in which clear precise vividly detailed memories persists, which suggests awareness and possible effects of drugs.
Where did that spiritual consciousness go?
Where Alain?

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There are millions and

There are millions and millions of people who die all the time in a myriad of different circumstances.
According to my beliefs reincarnation take place soon after their death and according also to my karma beliefs these people will be reincarnated in a medium or a body that is most suitable to their degree of consciousness so all options are open.
Few will end up in the ocean of cosmic consciousness and will be one with the whole or God but most of them will be reincarnated in better or worse human being, some will end up in an animal body some in plants and the worse of the worse in pure matter (stone, rocks) and it will takes millions of years before they pop up as humans once again.
NDEs are a different story.
When God see the opportunity for a particular person to do more work for him or herself in his or her body in this life then he give an NDE.
Of course (as I already said) a lot of people believe that they had an NDE when in reality they never had one because their consciousness never left their body-brain.
This is my belief.
Remember however that consciousness is energy too and energy can never undergone destruction that is why we are eternal.

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Alain: "When God see the

Alain: "When God see the opportunity for a particular person to do more work for him or herself in his or her body in this life then he give an NDE."

Yet this non-existent deity of yours ALWAYS chooses fallacious humans who are highly susceptible to believing hallucinatory dreams to bring back a false message.

Plus, you still have yet to define your "god."

Or, Pick ONE:

Middle-East: (169)
A, Adad, Adapa, Adrammelech, Aeon, Agasaya, Aglibol, Ahriman, Ahura Mazda, Ahurani, Ai-ada, Al-Lat, Aja, Aka, Alalu, Al-Lat, Amm, Al-Uzza (El-'Ozza or Han-Uzzai), An, Anahita, Anath (Anat), Anatu, Anbay, Anshar, Anu, Anunitu, An-Zu, Apsu, Aqhat, Ararat, Arinna, Asherali, Ashnan, Ashtoreth, Ashur, Astarte, Atar, Athirat, Athtart, Attis, Aya, Baal (Bel), Baalat (Ba'Alat), Baau, Basamum, Beelsamin, Belit-Seri, Beruth, Borak, Broxa, Caelestis, Cassios, Lebanon, Antilebanon, and Brathy, Chaos, Chemosh, Cotys, Cybele, Daena, Daevas, Dagon, Damkina, Dazimus, Derketo, Dhat-Badan, Dilmun, Dumuzi (Du'uzu), Duttur, Ea, El, Endukugga, Enki, Enlil, Ennugi, Eriskegal, Ereshkigal (Allatu), Eshara, Eshmun, Firanak, Fravashi, Gatamdug, Genea, Genos, Gestinanna, Gula, Hadad, Hannahanna, Hatti, Hea, Hiribi, The Houri, Humban, Innana, Ishkur, Ishtar, Ithm, Jamshid or Jamshyd, Jehovah, Jesus, Kabta, Kadi, Kamrusepas, Ki (Kiki), Kingu, Kolpia, Kothar-u-Khasis, Lahar, Marduk, Mari, Meni, Merodach, Misor, Moloch, Mot, Mushdama, Mylitta, Naamah, Nabu (Nebo), Nairyosangha, Nammu, Namtaru, Nanna, Nebo, Nergal, Nidaba, Ninhursag or Nintu, Ninlil, Ninsar, Nintur, Ninurta, Pa, Qadshu, Rapithwin, Resheph (Mikal or Mekal), Rimmon, Sadarnuna, Shahar, Shalim, Shamish, Shapshu, Sheger, Sin, Siris (Sirah), Taautos, Tammuz, Tanit, Taru, Tasimmet, Telipinu, Tiamat, Tishtrya, Tsehub, Utnapishtim, Utu, Wurusemu, Yam, Yarih (Yarikh), Yima, Zaba, Zababa, Zam, Zanahary (Zanaharibe), Zarpandit, Zarathustra, Zatavu, Zazavavindrano, Ziusudra, Zu (Imdugud), Zurvan

China (170):
Ba, Caishen, Chang Fei, Chang Hsien, Chang Pan, Ch'ang Tsai, Chao san-Niang, Chao T'eng-k'ang, Chen Kao, Ch'eng Huang, Cheng San-Kung, Cheng Yuan-ho, Chi Po, Chien-Ti, Chih Jih, Chih Nii, Chih Nu, Ch'ih Sung-tzu, Ching Ling Tzu, Ch'ing Lung, Chin-hua Niang-niang, Chio Yuan-Tzu, Chou Wang, Chu Niao, Chu Ying, Chuang-Mu, Chu-jung, Chun T'i, Ch'ung Ling-yu, Chung Liu, Chung-kuei, Chung-li Ch'üan, Di Jun, Fan K'uei, Fei Lien, Feng Pho-Pho, Fengbo, Fu Hsing, Fu-Hsi, Fu-Pao, Gaomei, Guan Di, Hao Ch'iu, Heng-o, Ho Po (Ping-I), Hou Chi, Hou T'u, Hsi Ling-su, Hsi Shih, Hsi Wang Mu, Hsiao Wu, Hsieh T'ien-chun, Hsien Nung, Hsi-shen, Hsu Ch'ang, Hsuan Wen-hua, Huang Ti, Huang T'ing, Huo Pu, Hu-Shen, Jen An, Jizo Bosatsu, Keng Yen-cheng, King Wan, Ko Hsien-Weng, Kuan Ti, Kuan Ti, Kuei-ku Tzu, Kuo Tzu-i, Lai Cho, Lao Lang, Lei Kung, Lei Tsu, Li Lao-chun, Li Tien, Liu Meng, Liu Pei, Lo Shen, Lo Yu, Lo-Tsu Ta-Hsien, Lu Hsing, Lung Yen, Lu-pan, Ma-Ku, Mang Chin-i, Mang Shen, Mao Meng, Men Shen, Miao Hu, Mi-lo Fo, Ming Shang, Nan-chi Hsien-weng, Niu Wang, Nu Wa, Nu-kua, Pa, Pa Cha, Pai Chung, Pai Liu-Fang, Pai Yu, P'an Niang, P'an-Chin-Lien, Pao Yuan-ch'uan, Phan Ku, P'i Chia-Ma, Pien Ho, San Kuan, Sao-ch'ing Niang, Sarudahiko, Shang Chien, Shang Ti, She chi, Shen Hsui-Chih, Shen Nung, Sheng Mu, Shih Liang, Shiu Fang, Shou-lao, Shun I Fu-jen, Sien-Tsang, Ssu-ma Hsiang-ju, Sun Pin, Sun Ssu-miao, Sung-Chiang, Tan Chu, T'ang Ming Huang, Tao Kung, T'ien Fei, Tien Hou, Tien Mu, Ti-tsang, Tsai Shen, Ts'an Nu, Ts'ang Chien, Tsao Chun, Tsao-Wang, T'shai-Shen, Tung Chun, T'ung Chung-chung, T'ung Lai-yu, Tung Lu, T'ung Ming, Tzu-ku Shen, Wa, Wang Ta-hsien, Wang-Mu-Niang-Niang, Weiwobo, Wen-ch'ang, Wu-tai Yuan-shuai, Xi Hou, Xi Wangmu, Xiu Wenyin, Yanwang, Yaoji, Yen-lo, Yen-Lo-Wang, Yi, Yu, Yu Ch'iang, Yu Huang, Yun-T'ung, Yu-Tzu, Zaoshen, Zhang Xi,, Zhinü,, Zhongguei,, Zigu Shen,, Zisun, Ch'ang-O

