How can religion be evil?

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WHAT REALITY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? A religion???? What religion? Please choose one religion that has a set of beliefs about "REALITY. " Mormonism is about Joseph Smith finding magical golden tablets. Judaism about Moses talking to God and receiving magical instructions. Islam is about Muhammad meeting an angel in a cave and receiving the magical Quaaran. Christianity is about Paul having a magical experience on the road to Damascus and talking to magical Jesus who never had a ministry or lived on the earth until the Gospels were written. PLEASE CITE THIS REALITY YOU SPEAK OF. WHICH RELIGION HAS A SET OF BELIEFS ABOUT REALITY?

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"A religion is a worldview or

"A religion is a worldview or set of beliefs about reality."

Not even read the definition of words before espousing such risible nonsense.

"the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods."

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"A religion is a worldview or set of beliefs about reality. If you don’t believe in or lack a belief in God, you will most likely fall into the naturalist/materialist worldview."

Not at all.

Atheism meets just one criteria, the lack of belief in a deity. period. There are cruel atheists, there are kind and generous atheists. There are sane and rational atheists, and ones who are off their rocker.

You are making an incorrect generalization. It is like stating that all left handed people worship the devil.

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AJ777, you wrote, “A religion

AJ777, you wrote, “A religion is a worldview or set of beliefs about reality. If you don’t believe in or lack a belief in God, you will most likely fall into the naturalist/materialist worldview.”


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There are many books

There are many books available that can provide a reasonable amount of evidence.

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You quite obviously have no

You quite obviously have no idea at all what the word "EVIDENCE" means.

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Citation and quote then

I'm extremely dubious, but citation and quote then please.

Please cite the single best piece of objective evidence you think exists. I'll bet a years wages it amounts to no more than anecdotal hearsay of personal experience...At the very best...

The fact religious apologist write endless tomes celebrating their beliefs doesn't remotely evidence those beliefs in any objective way.

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That was such a lazy and

That was such a lazy and evasive response. As the person that started this thread, you should be doing a lot better than that.

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Atheism is the new opium of

Atheism is the new opium of the people because it says don’t worry, there are no consequences for your actions. You are accountable to no one. At death there is just restful sleep.

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@ AJ777

@ AJ777

Atheism is the new opium of the people because it says don’t worry, there are no consequences for your actions. You are accountable to no one. At death there is just restful sleep.

Absolute piffle. Atheism says nothing except: " I lack a belief in a god or gods" that is it, simples.

That you are trying to make a simple statement something that it is not, is a common, theist, dishonest, tricksy and mendacious tactic.


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AJ777: Atheism is the new

AJ777: Atheism is the new opium of the people because it says don’t worry, there are no consequences for your actions.

I think you have it the wrong way around. Religion tries to shift the consequences into an imaginary afterlife. Atheists recognize that all consequences are in the real world.

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What utter drivel. Nothing in

What utter drivel. Nothing in that post is remotely true.

Atheism doesn't make any claims or assertions, none.

You're now just back to your old nonsense of loudly preaching lies about atheism.

At least you've abandoned the cliched shabby theistic pretence of religious moral ascendancy anyway.

What objective evidence can you demo state that human morality requires anything other than human reasoning?

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"Atheism is the new opium of

"Atheism is the new opium of the people because it says don’t worry, there are no consequences for your actions. You are accountable to no one. At death there is just restful sleep."

And I can see that Theism requires it's followers to put words in other peoples mouths... Classy.

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AJ77: Atheism is the new

AJ77: Atheism is the new opium of the people because it says don’t worry, there are no consequences for your actions.


Your religion is the one promising no consequences for actions. Murder, Rape, Steal, Molest Children, Set Fires, Butcer, Maim and Destroy but if you ask Jesus for forgivness, YOU GET CAKE AND ICE CREAM IN HEAVEN. SCREW YOUR CHRISTIAN MORALITY!

Your God sits and watches as people are raped, murdered, enslaved, molested, and worse. If anyone is to be held accountable it is the asshole you pray to. That omniscient jerk who sits on his ass and allows all manner of horror to happen when all he has to do is lift a pinky-finger to make the world right. Consequences for actions? What would be the consequence for allowing a child to starve to death while you stood there and watched? What would be the consequence for allowing people to burn to death in a fire when you could prevent it? What would be the consequence for inflicting cancers and all manner of diseases on people? ARE YOU INSANE?

