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oh that was bad Sapporo

oh that was bad Sapporo

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1. " I was convinced/ knew

1. " I was convinced/ knew that God does not exist, " This statement is fallacious and an attempt to shift the burden of proof to the atheist. No one has to know a God does not exist (accept the burden of proving that a god does not exist) to be an atheist. It is enough to simply say that the religions of the world have not proved their claim, Atheism is not a belief in no god existing. It is simply non-belief in Christian, Muslim, Jewish, et al claims, assertions, and attempted justifications.

2. What do you think an agnostic is? If you are agnostic you are a skeptic. An agnostic knows that there is no knowledge concerning the existence of a god. A = without Gnosis = Knowledge. (All religious claims fall short of actual knowledge to an agnostic. Regardless of the claim, the God thing can not be KNOWN. You must be skeptical of religious claims to find them lacking of KNOWLEDGE.

3. How do you define "supernatural experience." There is no definition of anything supernatural. It is like defining God. All attempts fail. Example: "I heard a ghost." How do you know it was a ghost? Well, what else could it be? All supernatural claims break down to the "God of the Gaps Fallacy." I don't know what it was so it must have been supernatural. There is no good evidence for anything supernatural and if you lived in Las Vegas you would know that. One Supernatural event could rob the city blind.

4. "Third, we are all born unbelieving." This is wrong. We are born ignorant. To be unbelieving we must first be introduced to an idea that we then opt not to believe. There are a billion things going on in the universe that you do not know about. You are not currently unbelieving towards any of them. On the other hand you might be unbelieving in the concept of multiple universes and string theory which so far has not proved to be very useful.

5. "Once you "know" something to be true, you cannot change that." You have a really distorted view of logic that is probably a hang on from your religious days. It's called black and white thinking. Truth changes all the time. Science improves. We now have two different theories of Geometry because one system replaced the other. We now have two completely different and very useful theories of gravity Newtonian and Einsteinium. Science and math are changing all the time. It is the dogma of Religion that fights the change. What is true today will not be true tomorrow, We go where the facts and the information take us. We once believed it to be a fact that life could not exist inside a nuclear reactor, we know this is false. We once believed life could not exist in pools of sulfur, we know this is false. We once believed nothing could exist in the darkest depths of the ocean where sunlight never went and we know this is false. Everything that is Truth is subject to change. The world is not flat and diseases are not caused by invading spirits.


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