Is the future of Humanity in danger from religious con artists?

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Of course, the biggest hurdle

Of course, the biggest hurdle to now fight is Islam. However, how do you fight against a religion that literally threatens those who do not believe with real, true physical harm and death? Islam is literally a militacracy. It is not actually a religion. It is an ideology completely bent on wiping out the human species except for those who accept its maniacal totalitarian tyranny. Islam should not be thought of as a religion, nor should it enjoy the protection in the USA as a religion. Islam is actually a method of psychological terrorism and warfare masquerading as a religion. Until those fighting against Islam as I do realize this simple fact, Islam is going to be damned near invincible. And it is spreading across the globe like a pandemic. Treat Islam as the mental disorder and disease that it is. NOT as a religion.


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Yes religion is a danger to

Yes religion is a danger to humanity.

When religion and politics are mixed together, bad things happen. Political decision makers are being influenced by a poorly written book from 2000 years ago, and ignoring science and critical thinking.

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When someone tells me that

When someone tells me that god is all good, I always have to wonder:

What would your child, your spouse, your brother, sister, father, or mother, someone you love completely, what would they have to do for you to have them tortured for even an hour? A half hour? Five minutes?

Essentially the Christian god is sentencing us to everlasting torture and then shaking his head, saying "I told them how to avoid me having them suffer in a 2,000 year old book that cannot be demonstrated to be divinely inspired. I provided not a shred of evidence that proves it is true because that violates free will."

Even if there is no literal hell and the suffering comes from not knowing god, he still knows what people need to experience in order to avoid suffering and chooses not to provide it. Any loving parent would do anything they can to stop their child's suffering for even a minute, but god hands them over to a torturer and says "Go nuts."

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The God of the Christians is

The God of the Christians is a father who makes much of his apples, and very little of his children.

Denis Diderot


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