giving daughter " back to heaven"

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giving daughter " back to heaven"

This is just another example of the sick, fanatical theist mind. Headline in todays paper says a woman killed her 8 year old daughter who had cerebral palsey, because she wanted to " give her back to heaven." The little girl was asphyxiated according to the medical examiner. The woman was found lying next to her daughter, with a cord wrapped around her neck, and a suicide note. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!! Too bad the woman didn't hang herself!! Funny how people who do this shit never seen to kill THEMSELVES!! As a side kick...the woman got 12 years...TWELVE YEARS FOR KILLING YOUR 8 YEAR OLD KID WHO HAS AN INCURABLE DISEASE???!!! Only in New York can you get away so lenient for doing this kind of shit!! What they should have done, is take that cord, bring the woman to a place where Vultures gather, and hang her by her ankles till she either rots, or is eaten alive by the Vultures!! I can say no more, I'm so saddened and disgusted...would appreciate any feedback.

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She clearly has some mental

She clearly has some mental health issues. Well, most religious people have, anyway. Haha! 12 years is way too short for what she had done. She needs to be locked in for life! Or better yet, they should have done what you said they should have.

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