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@Sapporo: If most Christians

@Sapporo: If most Christians were like @Maddie, the world would be a much better place.
The world is exactly like Maddie. 30,000 Christian sects all spouting their own version of the bible and cannon of beliefs. Maddie is just one more in a long line of amorphous goop from which mushrooms grow.

I really could not disagree more. "Everyone has their own reality." "Life is subjective." I do not see anything at all she has asserted as positive or useful. It's all this bland, wishy-washy, "you believe what you want to believe and I will believe what I want to believe." This is what the Christians say when they want you to ignore their idiotic beliefs. "I have respect for all beliefs." "If you ignore and pretend to respect my idiotic beliefs, I will pretend to ignore and respect yours too."

I would have more respect for a Hell Fire and Brimstone preacher with absolute convictions. At least they are upfront and honest about their beliefs.

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There are 30,000 denominations because Martin Luther as a teacher, taught that the Bible is the only teaching authority. Unfortunately, even though it’s verifiable that Sola Scriptura is a massive logical loop/ verifiable false paradox people just can’t see it.

By the way I missed you guys! I’ve been up to no good. How are you all doing!?

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I thought maddie was a guy..

Ummm ya.

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@ Maddie

@ Maddie

Sorry for a long post. I have a bad habit of rainting. Besides, it helps to cover as many bases as possible, especially after ALL those responses in this thread.

If I never welcomed you, then …

Welcome to our corner of the WWW Sane Asylum. The temperature is a steamy 15,594°C. Just ask any theist.

The kitchen is the first door on the right. Just make sure to mark what is yours before putting it in the fridge and/or cabinets. There are certain somebody's who will take anything that is unmarked.

Do not drink any of those drink-looking bottles on bottom door shelf. Those are specifically formulated for me and my Huorns.

The oil can belongs to Tin-Man. You don't want to mess with that.

The bathroom is that last door on the left. If there is a banana peel on the knob, don't go inside. Long story, don't ask.

If you happen to find a pig-nose mask, please hide it as quickly as possible. Even if you have to stuff it in your pocket.

The back deck is in a small yard with a thick forest beyond it. If you see a tree moving in the forest, don't worry, that is just me tending my forest-garden.

Now for the meat …

If I posted anything that makes it seem as if I am trying to change your mind, then I apologize. That is not my intention. My intention is argue against the ideology of any and all religions. To me, all religions are Pure Evil. All religion should be lobotomized and utterly eradicated from the psyche of the entire human species. Thus, the human species can ascend to where it is meant to ascend. We need to quit groveling on our knees, kissing the ass of an Illusory Sky Faerie, Bewitched Lich Virgin, Conjured Comical Spook, and a thieving, murdering, child-raping Wannabe Warlord.

In my wholly and honest opinion, religion no longer has any place in today's, mostly, civilized society. And this is from the home page of my WWW site.

I publicly argue passionately against any religion. I publicly question any religion. I publicly laugh at any religion. I publicly resist any religion. I publicly shame any religion. I publicly defile any religion.

Why? Because I believe in something too.

There is no philosophical ideology more divisive than religion. Religion does nothing but pervert, demoralize, subvert, and bribe all persons with the belief that it possesses the one and only truth. And, the worst part of ANY religion is that it is an ideology that is implicitly and explicitly protected from any and all criticism from both within and without. Why should any ideology, especially religion, be so privileged? Can you not see how disastrous this way of thinking can be, and is?

I believe religion is, and has always been, tremendously harmful to Humanity. I believe that religions, and their way of thinking, and their theological disagreements, have created the greatest violence, destruction, injury, death, bigotry, harm, immorality, intolerance, wickedness, and abuse to the human species than any other cause. The main problem is not religious fundamentalism, but the fundamentals of religion. Religion’s loose version of “morality,” has NO place in a civilized society.

Sure. You can argue that it is the extremists, not the doctrine. All this says to me is that you have never truly read the various doctrines. It is both. Extremists might be using it as an excuse, but it is an excuse that the religious texts readily provide. I firmly believe, and shall take this belief to my grave, that the human species would have been much better off had there NEVER been ANY form of religion. EVER!

I see NO evidence of ANY gods, but plenty of evidence of religion’s harm.

And I am a lot more concerned with the welfare of my fellow human beings than I am about “offending” or “hurting the feelings” of people who choose to believe in the plagiarized and re-written myths and legends that are obsolete, irrelevant, barbaric, savage, abhorrent, offensive, and unsubstantiated immoral Bronze and Iron Age religious texts about the Illusory Sky Faerie, Bewitched Lich Virgin, Conjured Comical Spook, and a thieving, murdering, child-raping Wannabe Warlord.

It is the Religious Absolutists we need to lobotomize with critical thinking, logical and deductive reasoning, and rational and analytical thought to point out their failures at fact-checking themselves, their logical fallacies, presupposed assumptive assertions, and confirmation bias. Not to mention having to deal with their out-right lies and incapacity for any intelligence, and their own self-induced retardation of their mental faculties.

Offended? So the fuck what!

Ultimately, it is Religion that is Humankind’s worst enemy.

Only three things do not require intelligence (updated):

  1. Stupidity
  2. Religion
  3. Getting Elected

I am positively sure of the 2nd and 3rd ones, but ain't so sure about the first.


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*Attack of the Credulous

*Attack of the Credulous Mushrooms, Attack of the Credulous Mushrooms, (Sung to the tune of -----

And "I BELIEVE...."

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I thought maddie was a guy..

I thought maddie was a guy...I should pay more attention...but it's hard sometimes to do that.

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@doG "Maddie was a guy."

@doG "Maddie was a guy." I don't think it mattered. It all depended on how you looked at her. Gender is a very subjective and we all have both male and female DNA and hormones. So when you say "guy" what do you really mean. You don't need to be born with a set of balls to identify as male and even if you are born that way you could still be female. It's all subjective.
(Cog's shovel activated.)


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