If only we could wipe out religion.

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If only we could wipe out religion.

I belive that if we could get rid of religion right now, advancement would take off at such a rate that we would be 1000 years ahead of were we are now in 100-200 years.

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don't think religion is the

don't think religion is the problem per se. I view the problem in the world, that stupidity is viewed as a virtue

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Religion is just 1 of the

Religion is just 1 of the problems of this world.

Removing it would make an improvement but far from making a big difference.

one of the major problems is that we do not truly have a choice with our current political system, where the rich decide who gets elected by funding both major political parties.

This effects science, the economy and everything.

After we fix that maybe we would see a huge improvement.

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