Slavic: (125)
Aba-khatun, Aigiarm, Ajysyt, Alkonost, Almoshi, Altan-Telgey, Ama, Anapel, As-ava, Ausaitis, Austeja, Ayt'ar, Baba Yaga (Jezi Baba), Belobog (Belun), Boldogasszony, Breksta, Bugady Musun, Chernobog (Crnobog, Czarnobog, Czerneboch, Cernobog), Cinei-new, Colleda (Koliada), Cuvto-ava, Dali, Darzu-mate, Dazhbog, Debena, Devana, Diiwica (Dilwica), Doda (Dodola), Dolya, Dragoni, Dugnai, Dunne Enin, Edji, Elena, Erce, Etugen, Falvara, The Fates, The Fatit, Gabija, Ganiklis, Giltine, Hotogov Mailgan, Hov-ava, Iarila, Isten, Ja-neb'a, Jedza, Joda-mate, Kaldas, Kaltes, Keretkun, Khadau, Khursun (Khors), Kostrubonko, Kovas, Krumine, Kupala, Kupalo, Laima, Leshy, Marina, Marzana, Matergabiae, Mat Syra Zemlya, Medeine, Menu (Menulis), Mir-Susne-Khum, Myesyats, Nastasija, (Russia) Goddess of sleep., Nelaima, Norov, Numi-Tarem, Nyia, Ora, Ot, Patollo, Patrimpas, Pereplut, Perkuno, Perun, Pikuolis, Pilnytis, Piluitus, Potrimpo, Puskaitis, Rod, Rugevit, Rultennin, Rusalki, Sakhadai-Noin, Saule, Semargl, Stribog, Sudjaje, Svantovit (Svantevit, Svitovyd), Svarazic (Svarozic, Svarogich), Tengri, Tñairgin, Triglav, Ulgen (Ulgan, Ülgön), Veles (Volos), Vesna, Xatel-Ekwa, Xoli-Kaltes, Yamm, Yarilo, Yarovit, Ynakhsyt, Zaria, Zeme mate, Zemyna, Ziva (Siva), Zizilia, Zonget, Zorya, Zvoruna, Zvezda Dennitsa, Zywie

Hindu (72):
Aditi, Adityas, Ambika, Ananta (Shesha), Annapurna (Annapatni), Aruna, Ashvins, Balarama, Bhairavi, Brahma, Buddha, Dakini, Devi, Dharma, Dhisana, Durga, Dyaus, Ganesa (Ganesha), Ganga (Ganges), Garuda, Gauri, Gopis, Hanuman, Hari-Hara, Hulka Devi, Jagganath, Jyeshtha, Kama, Karttikeya, Krishna, Krtya, Kubera, Kubjika, Lakshmi or Laksmi, Manasha, Manu, Maya, Meru, Nagas, Nandi, Naraka, Nataraja, Nirriti, Parjanya, Parvati, Paurnamasi, Prithivi, Purusha, Radha, Rati, Ratri, Rudra, Sanjna, Sati, Shashti, Shatala, Sitala (Satala), Skanda, Sunrta, Surya, Svasti-devi, Tvashtar, Uma, Urjani, Vach, Varuna, Vayu, Vishnu (Avatars of Vishnu: Matsya; Kurma; Varaha; Narasinha; Vamana; Parasurama; Rama; Krishna; Buddha; Kalki), Vishvakarman, Yama, Sraddha

Japan (53):
Aji-Suki-Taka-Hi-Kone, Ama no Uzume, Ama-terasu, Amatsu Mikaboshi, Benten (Benzai-Ten), Bishamon, Chimata-No-Kami, Chup-Kamui, Daikoku, Ebisu, Emma-O, Fudo, Fuji, Fukurokuju, Gekka-O, Hachiman, Hettsui-No-Kami, Ho-Masubi, Hotei, Inari, Izanagi and Izanami, Jizo Bosatsu, Jurojin, Kagutsuchi, Kamado-No-Kami, Kami, Kawa-No-Kami, Kaya-Nu-Hima, Kishijoten, Kishi-Mojin, Kunitokotatchi, Marici, Monju-Bosatsu, Nai-No-Kami, No-Il Ja-Dae, O-Kuni-Nushi, Omoigane, Raiden, Shine-Tsu-Hiko, Shoten, Susa-no-wo, Tajika-no-mikoto, Tsuki-yomi, Uka no Mitanna, Uke-mochi, Uso-dori, Uzume, Wakahirume, Yainato-Hnneno-Mikoi, Yama-No-Kami, Yama-no-Karni, Yaya-Zakurai, Yuki-Onne

