Is materialism a real theory? Do most atheist believe in it?

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Funny that I find meaning in

Funny that I find meaning in the emptiness, wouldn’t you say. You’ve never been depressed, have you?

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I'm no biochemist, so I'm

I'm no biochemist, so I'm simply asking and not asserting... but, wouldn't the fact that say, taking a blow to the head can drastically, slightly or have very little effect on personality/consciousness and so on..... imply that it is a physical entity?

Personally i view it much like gravity... it conforms to laws of nature and physics, without the need to invoke the spirit of a cosmic Swedish looking tennis player.
It has natural causal links and although like the big bang where we don't know exactly what happened, we are understanding more.

And each time it's becoming more in accordance with natural phenomena.

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Utlimately, rat spit, I

Utlimately, rat spit, I suggest you get back on your meds as Cognostic suggested. May I suggest a room with acoustical dampening systems, a nice and dressy Pollok Dinner jacket, and to start the dinner, may I suggest a martini with a healthy shot of Thorazine to give it that extra kick.


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YEA - WHAT HE SAID ^^^ As a new member of the club, you can have all the shots you like for free!

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Haldol? I’ll have some of

Haldol? I’ll have some of that, if you’re buying.

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Shhhh! You are interrupting

Shhhh! You are interrupting the singing. Cum by Ya'all -o-Rat Boy Cum by Ya'll...

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Here is something new and

Here is something new and interesting from Biology

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Hey! Good job!! You

Hey! Good job!! You spelled biology right. Now go back and change that big 'B' to a little 'b.'


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