Islam The Untold Story (?)

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Islam The Untold Story (?)

Came across this documentary, and watched it all today

Tom Holland is a 'popular historian' . In the documentary, he speaks about the history of Islam or more correctly ,the lack of it. He makes no definitive claims, but raises some interesting questions;


That Mecca is not mentioned in the Quran, then giving a suggestion about where the prophet may have been born..

That the first mention of Muhammad on coinage is 60 years after his death.

That Muslims claim god gave them the prophet and then god then gave them an empire. He asks if the Muslims of the seventh century were Muslims at all . Holland suggests instead, that perhaps Islam grew as a result of the new empire.

I would be very much interested in any opinions members might care to give

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Petra is described in the

Petra is described in the Quaran as the birthplace of Islam. All early Mosques face Petra. There is no evidence for Muhammad. Citations of "The General" or "Great military leader" are simply attributed to him. Muhammad did not write the Quaran. He (If he existed) may have written a few verses and the rest was completed by scholars of the time. (20 years after the supposed death of Muhammad.) "Uthman then sent every Muslim province one copy that they had copied (from scraps of paper, tree bark and stone tablets) and ordered ALL OTHER QUARANIC MATERIALS TO BE DESTROYED. Sahih al bumt 6.61.510


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My opinions are here ……
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