India (43)
Agni, Ammavaru, Asuras, Banka-Mundi, Brihaspati, Budhi Pallien, Candi, Challalamma, Chinnintamma, Devas, Dyaush, Gauri-Sankar, Grhadevi, Gujeswari, Indra, Kali, Lohasur Devi, Mayavel, Mitra, Prajapati, Puchan, Purandhi, Rakshas, Rudrani, Rumina, Samundra, Sarasvati, Savitar, Siva (Shiva), Soma, Sura, Surabhi, Tulsi, Ushas, Vata, Visvamitra, Vivasvat, Vritra, Waghai Devi, Yaparamma, Yayu, Zumiang Nui, Diti

Other Asian: (31)
Dewi Shri, Po Yan Dari, Shuzanghu, Antaboga, Yakushi Nyorai, Mulhalmoni, Tankun, Yondung Halmoni, Aryong Jong, Quan Yin, Tengri, Uminai-gami, Kamado-No-Kami, Kunitokotatchi, Giri Devi, Dewi Nawang Sasih, Brag-srin-mo, Samanta-Bhadra, Sangs-rgyas-mkhá, Sengdroma, Sgeg-mo-ma, Tho-og, Ui Tango, Yum-chen-mo, Zas-ster-ma-dmar-mo, Chandra, Dyaus, Ratri, Rodasi, Vayu, Au-Co

African: 250 Gods, Demigods and First Men
Abassi, Abuk, Adu Ogyinae, Agé, Agwe, Aida Wedo, Ajalamo, Aje, Ajok, Akonadi, Akongo, Akuj, Amma, Anansi, Asase Yaa, Ashiakle, Atai, Ayaba, Aziri, Baatsi, Bayanni, Bele Alua, Bomo rambi, Bosumabla, Buk, Buku, Bumba, Bunzi, Buruku, Cagn, Candit, Cghene, Coti, Damballah-Wedo, Dan, Deng, Domfe, Dongo, Edinkira, Efé, Egungun-oya, Eka Abassi, Elephant Girl Mbombe, Emayian, Enekpe, En-Kai, Eseasar, Eshu, Esu, Fa, Faran, Faro, Fatouma, Fidi Mukullu, Fon, Gleti, Gonzuole, Gû, Gua, Gulu, Gunab, Hammadi, Hêbiesso, Iku, Ilankaka, Imana, Iruwa, Isaywa, Juok, Kazooba, Khakaba, Khonvum, Kibuka, Kintu, Lebé, Leza, Libanza, Lituolone, Loko, Marwe, Massim Biambe, Mawu-Lisa (Leza), Mboze, Mebeli, Minepa, Moombi, Mukameiguru, Mukasa, Muluku, Mulungu, Mwambu, Nai, Nambi, Nana Buluku, Nanan-Bouclou, Nenaunir, Ng Ai, Nyaliep, Nyambé, Nyankopon, Nyasaye, Nzame, Oboto, Obumo, Odudua-Orishala, Ogun, Olokun, Olorun, Orisha Nla, Orunmila, Osanyin, Oshe, Osun, Oya, Phebele, Pokot-Suk, Ralubumbha, Rugaba, Ruhanga, Ryangombe, Sagbata, Shagpona, Shango, Sopona, Tano, Thixo, Tilo, Tokoloshi, Tsui, Tsui'goab, Umvelinqangi, Unkulunkulu, Utixo, Wak, Wamara, Wantu Su, Wele, Were, Woto, Xevioso, Yangombi, Yemonja, Ymoa, Ymoja, Yoruba, Zambi, Zanahary, Zinkibaru

Australian: 93 Gods, Goddesses and Places in the Dreamtime
Alinga, Anjea, Apunga, Arahuta, Ariki, Arohirohi, Bamapana, Banaitja, Bara, Barraiya, Biame, Bila, Boaliri, Bobbi-bobbi, Bunbulama, Bunjil, Cunnembeille, Daramulum, Dilga, Djanggawul Sisters, Eingana, Erathipa, Gidja, Gnowee, Haumia, Hine Titama, Ingridi, Julana, Julunggul, Junkgowa, Karora, Kunapipi-Kalwadi-Kadjara, Lia, Madalait, Makara, Nabudi, Palpinkalare, Papa, Rangi, Rongo, Tane, Tangaroa, Tawhiri-ma-tea, Tomituka, Tu, Ungamilia, Walo, Waramurungundi, Wati Kutjarra, Wawalag Sisters, Wuluwaid, Wuragag, Wuriupranili, Wurrunna, Yhi

Buddhism: 10 Gods and Relatives of God
Aizen-Myoo, Ajima,Dai-itoku-Myoo, Fudo-Myoo, Gozanze-Myoo, Gundari-Myoo, Hariti, Kongo-Myoo, Kujaku-Myoo, Ni-O

Carribean: 62 Gods, Monsters and Vodun Spirits
Agaman Nibo, Agwe, Agweta, Ah Uaynih, Aida Wedo, Atabei, Ayida, Ayizan, Azacca, Baron Samedi, Ulrich, Ellegua, Ogun, Ochosi, Chango, Itaba, Amelia, Christalline, Clairmé, Clairmeziné, Coatrischie, Damballah, Emanjah, Erzuli, Erzulie, Ezili, Ghede, Guabancex, Guabonito, Guamaonocon, Imanje, Karous, Laloue-diji, Legba, Loa, Loco, Maitresse Amelia, Mapiangueh, Marie-aimée, Marinette, Mombu, Marassa, Nana Buruku, Oba, Obtala, Ochu, Ochumare, Oddudua, Ogoun, Olokum, Olosa, Oshun, Oya, Philomena, Sirêne, The Diablesse, Itaba, Tsilah, Ursule, Vierge, Yemaya, Zaka

