'Cures' for homosexuality

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'Cures' for homosexuality

Some churches offer 'cures' for homosexuality, I suppose it would be aversion therapy and stuff like that. Most scientists do not accept that this kind of thing works at all, and may in fact have bad side effects. I guess most of the people here would side with the scientists.

But here's the question: church ministers are (probably) not medically qualified and so should not offer a 'cure', especially when it is generally accepted to be poor advice. So, is it illegal, and if not why not? Can people sue for any bad effects the advice may have? Is there a regulatory agency which should be taking action, and does it ever?

I guess this kind of thing occurs most often in the States, so the opinions of our American members would be appreciated.

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Nutmeg--Homosexuality is an

Nutmeg--Homosexuality is an abomination. The devil has entered the penis and vagina of the heathen homosexuals. Homosexuality is a greater sin then masturbation and masturbation is a pretty big sin too. The only way for homosexuals to reach the glory of heaven and paradise is to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. Even homosexuality which is a very very bad sin can be forgiven through the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Repent and accept Jesus and stop your blasphemy and evil devilish ways and you can be saved. Glory to God and Jesus Christ.... God Bless

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No jerking off?!? F*** that s

No jerking off?!? F*** that s***!

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Your question is much denser than it may appear. Aversion therapy is used for all sorts of things (smoking cessation, alcohol abuse, etc) and has been around for a long time. Did you mean conversion therapy?

Preachers frequently counsel their congregations..on all sorts of things. Are they qualified to do so? Depends upon what measuring stick is used.

Conversion therapy is frequently administered by credentialed Individuals. Because of that, it it regulated. However, in order for a regulatory body to investigate, one or more complaints typically have to be lodged. Once that happens an investigation may or may not happen. They often don't because of budgets that are just too tight.

Some states are trying to pass legislation (maybe some already have) to criminalize the use of conversion therapy with minors. Unfortunately, when this legislation was proposed in my state, the republicans killed it.

As for law suits, yes, one probably could levy a tort if they could prove damages. However, the damages may not show themselves until long after the statute of limitations has expired.

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Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information.

I probably meant conversion therapy.

So some credentialed individuals (qualified doctors, presumably?) are allowed to practice therapies which are generally acknowledged not to work, and may be harmful? That's a disgrace imho.

As you say, these therapies should at least be blocked for minors.

You raise a good point about preachers counseling on various issues, which they may not be qualified to talk about. RC priests and birth control comes to mind... maybe women who fall pregnant could sue for child support... lol.

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"So some credentialed

"So some credentialed individuals (qualified doctors, presumably?) are allowed to practice therapies which are generally acknowledged not to work, and may be harmful? That's a disgrace imho."

Doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, psychologists, counsellors, etc. practice therapies that often don't work. "Generally acknowledged" and "may be harmful" are the two spots that render this less than actionable, at least legally. So, caveat emptor, eh?

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I have no idea about the

I have no idea about the legal point, I'll take your word for it. But I'm not sure that caveat is a fair point. Take some young person, embedded in his church because of his parents, faced with the moral authority of a preacher/priest, and confused as hell about how he feels. That's undue pressure.

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