Do we need someone to believe if not us.

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Do we need someone to believe if not us.

Would we become uncomfortable if all the Religious people that we knew suddenly renounced there faith.

1. Because we need them to be who they are unchanged, and we regard this as this being part of who they are.

2. There would be no counter-point to the debate.

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Not at all mate. I would be

Not at all mate. I would be very comfortable in fact, more comfortable than I currently am in the world that's for sure. To know everyone was finally on a logical wavelength. It's a dream!
.. I would rather not have people to debate against in this subject, put it that way. But as an Atheist who cares (bit of Atheist Republic advertising there) I currently feel the need to help guide people out the fog, so to speak. And I have quite come to enjoy it. But nah, I would feel no discomfort in the entire world realizing the truth.

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I must live a rather

I must live a rather comfortable life, being that the beliefs of other don't really effect me on a personal level, and in my day to day life I probably wouldn't notice if any religious people I knew renounced their faith.

Politically and professionally though, I think my life would improve *greatly* if these arbitrary religious considerations were removed from important health and scientific policies.

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I feel that my life would

I feel that my life would improve enormously if every believer were to renounce their faith. The area I live in is highly Mormon/JW, so I am quite well known and hated locally simply because I choose to be a shepherd rather than a sheep. It has affected everything from years-old friendships to job opportunities to relationships.

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People would just come up

People would just come up with some new woo-woo.

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Once you understand they they

Once you understand they they worship an evil asshole tyrant, there is no doubt in my mind that you would not think about counter arguments but rather to live with sane people.

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