Celtic: 166 Gods, Goddesses, Divine Kings and Pagan Saints
Abarta, Abna, Abnoba, Aine, Airetech,Akonadi, Amaethon, Ameathon, An Cailleach, Andraste, Antenociticus, Aranrhod, Arawn, Arianrod, Artio, Badb,Balor, Banbha, Becuma, Belatucadros, Belatu-Cadros, Belenus, Beli,Belimawr, Belinus, Bendigeidfran, Bile, Blathnat, Blodeuwedd, Boann, Bodus,Bormanus, Borvo, Bran, Branwen, Bres, Brigid, Brigit, Caridwen, Carpantus,Cathbadh, Cecht, Cernach, Cernunnos, Cliodna, Cocidius, Conchobar, Condatis, Cormac,Coronus,Cosunea, Coventina, Crarus,Creidhne, Creirwy, Cu Chulainn, Cu roi, Cuda, Cuill,Cyhiraeth,Dagda, Damona, Dana, Danu, D'Aulnoy,Dea Artio, Deirdre, Dewi, Dian, Diancecht, Dis Pater, Donn, Dwyn, Dylan, Dywel,Efnisien, Elatha, Epona, Eriu, Esos, Esus, Eurymedon,Fedelma, Fergus, Finn, Fodla, Goewyn, Gog, Goibhniu, Govannon, Grainne, Greine,Gwydion, Gwynn ap Nudd, Herne, Hu'Gadarn, Keltoi,Keridwen, Kernunnos,Ler, Lir, Lleu Llaw Gyffes, Lludd, Llyr, Llywy, Luchta, Lug, Lugh,Lugus, Mabinogion,Mabon, Mac Da Tho, Macha, Magog, Manannan, Manawydan, Maponos, Math, Math Ap Mathonwy, Medb, Moccos,Modron, Mogons, Morrig, Morrigan, Nabon,Nantosuelta, Naoise, Nechtan, Nedoledius,Nehalennia, Nemhain, Net, Nisien, Nodens, Noisi, Nuada, Nwywre,Oengus, Ogma, Ogmios, Oisin, Pach,Partholon, Penard Dun, Pryderi, Pwyll, Rhiannon, Rosmerta, Samhain, Segidaiacus, Sirona, Sucellus, Sulis, Taliesin, Taranis, Teutates, The Horned One, The Hunt, Treveni,Tyne, Urien, Ursula of the Silver Host, Vellaunus, Vitiris, White Lady

Egyptian: 85 Gods, Gods Incarnate and Personified Divine Forces:
Amaunet, Amen, Amon, Amun, Anat, Anqet, Antaios, Anubis, Anuket, Apep, Apis, Astarte, Aten, Aton, Atum, Bastet, Bat, Buto, Duamutef, Duamutef, Hapi, Har-pa-khered, Hathor, Hauhet, Heket, Horus, Huh, Imset, Isis, Kauket, Kebechsenef, Khensu, Khepri, Khnemu, Khnum, Khonsu, Kuk, Maahes, Ma'at, Mehen, Meretseger, Min, Mnewer, Mut, Naunet, Nefertem, Neith, Nekhbet, Nephthys, Nun, Nut, Osiris, Ptah, Ra, Re, Renenet, Sakhmet, Satet, Seb, Seker, Sekhmet, Serapis, Serket, Set, Seth, Shai, Shu, Shu, Sia, Sobek, Sokar, Tefnut, Tem, Thoth