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Definition of torture (See

Definition of torture (See What God does to the people of Egypt because he was fking butthurt.)

Definition of "TORMENT:" (See what God does to Job because he wanted to win a bet.)

Your bible is a book of bullshit and your God as complete ass.

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A meltdown to trolling after

A meltdown to trolling after 5 pages. A record?

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Sheldon what is trolling? Is

Sheldon what is trolling? Is everyone who holds a different opinion than you on a subject automatically wrong and trolling?

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"Sheldon what is trolling? Is

"Sheldon what is trolling? Is everyone who holds a different opinion than you on a subject automatically wrong and trolling?"

If you Google trolling you will know the answer to both question, though I find it almost impossible to believe you don't know what it means. Reinforced of course by the idiocy of your second sentence after you just claimed to not know what it meant.

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Sheldon, in order to complain

Sheldon, in order to complain that the God of the Christian Bible is immoral, an objective standard of morality must exist. Your complaints and others complaints here about the morality of a deity you don’t believe exists makes no sense. Why do you waste your time even talking about it. Maybe it’s because you inherently know the difference between right and wrong, but don’t want to be held accountable. Atheism allows you to be your own master with no eternal or real consequences. In atheism you can decide what is moral. You can define atheism any way you like, that won’t change the reality that you believe a deity or God doesn’t exist. Atheists deny the reality of Gods existence, why would they not deny other inconvenient truths as well. In my view atheism fits the medical definition of a delusion nicely. Ignore any and all evidence for God and He will not exist, then Sheldon will not be accountable to anyone.

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AJ777 - Sheldon, in order to

AJ777 - Sheldon, in order to complain that the God of the Christian Bible is immoral, an objective standard of morality must exist.

You don't need objective standards to complain about something. Here is an example: the beard on your avatar is too bushy. Somehow I managed to complain about the beard, without having an objective standard for beards.

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Are you saying you dont know

Are you saying you dont know if genocide rape and slavery are immoral? They're all condoned in the bible. I believe the suffering such actions cause make them immoral behaviours, don't you?

Atheism is the lack of a belief in a deity or deities. So no it neither allows nor disallows anything, you're simply making up bigoted nonsense based on your own prejudice. Again all the research shows your claim to be absurdly wrong as atheists are at least as moral as theists in every study where their actions are compared in the same context.

American prison studies have consistently showed a higher proportion of theists are jailed for violent crime like rape and murder than reflected in the general population.

You've offered no objective evidence for any deity, nor has any other theist. Despite multiple requests.


an idiosyncratic ***belief or impression maintained despite being contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder

Since atheism is not a belief but the lack of one your opinion is demonstrably absurd.

How desperate does someone's rationalisations need to be for them to start lying about word definitions.

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"Why do you waste your time

"Why do you waste your time even talking about it."

You sought me out and started a thread to ask my opinion. Then when your superstitious verbiage is exposed as irrational hokum you keep asking why I bother?

It's as stupid a question now as when you first asked it. If you don't want the opinion of atheists then don't seek them out and ask for those opinions. That's pretty dumb.

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So you deny the existence of

So you deny the existence of Allah so you can get stinking drunk every night?

Or do you not believe the claims Islam makes for it's deity?

Dear oh dear...

Just look at the appalling and endemic child rape perpetrated by the Catholic priesthood and explain how being a theist is a check on immoral behaviour?

Oh that's right you see nothing wrong in child rape as you have to be told by a deity not to do something. Perhaps those paedophile priests have read the bible and noticed the commandments believers assign to a deity don't bother to specifically prohibit raping children.

Now I can see the appalling suffering such actions cause, and therefore can reason that such behaviour is appallingly immoral.

Can you really not do that?

Again one can only hope you never lose your delusional belief in a deity.

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Please show everyone your claims of objective morality. If your morals come from your god, then they are subjective morals.

Atheism is only one thing, a lack of belief in a god or gods.

My morals come from treating others how I want to be treated, and laws from society.

