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Not everyone is open or

Not everyone is open or honest about why they love bananas.

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@Cyber Re: "Not everyone is

@Cyber Re: "Not everyone is open or honest about why they love bananas."

Exactly! For instance, SOME people seem to want to "love" and use bananas for their own warped, perverted, selfish reasons. Not naming any names, of course.... *coughcogcough*....

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It’s people like you who, by

It’s people like you who, by calling some behaviors warped, perverted, and selfish, make folks who love their bananas not want to talk about all the pleasure those bananas can bring to otherwise unsatisfied lives.

(Not naming any behaviors...cough, cough....)

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BYB wrote the love of bananas

BYB wrote the love of bananas on the hearts of everyone. Some people are just in denial.

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@Cyber Re: "(Not naming any

@Cyber Re: "(Not naming any behaviors...cough, cough....)"

Uh, listen, if this is about that one time -...(well, maybe twice) - I was pretending to be a towel boy in that convent shower room, I can explain..... maybe... But I assure you it had nothing to do with bananas.

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The love of bananas was

The love of bananas was written on their hearts. Everyone loves them whether they admit it to themselves or not.

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Are y’all talkin about smokin

Are y’all talkin about smokin banana peels? Cause that’s a thing. Check out this oldie!

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@rat spit

@rat spit
Yes,,,, the BYB made everything and it was yellow and it was good.

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LMAO...I am really enjoying

LMAO...I am really enjoying these threads.

If everyone keeps this up there will be enough material to write The Banana Book and even make an animated film on it.

Questions: Is the Yellow Submarine by The Beatles really about the Great Yellow Banana our ancestors spoke of?

I can almost peel it in my bones that I'm going bananas. Is that normal?

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...*dropping to knees*...

...*dropping to knees*... *gazing pleadingly upward at large carrot being held high above head*... Oh, dear gloriously cute and cuddly Blue Bunny (CBUH), I come to you on behalf of all the heathen bananamongers here who deny your awesome universe-creating fluffiness. Please accept this humble gift of carrot that I bring unto you... *places carrot at base of Easter egg statue*... and have mercy on those souls who blindly follow the deplorable yellow banana, the peel of which causes them to slip and stumble from the true path and leads them astray from your snuggly blue furriness. Hare-men... *performs sign of the bucktooth across chest*...

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@ TM

@ TM

What a dull god your bunny is! Our Banana has songs, TV shows, and....wait for it....a FUN PARK where you can revel in his yellowness and bask in his errr....yellowness! And have fun too! Coffs Harbour (it IS a real place) see attachment.

Repent your sad sack bunny Tin Man, join the true faith of His Yellowness, anoint yourself in the banana oil of FUN!


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Heresy! The Tin-Man worships

Heresy! The Tin-Man worships an empty idol. Let us erect yellow bananas on our lawns and front porches. Let us not fall into temptation over the false idol “Cuddly Blue Bunny”.

We will douse your pillars with water upon water and call upon the fire of the BYB!!! Then he will show you who has the biggest wang in the universe!!! Only then, shall thest knoweth!!!

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@ Ratty

@ Ratty

You are way behind us Aussies mate...we have the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour, visible for miles and another one in Carnarvon (where I used to live) we know the goodness of his Yellowness and all the nourishment he brings to us.

See my reply to Tin Man....

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There are no real blue

There are no real blue bunnies. Blue bunnies are a genetic creation of inbreeding conducted by secret government agencies to coerce the masses into a false belief and thus control them. The blue bunny cult is a government mind control project with its origins in NASA. *You know, the guys who faked the moon landing and who also want to convince you that the earth is round and not as flat as a banana plantation.*


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