Hellenes (Greek) Tradition (540 Gods, Demigods, Divine Bastards)
Acidalia, Aello, Aesculapius, Agathe, Agdistis, Ageleia, Aglauros, Agne, Agoraia, Agreia, Agreie, Agreiphontes, Agreus, Agrios, Agrotera, Aguieus, Aidoneus, Aigiokhos, Aigletes, Aigobolos, Ainia,Ainippe, Aithuia, Akesios, Akraia, Aktaios, Alalkomene, Alasiotas, Alcibie, Alcinoe, Alcippe, Alcis,Alea, Alexikakos, Aligena, Aliterios, Alkaia, Amaltheia, Ambidexter, Ambologera, Amynomene,Anaduomene, Anaea, Anax, Anaxilea, Androdameia, Andromache, Andromeda, Androphonos, Anosia, Antandre,Antania, Antheus, Anthroporraistes, Antianara, Antianeira, Antibrote, Antimache, Antimachos, Antiope,Antiopeia, Aoide, Apatouria, Aphneius, Aphrodite, Apollo, Apotropaios, Areia, Areia, Areion, Areopagite, Ares, Areto, Areximacha, Argus, Aridnus,Aristaios, Aristomache, Arkhegetes, Arktos, Arretos, Arsenothelys, Artemis, Asclepius, Asklepios, Aspheleios, Asteria, Astraeos, Athene, Auxites, Avaris, Axios, Axios Tauros,Bakcheios, Bakchos, Basileus, Basilis, Bassareus, Bauros, Boophis, Boreas, Botryophoros, Boukeros, Boulaia, Boulaios, Bremusa,Bromios, Byblis,Bythios, Caliope, Cedreatis, Celaneo, centaur, Cerberus, Charidotes, Charybdis, Chimera, Chloe, Chloris, Choreutes, Choroplekes, Chthonios, Clete, Clio, clotho,Clyemne, cockatrice, Crataeis, Custos, Cybebe, Cybele, Cyclops, Daphnaia, Daphnephoros, Deianeira, Deinomache, Delia, Delios, Delphic, Delphinios, Demeter, Dendrites, Derimacheia,Derinoe, Despoina, Dikerotes, Dimeter, Dimorphos, Dindymene, Dioktoros, Dionysos, Discordia, Dissotokos, Dithyrambos, Doris, Dryope,Echephyle,Echidna, Eiraphiotes, Ekstatophoros, Eleemon, Eleuthereus, Eleutherios, Ennosigaios, Enodia, Enodios, Enoplios, Enorches, Enualios, Eos, Epaine, Epidotes, Epikourios, Epipontia, Epitragidia, Epitumbidia, Erato, Ergane, Eribromios, Erigdoupos, Erinus, Eriobea, Eriounios, Eriphos, Eris, Eros, Euanthes, Euaster, Eubouleus, Euboulos, Euios, Eukhaitos, Eukleia, Eukles, Eumache, Eunemos, Euplois, Euros, Eurybe,Euryleia, Euterpe, Fates, Fortuna, Gaia, Gaieokhos, Galea, Gamelia, Gamelios, Gamostolos, Genetor, Genetullis, Geryon, Gethosynos, giants, Gigantophonos, Glaukopis, Gorgons, Gorgopis, Graiae, griffin, Gynaikothoinas, Gynnis, Hagisilaos, Hagnos, Haides, Harmothoe, harpy, Hegemone, Hegemonios, Hekate, Hekatos, Helios, Hellotis, Hephaistia, Hephaistos, Hera, Heraios, Herakles, Herkeios, Hermes, Heros Theos, Hersos, Hestia, Heteira, Hiksios, Hipp, Hippia, Hippios, Hippoi Athanatoi, Hippolyte, Hippolyte II, Hippomache, Hippothoe, Horkos, Hugieia, Hupatos, Hydra, Hypate, Hyperborean, Hypsipyle, Hypsistos, Iakchos, Iatros, Idaia, Invictus, Iphito,Ismenios, Ismenus,Itonia, Kabeiria, Kabeiroi, Kakia, Kallinikos, Kallipugos, Kallisti, Kappotas, Karneios, Karpophoros, Karytis, Kataibates, Katakhthonios, Kathatsios, Keladeine, Keraunos, Kerykes, Khalinitis, Khalkioikos, Kharmon, Khera, Khloe, Khlori,Khloris,Khruse, Khthonia, Khthonios, Kidaria, Kissobryos, Kissokomes, Kissos, Kitharodos, Kleidouchos, Kleoptoleme, Klymenos, Kore, Koruthalia, Korymbophoros, Kourotrophos, Kranaia, Kranaios, Krataiis, Kreousa, Kretogenes, Kriophoros, Kronides, Kronos,Kryphios, Ktesios, Kubebe, Kupris, Kuprogenes, Kurotrophos, Kuthereia, Kybele, Kydoime,Kynthia, Kyrios, Ladon, Lakinia, Lamia, Lampter, Laodoke, Laphria, Lenaios, Leukatas, Leukatas, Leukolenos, Leukophruene, Liknites, Limenia, Limnaios, Limnatis, Logios, Lokhia, Lousia, Loxias, Lukaios, Lukeios, Lyaios, Lygodesma, Lykopis, Lyseus, Lysippe, Maimaktes, Mainomenos, Majestas, Makar, Maleatas, Manikos, Mantis, Marpe, Marpesia, Medusa, Megale, Meilikhios, Melaina, Melainis, Melanaigis, Melanippe,Melete, Melousa, Melpomene, Melqart, Meses, Mimnousa, Minotaur, Mneme, Molpadia,Monogenes, Morpho, Morychos, Musagates, Musagetes, Nebrodes, Nephelegereta, Nereus,Nete, Nike, Nikephoros, Nomios, Nomius, Notos, Nyktelios, Nyktipolos, Nympheuomene, Nysios, Oiketor, Okyale, Okypous, Olumpios, Omadios, Ombrios, Orithia,Orius,Ortheia, Orthos, Ourania, Ourios, Paelemona, Paian, Pais, Palaios, Pallas, Pan Megas, Panakhais, Pandemos, Pandrosos, Pantariste, Parthenos, PAsianax, Pasiphaessa, Pater, Pater, Patroo s, Pegasus, Pelagia, Penthesilea, Perikionios, Persephone, Petraios, Phanes, Phanter, Phatria, Philios, Philippis, Philomeides, Phoebe, Phoebus, Phoenix, Phoibos, Phosphoros, Phratrios, Phutalmios, Physis, Pisto, Plouton, Polemusa,Poliakhos, Polias, Polieus, Polumetis, Polydektes, Polygethes, Polymnia, Polymorphos, Polyonomos, Porne, Poseidon, Potnia Khaos, Potnia Pheron, Promakhos, Pronoia, Propulaios, Propylaia, Proserpine, Prothoe, Protogonos, Prytaneia, Psychopompos, Puronia, Puthios, Pyrgomache, Python, Rhea, Sabazios, Salpinx, satyr, Saxanus, Scyleia, Scylla, Sirens, Skeptouchos, Smintheus, Sophia, Sosipolis, Soter, Soteria, Sphinx, Staphylos, Sthenias, Sthenios, Strife, Summakhia, Sykites, Syzygia, Tallaios, Taureos, Taurokeros, Taurophagos, Tauropolos, Tauropon, Tecmessa, Teisipyte, Teleios, Telepyleia,Teletarches, Terpsichore, Thalestris, Thalia, The Dioskouroi, Theos, Theritas, Thermodosa, Thraso, Thyonidas, Thyrsophoros, Tmolene, Toxaris, Toxis, Toxophile,Trevia, Tricephalus, Trieterikos, Trigonos, Trismegestos, Tritogeneia, Tropaios, Trophonius,Tumborukhos, Tyche, Typhon, Urania, Valasca, Xanthippe, Xenios, Zagreus, Zathos, Zephryos, Zeus, Zeus Katakhthonios, Zoophoros