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AJ777: Sheldon, in order to

AJ777: Sheldon, in order to complain that the God of the Christian Bible is immoral, an objective standard of morality must exist. Your complaints and others complaints here about the morality of a deity you don’t believe exists makes no sense. Why do you waste your time even talking about it. Maybe it’s because you inherently know the difference between right and wrong, but don’t want to be held accountable. Atheism allows you to be your own master with no eternal or real consequences. In atheism you can decide what is moral. You can define atheism any way you like, that won’t change the reality that you believe a deity or God doesn’t exist. Atheists deny the reality of Gods existence, why would they not deny other inconvenient truths as well. In my view atheism fits the medical definition of a delusion nicely. Ignore any and all evidence for God and He will not exist, then Sheldon will not be accountable to anyone.

I am accountable to myself. I fear my own conscience more than that of an immoral being there is no evidence for.

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AJ777, you wrote, “ Ignore

AJ777, you wrote, “ Ignore any and all evidence for God and He will not exist, then Sheldon will not be accountable to anyone.”

Well, you see, that’s where I think you’re wrong. Sheldon is accountable to me, for one. He is accountable to, well, everyone. We all are. That’s how communities and societies work.

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@ AJ777

@ AJ777

"He is the ultimate source of goodness, and cannot do evil or sin."

And where is the OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE that this is true?

What is the ultimate source of Evil? Here is a short treatise I wrote.

From Whence Comes Evil and Sin?

As stated many times by the Religious Absolutists, everything comes from God. Thus, logically, if “everything” comes from God, then so must “sin” and “evil.” I am going to use some comical logical deduction to show this. Although, comical, it is truth.

You Religious Absolutists always say God has always existed as the only Self-Existing One. For you Religious Absolutists, God has no beginning and no end. Did not Jesus once say something about this? Revelation {1:8} I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, says the Lord… Sooo… If God is the beginning and the ending, then it must also begin and end. Thus, let’s get this question out of the way. What was there before God?

Fine. Let’s just say God has always existed, no beginning, no end. Always there. One thing your precious holy book does not cover, “Who created the Angels and other supernatural creatures (principalities, seraphim, cherubim, dominions, etc.?” I shall use the term “Angel” hereafter. Did they also exist without beginning or end? Since God is the Umaälis (V: All Creator) and the Athanorga (V: Lord Fatherer), we must assume God created the Angels.

Sooo… God created all the Angels, including Lucifer, the Morning Star. Although it does not say any such thing in the Bible, I have read other treatises that say Lucifer was the most powerful angel of all, even more powerful than Michael. Lucifer was God’s right hand being, the first amongst all the Angels. I have also read he was the most beautiful, and his true mastery was music and singing and light. Thus, his voice was the greatest of all.

Now for the mess. For God to create anything, it must first be thought. Right? Since God created all the Angels from its thoughts, then that means the mentality of all the Angels also came from God. If Lucifer supposedly rose up against God and tried to claim that power for himself, and this is described as “evil” in Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28, then did not that “evil” first come from God?

The true Original Sin was your Sky Faerie’s creation. Your own deity created the ultimate sin simply by creating something besides himself. Thus, in summation, it is God itself that is Ultimate Evil and Ultimate Sin.

If your Sky Faerie never wanted “evil” and “sin” to enter into anything, it should never have created anything at all. Think about it.

Isaiah 45:7 I form the light and create darkness. I make peace and create evil. I am the LORD, who does all these things.
Jeremiah 18:11 Yahweh says: “Behold, I frame evil against you, and devise a plan against you.”
Zechariah 8:14 For thus says the LORD, “As I purposed to do evil to you.”

Your Sky Faerie is the Ultimate Source of All Evil.


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@ AJ777

@ AJ777

"In order to complain that the God of the Christian Bible is immoral, an objective standard of morality must exist."

Then read ALL of these verses. Or are you too cowardly to find the Sky Faerie you believe is Pure Evil?

I am offering 1000:1 odds AJ777 won't even read this entire post.

Or, AJ777, you can simply peruse this site.

And you asked, "What is a troll?"

