Hope or Determination?

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Hope or Determination?

It increasingly appears to me, as of late, that the idea of hope is less an less an actual mode of keeping oneself going and more a means by which others may manipulate their fellows, or even themselves. As far as religion is concerned, especially. It seems as though the one who seeks the truth, has no hope, and the one who seeks hope, has no truth. Even when one finds a genuine reason to keep going, it seems to be more a determination to keep going rather than a hope for the future which is spurred on by that reason - as though the idea of hope is but a flimsy reproach that the mind and body would prefer to avoid all together unless having been deceived. And I can't say I don't prefer it that way. Those I've met who live their lives on hope either usually don't do anything, or do it for the sake of something they belive in, rather than for the sake of triumph and progress in their lives and those of others.

Am I wrong to think this, and simply being overly cynical, or are there others who have seen this? Also sorry if this is a bit muddled, my mind is not entirely in its right set, and I am long out of practice in using my mind in this capacity.

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It is hope which helps make

It is hope which helps make life worth living.

It is false hope which can make life miserable. Organised religion is perhaps the biggest purveyor of false hope, but by no means the only one.

Not to have any hope means not to trust at all. I think such a mindset can make a person bitter and overly cynical.

Imo, to have no doubts makes one a fool.

A favourite aphorism, which applies to believers, religious political or philosophical: "Beware of the true believer ; he is naive at best, dangerous at worst" (Tarquin S Shagnasty)

Me? Some of my self labels include; Realist, cynic, skeptic, egoist, and misanthrope, plus of course agnostic atheist.

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@Sir Random: It occurs to

@Sir Random: It occurs to me, "Hope without determination is "PRAYER." Determination without hope is obsessive compulsive psychopathy.

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