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Sarcasm activated...

Oh can you say that? They have a personal relation with the Lord, of course they know Him!!!

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"Have you heard the good news

"Have you heard the good news?"

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It's Adam and Eve, not Adam

It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

I fucking hate that one.

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"I didn't come from no monkey

"I didn't come from no monkey."

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@ Cognostic

@ Cognostic

You misquoted. The correct saying is "I don't come from no monkey." :-)

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Fuck me! I have been away

Fuck me! I have been away from church too long. Misquoting the ignorant! What's next? I will probably assert that the world view of evolution is based on atheism. Yea! I could be that frigging dumb.

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Every word a theist says

Every word a theist says because it is a chance for me to make them look like the fools they are.


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"Atheists deny god's

"Atheists deny god's existence because they hate him."

Priceless irony there, as both claims are of course entirely wrong.


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