do you guys believe is extraterrestrial creatures?

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"An obelisk can be raised by

"An obelisk can be raised by laying it in position and then digging out the soil under the base end. Once the hole is deep enough, you remove the supports and allow it to tip forward. Ropes and pulleys can be used to steady and control the movement."

I saw in the documentary where one rich man paid the cost to replicate the erection of an obelisk using that method you mentioned, it snapped the obelisk. Hence that the last paragraph I quote between commas.

The Japanese engineer once said, that they can build a pyramid like the giza pyramid, but he will use 20 000 man power for 20 years with today, technology. That was like 18 amybe 20 years ago when I read it.

"To know them you need to wear their glasses" - so the phrase says.

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Sounds like the 'aliens of

Sounds like the 'aliens of the gaps' argument to me.

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@Zwalja "it snapped the

@Zwalja "it snapped the obelisk"

LOL. The Egyptians had failures, too. If your rock is sound, it works. In the demonstration I saw, they used some kind of dam system to remove the sand under the obelisk very slowly.

I'm guessing the "rich man" you mentioned didn't have as much experience with stone structures as the Egyptians.

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"I'm guessing the "rich man"

"I'm guessing the "rich man" you mentioned didn't have as much experience with stone structures as the Egyptians."

Yap, and we can blame it on the engineers on hand which cost an obelisk of 3000 plus years old. Other group had succeeded in the end with couple tries of 30 tons obelisk.

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Which is more likely...

Which is more likely...
That people back then, people that are just as clever as people today, figured out a way, (they had a whole nation of people that could work on the problem!)


That an alien race showed up, helped them set up obelisk, maybe did a few other things, then erased all evidence of their passing, but forgot to account for the fact that people thousands of years later might question how these ancient egyptians raised these large obelisk? And only passed on basic knowledge of moving stone around instead of, ya know, advanced space faring technologies? Or even anything in between? Leaving us poor pitiful humans to discover things like penicillin, clean hygiene practices etc?

Sure you can argue a particular technique thought up today of how people did it, is in error, but it is a more grievous error to immediately assume that it was aliens that did it, instead of possibly some other yet to be discovered technique.

One theory I heard is they made a very large pile of dirt, rolled the obelisk up it, then slowly and carefully removed the hill in a way that left it standing upright. They probably screwed it up a bunch before they perfected it. But, a lot can get done with 10's of thousands of slaves. If they can transport a very large stone for miles, they can also transport such a large stone up a slight hill for a few hundred feet or take advantage of a slight down hill to build up the dirt and not even have to push the obelisk uphill.

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"That people back then,

"That people back then, people that are just as clever as people today, figured out a way"

Only for engineering though, they were so abysmal when it come to medicine. They put piece of red meat on the open flesh when treating wounded soldiers hoping it would seal it. Infertile women ate crocodile penis to cure the infertility.


That an alien race showed up, helped them set up obelisk,"

I don't think the alien beings need to be here physically to communicate, I don't have to go overseas to talk with someone there. If they were / are so advance they can directly talk to us, through the tool we have from day one to pick up the message, our brain. I am sure you agree that the human brain is an incredible part - that put us above other animals.

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Not sure which side you

Not sure which side you arguing for (if any.) That aliens help set up obelisk and the rest of ancient egypt's engineering feats, or if humans did it on their own.

Certainly agree people were abysmal at medicine. Pretty good at dead body preservation though.

Yes, the human brain is incredible, and it certain rose us to dominate all other animals and organisms on the planet.

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I guess when the Romans

I guess when the Romans erected all those obelisks, they must have borrowed the Egyptians flying saucers?

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Nyarlathotep: "I guess when

Nyarlathotep: "I guess when the Romans erected all those obelisks..."

Well they used Jewish candlesticks from the Temple in Jerusalem to build the Coliseum, so I guess anything's possible.

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No flying saucers involved.

"I guess when the Romans erected all those obelisks, they must have borrowed the Egyptians flying saucers?"

I don't think flyng saucers involved. Egypt was Roman colony, so what Egypt had the Roman also had it.

When Hitler was defeated everyone from the conquering side carnivoring the skill Germans. So when finally the American launch their Apollo rocket, it was not rocket made in Germany but made by German. That is what I believe how the Roman got their obelisk.

But the historian or historians have their idea as why the obelisks got there - as imported obelisks.

"The Romans used special heavy cargo carriers called obelisk ships to transport the monuments down the Nile to Alexandria and from there across the Mediterranean Sea to Rome. On site, large Roman cranes were employed to erect the monoliths"

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zwalja - gypt was Roman

zwalja - gypt was Roman colony, so what Egypt had the Roman also had it.

Yeah, you got a 1500 year hole in that idea.

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I'll accept that there could

I'll accept that there could be other successful life forms in the vastness of whatever this existence we have is. If one exists, I wonder if its success did not have the delays associated with the demons and wizards of a collective over-active imagination. If it didn't, I suspect it will be far superior to our own species in all ways measurable. If it's on a par, then it too is evolving through its own stupidities.

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With how many planets there

With how many planets there are and considering that we managed to evolve and adapt to the changes in our atmosphere, I feel it is highly probable that there is life on another planet, even if that planet might have an atmosphere that is toxic to us or a climate that would not suit us. I read somewhere that one of Saturn's moons might have life underneath it's icecap because of thermal vents which was one of the conditions for life on our planet. Who knows? It would be cool if we could discover extraterrestrial life in our lifetime, though with our current rate space exploration, I don't know if it ever will be. But I feel in years ahead, it will be discovered.

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It seems probable, but I don

It seems probable, but I don't know a thing about it.

Belief wouldn't make a difference either way.

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Alien low level life forms

Alien low level life forms exist on Planet Earth. Intelligent Beings exist on Planet Earth. Which are you?

Nyarlathotep is the perfect example of a low level life form existing, interacting and taking up SPACE on Planet Earth.

He is such a low level life form he cannot look up two words in the dictionary(Existence and Being) He is unaware of the environment he lives in, like a person in a comatose state of mind, who lacks objectivity.

Etymology of those two words require Objective Reality to exist in both fact and state for intelligent existence to occur.

You are looking into outer space for intelligent existence, when you should be looking into the mirror at yourself to determine it..

I am a scientist, a physical physicist.

TIME is;
Physical measure of SPACE occupied by
material MATTER existing in TIME, the continuum.
You, are a fixed point in TIME, the continuum.
1 a fact of living
2 a fact of objective reality
3 a state of living
4 a state of objective reality
If you live and observe "Relativity" in Albert Einsteins Relative Reality you are not a intelligent being.
Einsteins Relative Reality precludes intelligence by definition. You can still exist as is, or like a comatose person exists, unaware.
My physical tangible Newton physics formulation will allow someone to prove their existence as an INTELLIGENT BEING EXISTING in the Universe, in TIME, the continuum.

Can you do it?
Stop trying to seek something, that is speculation.
Truth is sought by police investigators, of the facts that are known and facts that are provable.
Intellectual Property of Michael Alan Chapman
Chapman Metaphysics/Material Existentialism California USA

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time man

time man
I see your trolling Nyarlathotep again. Trolling is against the forum rules.

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So why do you attack Nylar?

So why do you attack Nylar? Did he say something that bothered you? Why does it bother you so much you feel the need to attack him?

If you were so much more intelligent then Nylar anything he said would not bother you, you would not feel the need to attack him.
If Nylar was so far beneath you in intelligence, wouldn't it be like cursing out an ant that scurried to the left instead of the right? Why do you care? Why do you take effort to attack via written word?

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I am a skeptic. I don't

I am a skeptic. I don't believe in anything without proof


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