Native American: 711 Gods, Heroes, and Anthropomorphized Facets of Nature
Aakuluujjusi, Ab Kin zoc, Abaangui, Ababinili, Ac Yanto, Acan, Acat, Achiyalatopa, Acna, Acolmiztli, Acolnahuacatl, Acuecucyoticihuati, Adamisil Wedo, Adaox, Adekagagwaa, Adlet, Adlivun, Agloolik, Aguara, Ah Bolom Tzacab, Ah Cancum, Ah Chun Caan, Ah Chuy Kak, Ah Ciliz, Ah Cun Can, Ah Cuxtal, Ah hulneb, Ah Kin, Ah Kumix Uinicob, Ah Mun, Ah Muzencab, Ah Patnar Uinicob, Ah Peku, Ah Puch, Ah Tabai, Ah UincirDz'acab, Ah Uuc Ticab, Ah Wink-ir Masa, Ahau Chamahez, Ahau-Kin, Ahmakiq, Ahnt Alis Pok', Ahnt Kai', Aholi, Ahsonnutli, Ahuic, Ahulane, Aiauh, Aipaloovik, Ajbit, Ajilee, Ajtzak, Akbaalia, Akba-atatdia, Akhlut, Akhushtal, Akna, Akycha, Alaghom Naom Tzentel, Albino Spirit animals, Alektca, Alignak, Allanque, Allowat Sakima, Alom, Alowatsakima, Amaguq, Amala, Amimitl, Amitolane, Amotken, Andaokut, Andiciopec, Anerneq, Anetlacualtiliztli, Angalkuq, Angpetu Wi, Anguta, Angwusnasomtaka, Ani Hyuntikwalaski, Animal spirits, Aningan, Aniwye, Anog Ite, Anpao, Apanuugak, Apicilnic, Apikunni, Apotamkin, Apoyan Tachi, Apozanolotl, Apu Punchau, Aqalax, Arendiwane, Arnakua'gsak, Asdiwal, Asgaya Gigagei, Asiaq, Asin, Asintmah, Atacokai, Atahensic, Aticpac Calqui Cihuatl, Atira, Atisokan, Atius Tirawa, Atl, Atlacamani, Atlacoya, Atlatonin, Atlaua, Atshen, Auilix, Aulanerk, Aumanil, Aunggaak, Aunt Nancy, Awaeh Yegendji, Awakkule, Awitelin Tsta, Awonawilona, Ayauhteotl, Azeban, Baaxpee, Bacabs, Backlum Chaam, Bagucks, Bakbakwalanooksiwae, Balam, Baldhead, Basamacha, Basket Woman, Bead Spitter, Bear, Bear Medicine Woman, Bear Woman, Beaver, Beaver Doctor, Big Heads, Big Man Eater, Big Tail, Big Twisted Flute, Bikeh hozho, Bitol, Black Hactcin, Black Tamanous, Blind Boy, Blind Man, Blood Clot Boy, Bloody Hand, Blue-Jay, Bmola, Bolontiku, Breathmaker, Buffalo, Buluc Chabtan, Burnt Belly, Burnt Face, Butterfly, Cabaguil, Cacoch, Cajolom, Cakulha, Camaxtli, Camozotz, Cannibal Grandmother, Cannibal Woman, Canotila, Capa, Caprakan, Ca-the-ña, Cauac, Centeotl, Centzonuitznaua, Cetan, Chac Uayab Xoc, Chac, Chahnameed, Chakwaina Okya, Chalchihuitlicue, Chalchiuhtlatonal, Chalchiutotolin, Chalmecacihuilt, Chalmecatl, Chamer, Changing Bear Woman, Changing Woman, Chantico, Chaob, Charred Body, Chepi, Chibiabos, Chibirias, Chiccan, Chicomecoatl, Chicomexochtli, Chiconahui, Chiconahuiehecatl, Chie, Child-Born-in-Jug, Chirakan, Chulyen, Cihuacoatl, Cin-an-ev, Cinteotl, Cipactli, Cirapé, Cit Chac Coh, Cit-Bolon-Tum, Citlalatonac, Citlalicue, Ciucoatl, Ciuteoteo, Cizin, Cliff ogre, Coatlicue, Cochimetl, Cocijo, Colel Cab, Colop U Uichkin, Copil, Coyolxauhqui, Coyopa, Coyote, Cripple Boy, Crow, Crow Woman, Cum hau, Cunawabi, Dagwanoenyent, Dahdahwat, Daldal, Deohako, Dhol, Diyin dine, Djien, Djigonasee, Dohkwibuhch, Dzalarhons, Dzalarhons, Eagentci, Eagle, Earth Shaman, Eeyeekalduk, Ehecatl, Ehlaumel, Eithinoha, Ekchuah, Enumclaw, Eototo, Esaugetuh Emissee, Esceheman, Eschetewuarha, Estanatlehi, Estasanatlehi, Estsanatlehi, Evaki, Evening Star, Ewah, Ewauna, Face, Faces of the Forests, False Faces, Famine, Fastachee, Fire Dogs, First Creator, First Man and First Woman, First Scolder, Flint Man, Flood, Flower Woman, Foot Stuck Child, Ga'an, Ga-gaah, Gahe, Galokwudzuwis, Gaoh, Gawaunduk, Geezhigo-Quae, Gendenwitha, Genetaska, Ghanan, Gitche Manitou, Glispa, Glooskap, Gluscabi, Gluskab, Gluskap, Godasiyo, Gohone, Great Seahouse, Greenmantle, Gucumatz, Gukumatz, Gunnodoyak, Gyhldeptis, Ha Wen Neyu, Hacauitz, Hacha'kyum, Hagondes, Hahgwehdiyu, Hamatsa, Hamedicu, Hanghepi Wi, Hantceiitehi, Haokah, Hastseoltoi, Hastshehogan, He', Hen, Heyoka, Hiawatha, Hino, Hisakitaimisi, Hokhokw, Hotoru, Huehuecoyotl, Huehueteotl, Huitaca, Huitzilopochtli, Huixtocihuatl, Hummingbird, Hun hunahpu, Hun Pic Tok, Hunab Ku, Hunahpu Utiu, Hunahpu, Hunahpu-Gutch, Hunhau, Hurakan, Iatiku And Nautsiti, Ich-kanava, Ictinike, Idliragijenget, Idlirvirisong, Igaluk, Ignirtoq, Ikanam, Iktomi, Ilamatecuhtli, Illapa, Ilya