Massive killings of Christians in Pakistan

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Massive killings of Christians in Pakistan

ARMY of Pakistan, ISI is giving silent support to these incidents, Because in all incidents a commission is formed but culprit are released in courts in lack of proof nearly every time. One minister of Pakistan has been killed by his own security guard and Lawyers in Pakistan are not fighting the case because that minister was killed rightly in their point of view. (The struggle of Pakistan's Christians)
(Christian couple 'burned to death by Pakistani mob had legs broken to stop them fleeing and wife was wrapped in cotton so she'd burn faster') (Christian couple 'burned to death by Pakistani mob had legs broken to stop them fleeing and wife was wrapped in cotton so she'd burn faster') (The Situation of Christians in Pakistan) (Pakistani Christians Burned Alive Were Attacked by 1,200 People: Kin) (Christian Persecution in Pakistan) (Situation of Christians in Pakistan) (Christians in Pakistan are suffering relentless persecution) (Price of being Christian in Pakistan) (Christians massacre 'Unspeakable evil' in Pakistan) (Christians in Pakistan: Persecuted yet steadfast in the faith)

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If Islam isn't abhorrent,

If Islam isn't abhorrent, then blasphemy laws and other terrorism in support of it is Islamism. I don't care if people are Muslim or not, it is one law for all and discrediting religious tribalism that are important.

Pakistan is plagued by ignorant concepts like "honor killing", child marriage and sometimes child genital mutilation (of boys and girls). Animal rights are also second to halal gibberish. As in many "Islamic" countries, it isn't Western education or mores that are lacking in Pakistan. It is ordinary human decency.

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Religions ruin everything

Religions ruin everything

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