Humanist victory

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Humanist victory

This is a major victory for separation of church and state.

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An important victory indeed.

An important victory indeed.

Good to see the AHA got in against the commissioner-led prayers as soon as they did.
It seems it took no time at all for the prayers to be quietly initiated by the religiously biased officials in obvious contravention of constitutional law.
What is concerning is that it took NINE years of legal wrangling to get the prayers overruled despite the obvious illegality.

Of extra interest is that the AHA was joined by community members of the Catholic Church in the protest against the prayers. Obviously the prayers were directed to the protestant god.

I am cynical enough to believe that this victory won't prevent the commissioners arranging pre-board meeting prayers by non-officials as is provided for in the rules, which in the interests of fairness, is likely to lead to the circus display of numerous prayers and invocations by all interested groups, including atheists, which is provided for, before each meeting. Will the board even have time to discuss business after the prayers and invocations then?

Theists are persistent and non-theists need to be ever vigilant against incursions against their political and legal rights.

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