p'a, i'noGo tied, Inti, Inua, Ioskeha, Ipalnemohuani, Isakakate, Ishigaq, Isitoq, Issitoq, Ite, Itzamná, Itzananohk`u, Itzlacoliuhque, Itzli, Itzpapalotl, Ix Chebel Yax, Ixbalanque, Ixchel, Ixchup, Ixmucane, Ixpiyacoc, Ixtab, Ixtlilton, Ixtubtin, Ixzaluoh, Iya, Iyatiku, Iztaccihuatl, Iztacmixcohuatl, Jaguar Night, Jaguar Quitze, Jogah, Kaakwha, Kabun, Kabun, Kachinas, Kadlu, Ka-Ha-Si, Ka-Ha-Si, Kaik, Kaiti, Kan, Kana'ti and Selu, Kanati, Kan-u-Uayeyab, Kan-xib-yui, Kapoonis, Katsinas, Keelut, Ketchimanetowa, Ketq Skwaye, Kianto, Kigatilik, Kilya, K'in, Kinich Ahau, Kinich Kakmo, Kishelemukong, Kisin, Kitcki Manitou, Kmukamch, Kokopelli, Ko'lok, Kukulcan, Kushapatshikan, Kutni, Kutya'I, Kwakwakalanooksiwae,Kwatee, Kwekwaxa'we, Kwikumat, Kyoi, Lagua, Land Otter People, Lawalawa, Logobola, Loha, Lone Man, Long Nose, Loon, Loon Medicine, Loon Woman, Loo-wit, Macaw Woman, Macuilxochitl, Maho Peneta, Mahucutah, Makenaima, Malesk, Malina, Malinalxochi, Malsum, Malsumis, Mam, Mama Cocha, Man in moon, Manabozho, Manetuwak, Mani'to, Manitou, Mannegishi, Manu, Masaya, Masewi, Master of Life, Master Of Winds, Matshishkapeu, Mavutsinim, Mayahuel, Medeoulin, Mekala, Menahka, Meteinuwak, Metztli, Mexitl, Michabo, Mictecacihuatl, Mictlan, Mictlantecuhtli, Mikchich, Mikumwesu, Mitnal, Mixcoatl, Mongwi Kachinum, Morning Star, Motho and Mungo, Mulac, Muut, Muyingwa, Nacon, Nagenatzani, Nagi Tanka, Nagual, Nahual, Nakawé, Nanabojo, Nanabozho, Nanabush, Nanahuatzin, Nanautzin, Nanih Waiya, Nankil'slas, Nanook, Naum, Negafook, Nerrivik, Nesaru, Nianque, Nishanu, Nohochacyum, Nokomis, Nootaikok, North Star, Nujalik, Nukatem, Nunne Chaha, Ocasta, Ockabewis, Odzihozo, Ohtas, Oklatabashih, Old Man, Olelbis, Omacatl, Omecihuatl, Ometecuhtli, Onatha, One Tail of Clear Hair, Oonawieh Unggi, Opochtli, Oshadagea, Owl Woman, Pah, Pah, Paiowa, Pakrokitat, Pana, Patecatl, Pautiwa, Paynal, Pemtemweha, Piasa, PikvÁhahirak, Pinga, Pomola, Pot-tilter, Prairie Falcon, Ptehehincalasanwin, Pukkeenegak, Qaholom, Qakma, Qiqirn, Quaoar, Quetzalcoatl, Qumu, Quootis-hooi, Rabbit, Ragno, Raven, Raw Gums, Rukko, Sagamores, Sagapgia, Sanopi, Saynday, Sedna, Selu, Shakuru, Sharkura, Shilup Chito Osh, Shrimp house, Sila, Sint Holo, Sio humis, Sisiutl, Skan, Snallygaster, Sosondowah, South Star, Spider Woman, Sta-au, Stonecoats, Sun, Sungrey, Ta Tanka, Tabaldak, Taime, Taiowa, Talocan, Tans, Taqwus, Tarhuhyiawahku, Tarquiup Inua, Tate, Tawa, Tawiscara, Ta'xet, Tcisaki, Tecciztecatl, Tekkeitserktock, Tekkeitsertok, Telmekic, Teoyaomqui, Tepeu, Tepeyollotl, Teteoinnan, Tezcatlipoca, Thobadestchin, Thoume', Thunder, Thunder Bird, Tieholtsodi, Tihtipihin, Tirawa, Tirawa Atius, Tlacolotl, Tlahuixcalpantecuhtli, Tlaloc, Tlaltecuhtli, Tlauixcalpantecuhtli, Tlazolteotl, Tohil, Tokpela,Tonantzin, Tonatiuh, To'nenile, Tonenili, Tootega, Torngasak, Torngasoak, Trickster/Transformer, True jaguar, Tsentsa, Tsichtinako, Tsohanoai Tsonoqwa, Tsul 'Kalu, Tulugaak, Tumas, Tunkan ingan, Turquoise Boy, Twin Thunder Boys, Txamsem, Tzakol, Tzitzimime, Uazzale, Uchtsiti, Udó, Uentshukumishiteu, Ueuecoyotl, Ugly Way, Ugni, Uhepono, Uitzilopochtli, Ukat, Underwater Panthers, Unhcegila, Unipkaat, Unk, Unktomi, Untunktahe, Urcaguary, Utea, Uwashil, Vassagijik, Voltan, Wabosso, Wabun, Wachabe, Wah-Kah-Nee, Wakan, Wakanda, Wakan-Tanka, Wakinyan, Wan niomi, Wanagi, Wananikwe, Watavinewa, Water babies, Waukheon, We-gyet, Wemicus, Wendigo, Wentshukumishiteu, White Buffalo Woman, Whope, Wi, Wicahmunga, Wihmunga, Windigo, Winonah, Wisagatcak, Wisagatcak, Wishpoosh, Wiyot, Wovoka, Wuya, Xaman Ek, Xelas, Xibalba, Xilonen, Xipe Totec, Xiuhcoatl, Xiuhtecuhtli, Xiuhtecutli, Xmucane, Xochipili, Xochiquetzal, Xocotl, Xolotl, Xpiyacoc, Xpuch And Xtah, Yacatecuhtli, Yaluk, Yanauluha, Ya-o-gah, Yeba Ka, Yebaad, Yehl, Yeitso, Yiacatecuhtli, Yolkai Estsan, Yoskeha, Yum Kaax, Yuwipi, Zaramama, Zipaltonal, Zotz