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Bloodthirsty - eager to shed blood and containing much violence.
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Pestilential - of or relating to cause annoying, harmful, destructive, or tending to cause, infectious diseases to people, animals, or plants, especially crops or livestock.
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Unjust - not based on or behaving according to what is morally right and fair.
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Evil - a force or spirit or imaginative figment that embodies profoundly immoral and wicked actions and deeds, or associated with such.
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Ethnic Cleanser - the mass expulsion or killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society.
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Sadomasochistic - characterized by or deriving sexual gratification from both sadism and masochism.
Sadism - the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, deliberate cruelty, or humiliation on others.
Masochism - the tendency to derive pleasure or enjoyment, especially sexual gratification, from one’s own pain or humiliation.
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Curse-Hurling - a solemn utterance vehemently intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something.
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Misogynistic - a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.
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Homicidal - of, relating to, or tending toward murder.
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Genocidal - relating to or involving the deliberate killing of a large group of people of a particular nation or ethnic group.
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Capriciously Malevolent - given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior and having or showing a wish to do evil to others.
Exodus 32:7-14
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Bully - a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.
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Merciless - showing no mercy or pity.
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Vindictive - having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge.
Leviticus 26:25
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Deuteronomy 32:41-42
Deuteronomy 32:43
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Micah 5:15

Control Freak - a person who is obsessed with or unusually enthusiastic in a wild and irrational way about the power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events due to the effects of extreme mental illness.
Exodus 20:25
Exodus 25:8-31
Exodus 25:31-40
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Vaccicidal - to wantonly, and with disregard, slaughter animals for pleasure.
Exodus 9:1-3
Exodus 9:6
Exodus 12:29
Exodus 20:23-24
Numbers 7:87-88
Deuteronomy 13:15
1 Samuel 15:3
Ezekiel 32:13
Ezekiel 32:13-15

Cannibalistic - a person who eats the flesh of other human beings.
Leviticus 26:27-29
Deuteronomy 28:47-57
Deuteronomy 28:53
Isaiah 9:19-20
Isaiah 49:25-26
Jeremiah 19:7-9
Lamentations 2:20
Lamentations 4:9-11
Ezekiel 5:8-10

Homophobic - having or showing an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.
Leviticus 18:22
Leviticus 20:13

Last, but not the least: What About Jesus? John 10:30 I and the Father are one. ‘Nuff said.

And here are standings.

Angry = 243
Pyromaniacal = 103
Megalomaniacal = 89
Bloodthirsty = 61
Pestilential = 52
Unjust = 48
Ethnic Cleanser = 47
Terrorist = 29
Curse-Hurling = 28
Misogynistic = 28
Homicidal = 27
Sadomasochistic = 27
Evil = 24
Genocidal = 24
Merciless = 24
Vindictive = 23
Bully = 22
Capriciously Malevolent = 22
Control Freak = 18
Infanticidal = 18
Unforgiving = 17
Jealous = 16
Filicidal = 13
Slavemonger = 10
Cannibalistic = 9
Racist = 9
Vaccicidal = 9
Petty = 5
Aborticidal = 3
Homophobic = 2

You Christians are always saying we should fear your God. You just might be right. If you look at the top four faces above, your God is a Pissed-Off Firestarting Power-Hungry Vampire. >:P


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@ AJ777

@ AJ777

: “Your complaints and others complaints here about the morality of a deity you don’t believe exists makes no sense.

Your OP was why religion was evil. We addressed that truth. Now just like a Religious Absolutist you are the one changing the subject. Remember that list I posted? I have highlighted the specific item.

  1. They LIE without ever thinking about the veracity of their statement.
  2. They LIE without ever providing any evidence of their statement.
  3. They LIE by believing inexorably everything they state.
  4. They LIE by being absolute in their statements (either I believe you or I am worthless scum).
  5. They LIE by using beguiling dialectical semantics.
  6. They LIE by using distorted and perveted data.
  7. They LIE by creating irrational excuses.
  8. They LIE by utilizing whiney-ass pleas.
  9. They LIE by not realizing why they need to defend their beliefs.
  10. They LIE by utilizing presupposed conclusions with no evidence.
  11. They LIE by making accusations they never apologize for even when they are proven wrong.
  12. They LIE by changing the subject.
  13. They LIE by shifting the burden of proof.

Remember me telling you have matched every last item with all your posts?

Prove me wrong.

And remember, this ain't anger, it is the true pure cold hard truth.


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@ AJ777

@ AJ777

Atheists deny the reality of Gods existence, why would they not deny other inconvenient truths as well. In my view atheism fits the medical definition of a delusion nicely.

Want to talk about delusion? Ever heard of RSTD? Religious Stigmata Traumatized Disorder?

Religious Mental Disorders

Or, Mental Disorders Caused by Absolutist Religious Indoctrination

Before we get into RSTD, let's look at PTSD.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When looking at ALL possible symptoms of PTSD, you will find the symptoms of many other disorders, some diametrically opposed to others. Again, here is the list in a more cognitive method.

