Has nature ever created a code?

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Can you show a single example

Can you show a single example of a code created by anything that was not a part of the natural material universe?

Can you demonstrate any objective evidence for a deity, or anything created by a deity, beyond argument from ignorance fallacies?

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"You programmed the code

"You programmed the code sequences so that tells you intelligent design was at play"

And this has what to do with what?


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Code can be defined as ": a

Code can be defined as ": a system of signals, such as sounds, light flashes, or flags, used to send messages."

Codes created by nature: All the signals like movement, sound, smell or light that are used by organisms to transmit messages. In the case of many species, these signals can evolve and change adapting to new circumstances.

So, there are literally millions of codes created by nature without any need for intelligent intervention. Just like DNA which is just a chemical that facilitates the happening of a series of chemical reactions, not a real code. DNA has a very similar function to catalysts, just to facilitate a group of chemicals to react in order.

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This doesn’t address the quip

This doesn’t address the quip made by someone here who said “ programs exist for our understanding “ , are you still sticking by that?

Also when I said has nature ever produced a code, it is implied nature means no sentient or intel of any kind.

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@ jnv3

@ jnv3

As far as I know, you are only nimwit who has ever said "programs exist for our understanding."

Damnit. I am hungry and having to spend the night at work. I'll be back and look for your claim about programs.


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He he he he ..... Late at

He he he he ..... Late at work and watching late night movies.

Arakish Said "I'll Be Back"

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Until you pointed it out, I never realized it.



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******** AS I THOUGHT!! *****

******** AS I THOUGHT!! ********

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 08:25

J N Vanderbilt III

arakish:Man applies a code in order to create a framework to better understand how something works.

So what you’re saying is all the books ever written and computer programs ever put into motion are only for our understanding? This is preposterous on its face, I think you need to do some critical thinking and stop ignoring sequences, ones that produce ideas and mammals and fish and philosophers

Yep. Caught another sorry ass no-good-for-nothing lying bastard.

jnv3: I went through this entire thread. YOU are the only one to refer to and infer computer programs. Just be glad I ain't an admin/mod or else I'd boot your sorry ass right off the forums. One thing I do NOT tolerate is a sorry ass no-good-for-nothing lying bastard.


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If lying was a violation of

If lying was a violation of the rules, Breezy would have been gone a long, long, time ago.

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@ Nyarlathotep

@ Nyarlathotep

Don't I know that. That is why I say jnv3 is lucky. But what is it about me? This is the third one in three days. Why is it what I write they like inserting their lies?


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@Arakish Re: "Why is it my

@Arakish Re: "Why is it my mouth they like putting lies into?"

*cringe*.... Uhhh... Psssst.... Hey, Arakish.... Sure you don't want to retract that question?.... ROFLMAO..... (Or at least rephrase it?)

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@ Tin-Man Uhhh... Done. rmfr

@ Tin-Man

Uhhh... Done.


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"If lying was a violation of

"If lying was a violation of the rules, Breezy would have been gone a long, long, time ago."

There you go, and Apollo said there was no such thing as objective truth.

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And have to include Breezy saying there is no such thing as "objective" anything.


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RNA, another nucleic acid

RNA, another nucleic acid which also codes for protein synthesis, has been proved that can emerge spontaneously.


So, there is a "code" that can emerge without any intellect intervention. If RNA can, the DNA could and until we know exactly how we should stay with "we do not know how it was synthesized". By no means we can say "As so far we do not have an exhaustive explanation, it had to be God".

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Spontaneously does not mean

Spontaneously does not mean without intelligence required.

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And intelligence ain't

And intelligence ain't spontaneous. It evolved. Slowly, over billions of years. Thus, if something is spontaneous, no intelligence required.


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False. Only intelligence

False. Only intelligence could even possibly be spontaneous. Atheists think if you add billions of years to something, then it must be possible. Also false. Not even if you add trillions or quadrillions of years to something does that make it possible.There was intelligence required to begin the entire process in the first place and whether you believe it or not, it will still be true.

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How would you demonstrate

How would you demonstrate your assertion?

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I never thought I'd ever

I never thought I'd ever encounter anything that could a density greater than a black hole. It resides inside your skull. Finally, proof there is a god. Only a god through its infinite magic could keep that infinitely dense brain of yours from sucking you out of existence.

Cognostic was correct. The only good thing about black holes is that they are good at sucking.


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“There is no such thing as

“There is no such thing as any code in any thing any where. The only code that does exist is in the minds of humans in order to give them a framework in which to understand how things work.”

This is truly a work of BS. Go look in a dictionary for the definition of code, it’s not your BS.
Computer code, a set of instructions (sequences) , which you avoid mentioning, that get interpreted and perform a task. Gee that program on a hard drive that prints out all countries beginning w the letter “B”, was that just in my mind?

