I can't believe this actually happened.

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I can't believe this actually happened.

So, today is Veteran's day, I'm a senior in high school and looked forward to the event we had which would honor the veteran's and their sacrifices. I love being able to show all the teacher's I have, the appreciation for what they have done. Though, today during our convocation. One of the teacher's led the school in prayer. This baffled me, considering though i live in a small town in Indiana. If I do recall this is incredibly illegal to do.

Though, it happened I shrugged it off because in a small town it usually is viewed differently. But, our guest speaker also said and I quote, "We need to stop these games, go to church, be a better person, pray more." I laughed loudly on how utterly ridiculous this was and was then stared at. Which I should've just kept quite.

To add insult to injury, at the end of the convocation. We did ANOTHER prayer, I do not understand how we could ignore how illegal this is to do. During the prayer as I stood observing the stupidity morphed around me, I saw my favorite teacher, who I view as a male role model in my life(considering I did not grow up with a father). Stand from his chair where he was seated after and did not proceed to participate in prayer. Which made me smile a bit.

The real problem is I'm not sure how I should handle this with the school corporation. Any advice would be very welcomed.

Thank you!

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You could file a complaint

You could file a complaint with the Freedom From Religion foundation, I guess. They are an American non-profit organisation who completely depend on donations. They are people who can get things done, and have before. They even have their own lawyers. I don't know exactly how it works and how they operate (I live in Europe) but here is the URL: http://ffrf.org/

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EDIT: I can imagine that goes

EDIT: I can imagine that goes a little too far. In that case you might jut try to sovle it with the people who are in control in the school you're attending. My personal experience is that they don't really respons well to that, though.

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I think you should accept the

I think you should accept the fact that people are not always as they seem to be..

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