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On that subject:http://imgur
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when Muslim states can put

when Muslim states can put religion seperate only then it is possible. This is how west excelled when the chains of the church were put aside.

West should empower those who are working for human rights and education in the muslim countries. It already is doing but more focus should be made on that.

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Absolutely agree, education

Absolutely agree, education is the key.

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I agree with you right when

I agree with you right when Muslims countries separate religion from the state Muslim countries will be more stable and peaceful just one example look what great reformer mustafe kamal ataturk did to turkey he reformed turkey. empowered education gave freedom to women.and that's why turkey is one of successful and stable muslim countries. unfortunately Muslims ignore this!

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True, for Islam to dig itself

True, for Islam to dig itself out of the same kind of pit that Christianity once inhabited, it will have to go through the same processes and growing pains. The biggest changes to Christianity did not come from the church, but from social reform, almost certainly directly related to improvements in education and civil rights. This is because holy books are not subject to revision, only reinterpretation by people, so you have to focus on changing the people and not their primitive manuals.

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Boko Haram uses little girls
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The anger burns with the

The anger burns with the intensity of a million supernovae, death is too good for people who would use little girls like this, perhaps we should find a way to keep them alive indefinitely in extreme torment instead. This almost makes me wish there was a hell to send these people to.

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"in the city of Bareilly in

"in the city of Bareilly in northern India, a 10-yr-old boy was made to do 170 push ups by a maulvi (an islamic scholar) in a local madarsa because the child was unable to recite a chapter of the Quran. Not satisfied with the punishment he had meted out, the maulvi also reportedly thrashed the boy with a stick and sat on his chest, angrily pulling at his hair. The distressed boy, unable to take this inhuman treatment any more, fainted and had to be rushed to hospital in a critical condition."


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People on reddit/r/islam,

People on reddit/r/islam, trying to be good Muslims, but are having trouble reconciling with slavery and sex without consent:


If they have access to the internet, is it really that hard to realize that what they are trying to interpret is just pure bullshit?

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You talked earlier in the thread about Western nations having more cases of rape than countries like Saudi Arabia. This is so because of a few reasons; Western countries define "rape" differently than the Quran does, and in countries like Saudi Arabia, rape accusations are nearly always dismissed or blamed on the woman. According to the Quran, if a woman is not properly dressed, if she is a slave, if she is a captive then a man can have sex with her, and if she (in Saudi Arabia) is on the street without a male counterpart, then it is her own fault if a man forces her to have sex with him. Women in Saudi courts get blamed for "enticing the man", rather than the man getting blamed for raping the woman. In countries under Sharia law, the age of marriage is also much younger, meaning that age limits for statutory rape are also younger.

In Western countries, ages of consent are generally higher than in Muslim countries, and in Western countries rape means "sex which a person does not consent to". If the Western legal definition of rape was applied to countries under Sharia law tomorrow morning, those countries with Sharia law would by tomorrow night likely have greater numbers of reported rape than Western countries do currently.


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I would say the real reason

I would say the real reason for this is because there is more awareness of rights and justice in west such cases more likely to get reported. And also western countries are more interested in keeping records,facts and figures on almost everything. sex without consent with partner or forced sex is also considered rape in the west.
While most of the religious countries lack justice to begin with. People are less aware of their rights and most of such cases go unreported for the sake of honour and etc. everything does not get reported or recorded.
especially in the case of saudi arabia where the state systematically allows the discrimination of women you can only expect the worst. child molestation/rape of maids/forced sex with wives are common practices and are not considered much of an issue there

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For many religious online

For many religious online books and mobile applications visit here www.dawateislami.net

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Has any one thought of

Has any one thought of religion on the basis of neurological point? i mean it all has to do with our brain. be it religion be it patriotism be it what ever. How do we even know the very perceptions we have about the way we live are real? Like my mother tongue is my mother tongue not because i was born speaking in it.. but rather my 1st means of communication to other humans. So it is something i learned.
My point here being when ever we talk of a something we believe or accept as a ultimatum , we keep a very simple hidden assumption our human scenes are perfect or absolute. but what if our very cognition system is the source of this problem?
what if our very idea of reality is flawed ? like the idea of Xray is a myth if we assume our eyes can see the whole of electromagnetic wave spectrum.
But we all know how bad our eyes are and hence we rely on instruments that are vastly superior to our eyes and scenes.

I am a mechanical engineer by profession. So if any one could explain it in details it would be helpful.

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"what if our very cognition

"what if our very cognition system is the source of this problem?"

It is.

"what if our very idea of reality is flawed ?"

Not being perfect, it is flawed by definition, is it not? We do not possess a complete and total comprehension of it, and it is possible that some of the pieces we think we know are wrong in some manner. Seems pretty flawed to me...

There is an entire field called Neurotheology that attempt to study just such a connection, I'd recommend starting there.


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