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Hey! Cognostic! Another one. How many black holes now?

I do not know what "code" means? You sure? Every definition below fits within my definitions of "code" and NOT A DAMNED ONE OF THEM HAVE ANY NATURAL CAUSE. All of these definitions show that "code" DOES NOT occur in nature. Humans apply a "code" in order to provide a framework to better understand how something works, behaves, etc. If you wish to live in that fantasy world of yours, then do it somewhere else you Religious Absolutist. Quit asking a question that has been answered. If you do not like the answer, then that is your problem. Quit trying to force your religion onto us by repeating a stupid, idiotic, and retarded question that has been answered numerous times. Here is one of my commandments.

My Fourth Commanment of Humanity: You shall respect the right of ALL persons to believe whatsoever they wish to believe; even if contradictory to your beliefs. You may discuss beliefs; however, forcing your beliefs onto others is condemnable.

And notice it says NOTHING about respecting your beliefs. Respect your right to have them, but not respect them. Also read this thread: What I Believe. You are a Religious Absolutist trying to force your idiocy and mental retardation onto those who are more intelligent and more knowledgeable than you are.



  1. a system for communication by telegraph, heliograph, etc., in which long and short sounds, light flashes, etc., are used to symbolize the content of a message.
  2. a system used for brevity or secrecy of communication, in which arbitrarily chosen words, letters, or symbols are assigned definite meanings.
  3. any set of standards set forth and enforced by a local government agency for the protection of public safety, health, etc., as in the structural safety of buildings, health requirements for plumbing, ventilation, etc., and the specifications for fire escapes or exits.
  4. a systematically arranged collection or compendium of laws, rules, or regulations.
  5. any authoritative, general, systematic, and written statement of the legal rules and principles applicable in a given legal order to one or more broad areas of life.
  6. a word, letter, number, or other symbol used in a code system to mark, represent, or identify something: The code on the label shows the date of manufacture.
  7. a set of symbols that can be interpreted by a computer or piece of software: binary code; Java code; ASCII code.
  8. the symbolic arrangement of statements or instructions in a computer program, or the set of instructions in such a program.
  9. any system or collection of rules and regulations.
  10. a directive or alert to a hospital team assigned to emergency resuscitation of patients.
  11. the system of rules shared by the participants in an act of communication, making possible the transmission and interpretation of messages.
  12. one of two distinct styles of language use that differ in degree of explicitness and are sometimes thought to be correlated with differences in social class.

verb (used with object)

  1. to translate (a message) into a code; encode.
  2. to categorize or identify by assigning a code to.
  3. to arrange or enter in a code.
  4. to write code for a computer program or application.

verb (used without object)

  1. to specify the amino acid sequence of a protein by the sequence of nucleotides comprising the gene for that protein.
  2. to write computer code.

Thus, since I have answered your question, answer mine: "What is your definition of code?" And, "Where is your irrefutable objective hard empirical evidence proving that nature itself intelligently generates code?"


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J N Vanderbilt III - This

J N Vanderbilt III - This doesn’t address the quip made by someone here who said “ programs exist for our understanding “ , are you still sticking by that?

fake quote is fake

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Go reread the thread, the

Go reread the thread, the only thing fake is your comment

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A fake quote is a

J N Vanderbilt III - Go reread the thread, the only thing fake is your comment

A fake quote is a misattribution, a form of plagiarism. You should tread lightly.

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Has Nature Ever Created a Code?

No. Man does to create framework to better understand how something works.”

So codes don’t exist to accomplish a task? Really now


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Again. You sorry-ass lying

Again. You sorry-ass lying bastard. You are adding words to what I have written on these forum boards?

You <censored> <censored> lying <censored> <censored> bastard.

Again, count yourself lucky lying about other member in your posts is not a rule violation.

<censored> <censored> <censored> <censored> <censored> <censored>


P.S. — Sorry Admins/Mods. I lost it. But at least I went back and censored myself, just before hitting that "save" button.

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Senta Christine - And all

Senta Christine - And all successful scientists who do not believe in God are agnostic.

Feynman was an atheist, just off the top of my head.

You should read this.

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I don't read atheist

I don't read atheist propaganda and prefer to stick to only facts. According to all the valid research, most of the scientists in the world believe in God or a higher power. The remaining ones say " I don't know' if God exists because there is no proof that God exists and there is no proof that God does not exist.

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Senta Christine - I don't

Senta Christine - I don't read atheist propaganda and prefer to stick to only facts.

Want to know something funny? The source you just dismissed as atheist propaganda, is one of your 7̶3̶ 72 scholarly sources you mentioned earlier (that is where I found it!).



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