Horrendous things 'god made'

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Horrendous things 'god made'

Anyone heard of a fungus called opiocordyceps unilateralis also known as "zombie fungi". Ive included a link to the wiki page.
Basically this fungus infects an ant siezes control of its brain forces it to climb high then forces it to clamp its jaw on the branch and slowly digests it growing out of its brain to release spores.
This fungus has no logical reason for a creator to make it. Its entire life cycle is torturing ants. Nothing feeds on it nothing needs it.
So tell me why a god would make it.
Feel free to post other horrendous things 'god made'.

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Heres another the emerald

Heres another the emerald cockroach wasp.
This one stings a cockroach drags it to a hole and lays an egg in it the larva then eats the cockroach slowly and keeping it alive!! The simple reason for the torturous way it eats the cockroach is when dead cockroach meat goes off very quickly.
More evidence of torture. How can you believe in a god if this is the sort of thing he likes to make.


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"So tell me why a god would

"So tell me why a god would make it."- I don't know & cannot until first conclusive testable evidence of god's existence is given.

"More evidence of torture. How can you believe in a god if this is the sort of thing he likes to make"- What do you by believe Lmale? Believe in it's existence or believe as in believe that god is a just, intervening, and loving god?

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What i mean is they have a

What i mean is they have a logical reason for existing that way due to evolution but what logical reason is there for a god to design them that way. Could atleast give them the ability to stop the creature feeling pain.

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So you'd prefer an

So you'd prefer an intervening god? A god that watches out for every person 24 hrs a day. A god that would intervene in every aspect of your life to insure that you experience no pain or displeasure to the point in which you are instead of a confused and in pain puppet, a happy smiling puppet.

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What no thats absurd. Im just

What no thats absurd. Im just saying a god should not actively encourage torture rape and death.

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I know Lmale I just wanted to

I know Lmale I just wanted to take the opportunity to point out that even if god existed and didn't let all or encourage the nasty, cruel, and aweful things to happen, it would still be torturous to have an all powerful, all knowing, and ever present being in charge of every facet of your life.

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Ah but christians believe

Ah but christians believe there god is in control. The believe he gave us free will but then caused the flood because men were evil many times ordered people raped or killed. Anytime something good or bad happens 'its all part of gods mysterious plan.' They believe god answers their petty prayers for a pay rise or promotion etc but he ignores the prayers of the parents of 9 million children under 5 that die every year. And ignores the poor the homeless the starving and the people suffering from disease or injury (you know faith healers have medical insurance lol) no their petty prayers for a pay rise or promotion come first.
How can they not see if he exists he does not give a shit.

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That always depends on the

That always depends on the individual theist you are talking to. Many xtians don't think that way.

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I was right with you until

I was right with you until the words that way lol.

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I'm no theist, but were I'd

I'm no theist, but were I'd probably recite some canned response about us not being able to truly understand god's plan...

but if I did believe in god I'd totally believe that zombie fungus must be an essential part of the plan somehow. Because you don't just *do* stuff like that by accident, right?

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