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That is where I got that

That is where I got that title from, the movie, i it would make me feel better knowing that another person would be joining us in heaven, not just another person to make us feel better.(that would be selfish if you ask me)mand i can help you with questions, Unless you would rather remain closed minded until the day you die to just find out yourself..Look I know I am unwelcome here but I would apreciate it if you dropped the sarcasm. I can only help you if you are willing. Like I said I cannot make you do anything, all I can do is guide you in the right discretion but it appears you are not willing to. If you have any REAL questions that have to do with God or something like that I would be glad to help. I did not realize that people would be so rude to a person who only wants to help. :(

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Ok, well forgive my sarcasm

Ok, well forgive my sarcasm wannabe jesus but that's just how I have to deal with people like you who are soooooooo certain about saving me from the sickness of sin that your church has convinced you that you suffer from. So how much money do you spend to be saved from illusion? Wake up. Stop living in two thousand year old stories of ignorance.

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The only problem with

The only problem with christian help the world has ever known is it usually isn't.


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