  1. Major Depressive Disorder (yep, I have that, almost every day)
  2. Major Manic Disorder (yep, I have that, every few days)
    • The two above can be lumped into Bipolar Disorder, but it is not true Bipolar
  3. Schizophrenic Delusion Disorder (yep, I have that occasionally, not as often, maybe 4 to 6 times a year)
  4. Dissociative Disorder (yep, I have that occasionally, not as often, maybe once a year)
  5. Social Anxiety Disorder (yep, had that, kind of still do, do not truly like being around a bunch of people, I even hate grocery shopping)
  6. Substance Abuse Disorder (yep, later developed that, but have conquered it, except rarely THC use)

The substance abuse is usually not a part of PTSD and comes about from having PTSD. However, most psychiatrists and therapists and psychology professors I have talked with, tend to include it in with the PTSD.

That is five (not counting the last) major disorders rolled into one gigantic miasma of corrupted mental fugues.

Pause and think about that. One single disorder that may have the symptoms of FIVE major disorders. FIVE into One.

And you say a person cannot suffer from narcissistic personality while also suffering inferiority complex. They can if they have the mind set to become an inexorable religious believer. Such persons do suffer from the combination of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Schizophrenic Delusion Disorder, and Inferiority Complex Disorder. Additionally, you can throw in Dissociative Disorder in there as well.

Now let’s discuss how this can happen. Although they may not suffer true mental disorders, the mindset of an inexorable believer definitely imitates them rather well.

********** Inferiority Complex **********

Simple, the ideology of Original Sin and Man’s Downfall. That is the main culprit for the cause of inferiority. However, there are also many additional lessons in the indoctrination process that further drive this disorder into the mind of children. Absolutists teach their children, that they are worthless scum unless they believe in a Magic Zombie Virgin to forgive them. They are taught that the act that brought them into this world is ultimately an act of evil/sin. They cannot ever hope of achieving a nonexistent afterlife without believing in a Sky Faerie who sacrificed himself, to himself, to save his creation, from his own damnation and wrath. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense to me. Beat your children down. Teach them they are inferior to all other humans, unless they believe in the Magic Zombie Virgin. And the worst of all is to teach them that they were born from an act of evil/sin, born of evil/sin, born in evil/sin, AND born evil/sinful. And that they are condemned to die and burn in Hell forever unless they believe as you tell them to believe and to behave, live, act, and think as you command them. Now tell me that is not child abuse through psychological terrorism.

You Religious Absolutists usually begin the training from early childhood through a controlled, systematic, totalitarian indoctrination process which utilizes mental rape, emotional molestation, and psychological terrorism when a child’s mind, especially in the ages of 4 to 14 years, is at its most susceptible and most vulnerable to cultural conditioning. Tyrannically dictated norms of fidelity are imposed such that children are trained to vomit conflicting ideas and to never consider their veracity. I know this for fact because it is the ghastly, abhorrent, and terrifying nightmare I endured as a child for seven years.

You Religious Absolutists are trained to react to ideas, and to reject them no matter what you are told, presented, and/or taught. You are taught to never question your beliefs. You are militantly trained to maintain and preserve the faith. And, due to this designed abusive training and indoctrination process, you shall do so with apologetics, beguiling dialectical semantics, distorted and perverted data, emotional whiny-ass pleas, and sometimes divinely-inspired violence. Worst of all, your conditioning is so ingrained that you never question why you need to defend your belief at all. This form of indoctrination, no matter its intended outcome, is actually “child abuse” in the form of psychological terrorism. All of which is immoral in any moral landscape. However, due to the First Amendment, religion gets a free ride to practice all the immorality they wish. One only has to prove it is religious to prove it is not immoral.

An indoctrination process which teaches you to never think for yourself, but to close your mind against all things except for what some sky faerie in an obsolete and irrelevant and barbaric and savagely immoral Bronze Age religious text commands you to think. For me, that is the most heinous of acts, especially to do it to children. And no matter whatever you may say to the contrary, this is child abuse. Ask Richard Dawkins.

And I wholeheartedly agree with what David Killens once said:

“I despise apologists, especially those who use their skills to sway the minds of children, and rob them of their independence and self–worth. They also begin a journey of life that will always posses fear. I do not like it, and if I had the power, I would prosecute apologists for child abuse.

