Dating atheist women

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I too will make this my last

I too will make this my last comment on the subject...

I stand by my comment, by definition an atheist is someone who disbelieves or feels there is no evidence for god or gods... a Catholic, is atheistic towards all other religions... As is any other person of a religion... I suppose the difference is a religious person is one god away from the correct answer.

And using general mathematics if you rule out dating atheists then the number of potential partners obviously decreases.

I mean what if there was one person in this entire world of billions of people was just like you and wanted you, because they feel just like you and share a lot in common.... but their athiest? A bit daft if you ask me.
And I would say the same if you had said any other minority such as a jehover witness etc... ruling anyone else obviously isn't sensible.

I suppose perhaps I just found it really shitty that you decided to put something like that when to be fair most atheists are humanists and are far kinder, forgiving and honest then some religious nut job.

But in closing, I apologise if I jumped the gun a little... but I did find what you've been putting a touch head scratching to say the least.

Either way I truly hope you do find someone, and wish you happiness either way.


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