Norse, 111 Deities, Giants and Monsters:
Aegir, Aesir, Alfrigg, Audumbla, Aurgelmir, Balder, Berchta, Bergelmir, Bor, Bragi, Brisings, Buri, Etin, Fenris, Forseti, Frey, Freyja, Frigga, Gefion, Gerda, Gode, Gymir, Harke, Heimdall, Hel, Hermod, Hodur, Holda, Holle, Honir, Hymir, Idun, Jormungandr, Ljolsalfs, Loki, Magni, Mimir, Mistarblindi, Muspel, Nanna, Nanni, Nerthus, Njord, Norns, Odin, Perchta, Ran, Rig, Segyn, Sif, Skadi, Skirnir, Skuld, Sleipnir, Surt, Svadilfari, tanngniotr, tanngrisnr, Thiassi, Thor, Thrud, Thrudgelmir, Thrym, Thurs, Tyr, Uller, Urd, Vali, Vali, Valkyries, Vanir, Ve, Verdandi, Vidar, Wode, Ymir

Pacific islands: 99 Deities, Demigods and Immortal Monsters:
Abeguwo, Abere, Adaro, Afekan, Ai Tupua'i, 'Aiaru, Ala Muki, Alalahe, Alii Menehune, Aluluei, Aruaka, Asin, Atanea, Audjal, Aumakua, Babamik, Bakoa, Barong, Batara Kala, Buring Une, Darago, Dayang-Raca, De Ai, Dogai, Enda Semangko, Faumea, Giriputri, Goga, Haumea, Hiiaka', Hina, Hine, Hoa-Tapu, 'Imoa, Io, Kanaloa, Kanaloa, Kane, Kapo, Kava, Konori, Ku, Kuhuluhulumanu, Kuklikimoku, Kukoae, Ku'ula, Laka, Laulaati, Lono, Mahiuki, MakeMake, Marruni, Maru, Maui, Melu, Menehune, Moeuhane, MOO-LAU, Ndauthina, Ne Te-reere, Nevinbimbaau, Ngendei, Nobu, Oro, Ove, Paka'a, Papa, Pele, Quat, Rangi, Rati, Rati-mbati-ndua, Ratu-Mai-Mbula, Rua, Ruahatu, Saning Sri, Ta'aroa, Taaroa, Tamakaia, Tane, Tanemahuta, Tangaroa, Tawhaki, Tiki, Tinirau, Tu, Tuli, Turi-a-faumea, Uira, Ukupanipo, Ulupoka, Umboko Indra, Vanuatu, Wahini-Hal, Walutahanga, Wari-Ma-Te-Takere, Whaitiri, Whatu, Wigan

South American: 53 Deities, Demigods, Beings of Divine Substance:
Abaangui, Aclla, Akewa, Asima Si, Atoja, Auchimalgen, Axomama, Bachué, Beru, Bochica, Boiuna, Calounger, Catequil, Cavillaca, Ceiuci, Chasca, Chie, Cocomama, Gaumansuri, Huitaca, Iae, Ilyap'a, Ina, Inti, Ituana, Jamaina, Jandira, Jarina, Jubbu-jang-sangne, Ka-ata-killa, Kilya, Kuat, Kun, Luandinha, Lupi, Mama Allpa, Mama Quilla, Mamacocha, Manco Capac, Maret-Jikky, Maretkhmakniam, Mariana, Oshossi, Pachamac, Pachamama, Perimbó, Rainha Barba, Si, Supai, Topétine, Viracocha, Yemanja (Imanje), Zume Topana

“Why do you believe in your god and not any of these thousands of now-dead gods? Could it be simply because of the circumstances of your birth? Does the absolute truth depend on where you are born?”

As Ricky Gervais said, “Tell me the reason why you do not believe in all the other gods that have existed, and you have just answered your question as to why I do not believe in your god.”

Well, for me, you can also add YHWH and Allah. The two worst. And any others that ain’t listed. You dumb-ass Religious Absolutists keep forgetting that there are several gods still in existence today: YHWH, Allah, Krishna, Shiva, Buddha, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

Basically, this is list of thousands of gods already slain by us Atheists. Do not think it is beyond us to slay a few more.

For we have now become The God Slayers

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Alain's picture
1) You say...................

1) You say....................Yet this non-existent deity of yours ALWAYS chooses fallacious humans who are highly susceptible to believing hallucinatory dreams to bring back a false message...........

Wrong again.

Also many atheists went through these experiences so you can not say that God chooses........highly susceptible to believing hallucinatory dreams to bring back a false message...........

2) You say............ Pick ONE........
Different religious beliefs gave birth to different understanding about God.
Also different cultural way of life project God in different ways in the mind of people.
On top of that we got some people who worship idols so the total mix of all these different understanding create a real mess and chaos.
I do not follow any religions nor I worship idols so I have nothing to do with all these understanding about God.
God is one but different people call Him with different names.
To me God is
G generator
O operator
D destroyer
In other words God create, maintain-keep-sustain and when the cycle come to an end individually speaking then that particular consciousness goes back to him and here we say that it is destroyed because the individual merge into the whole.
Remember also that different culture give different names to the same thing.
American Indians call paradise the green prairie while the Indian from India call paradise NIRVANA.
Other cultures call it with different names so what?
God is one.
It really doesn't matter how we call Him.

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@ Alain

@ Alain

Many decades ago, me wife and I used to co-GM a role playing campaign to give college some place to come and blow off steam without going out and blowing out their with drugs and alcohol. We had an acronym for GOD also, created in 1983: Gaming Operations Director. And our acronym is older than yours which means it is the correct one.

"Wrong again."

And you still fail to provide any evidence. Typical wishy-washy, childish, spoiled brat like all other Religious Absolutists.

Remember Arakish's Razor: NO EVIDENCE = NO EXISTENCE.



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