“You beat a child, they will bruise, but they will recover. Teach them religion, and they lose many admirable characteristics, and be scarred (and pretty messed up) for life. Both are despicable acts, but one inflicts major long term damage.”

In addition to prosecuting the Religious Absolutist Apologists, I would also prosecute the parents for condoning and allowing such abuse to be visited upon their child.

And it is from this indignant training from whence comes the Inferiority Complex Disorder.

********** Narcissistic Personality **********

Boy, the perfect examples here are William Lane Craig, Pat Robertson, The Discovery Institute (the whole lot), Ken Ham and his minions, Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, amongst many, many, many, many others. And my favorite one to pick on. Oral Roberts. He got on national TV and pretended to cry like a baby saying God was going to take him home unless he raised eight million dollars. Yet he had a backer who waited in the wings to make sure it was at least eight million dollars just in case. Now that is narcissism.

Kenneth Copeland and Oral Roberts Brag About Being RICH

Kenneth Copeland boasts he is a billionaire

15 RICHEST PASTORS IN AMERICA: Is The Love of Money Destroying Christianity from Within?

Then look at how many mega-churches there are. The Crystal Cathedral is the first one I remember as a young adult back in the late 70s, early 80s. My first thought was, “Just look at how pathetically narcissistic that church has become.” And how many mega-churches have been built or refurbished from purchased buildings since then.

Just look at these images:

Crystal Cathedral

Lakewood Church

Laewood Church was the church where that asshole Joel Osteen (pictured on that gigantic monitor) would not open the doors to provide shelter for hurricane victims. He did eventually open the doors two days later after receiving probably the greatest WWW poo poo for first being an asshole. The trouble started on Sunday after a social media posting from the megachurch saying, “Lakewood Church is inaccessible due to severe flooding!” However, a local TV news team went to the church, on that same Sunday, filming and showing the church was NOT flooded, and no church personnel were even there. What a sorry ass.

And then these videos:

10 Largest Mega Churches in the US

10 Largest Mega Churches in the World

And when your leaders become so damned narcissistic, you sheeple follow right behind. I mean look at the size of that main screen at Lakewood Church. Why in Hell does any church need something that narcissistic? Why does its Pastor need something that narcissistic?

However, it is when the child finally capitulates to the abusive and repugnant and cruel indoctrination tactics and becomes a full blown believer, is when the Religious Absolutists will also begin the reverse tactic of teaching them they are better than all the other unbelievers since they believe in the ONLY TRUE GOD and all others are going to burn in Hell forever. This is where the narcissism ultimately comes from. Then as their lives seem to do nothing but get better and better (for most do anyway), the more narcissistic the Religious Absolutist becomes.

********** Schizophrenic Delusion **********

Also read “The Noahacian Flood Story” and “The Exodus That Went Nowhere” essays.

I have spent over 30 years traveling all over this planet researching the veracity of the Bible. Specifically in its two lynchpin stories. And this was done on top of my college studies and employment, mainly during vacations. The only thing I found is that the Bible is an anthology of collected and plagiarized myths and legends that are actually far older than the Bible itself.

And here is one fact I have discovered. Why does the oldest version of the Bible written in Hebrew only dates back to circa 450 BCE? And the oldest completed versions of the Old Testament, written in GREEK, dates back to circa 650 CE.

For anyone to believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God when there is absolutely no OBJECTIVE HARD EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE that anything in the Bible is true, is a schizophrenic delusion. I saw this meme written in abook somewhere, perhaps in The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins:

When one person suffers from delusion, it is called insanity.
When many persons suffer from delusion, it is called religion.

********** Dissociative Delusion **********

I ain’t got much to say about this one. Just watch these videos. What I will say, what kind of moron does it take to act like they are suffering from epilepsy?

And if you say these ain’t mental disorders?

********** Religious Stigmata Traumatized Disorder **********

That is what I call all the above mental disorders rolled into one. Much like PTSD has five, RTSD has four. ‘Nuff said.

To be wholly honest with you, I have written books on this crap. All dealing with how religion is Pure Evil. I even offered them for free download. At last check, my book dealing specifically with the evil of religion had been downloaded about 13,000 times. I have since removed it since I am doing a major edittin of the book. It may be a while before I re-upload the new version. What "good" have you done with your life except lie about your religious beliefs system? Sinking further and further into into your RSTD...



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