Misconceptions of Islam

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Misconceptions of Islam

Those who criticize Saudi Arabia ( Sharia Rules) or Islam , Dr. Mohammed Badahdah wrote an excellent article in below link


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You can't really tarnish

You can't really tarnish something that is already filthy.

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Already filthy...? wat u

Already filthy...? wat u wanna say.....?

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Sharia Law is part of the

Sharia Law is part of the damn problem, with things like the death penalties for blasphemy and apostasy.

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Sharia law is for Muslims

Sharia law is for Muslims which is derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah, protects the rights of all human beings, regardless of race, religion or gender....If Muslims don't have any prob then why u people make a big issue...??

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"Sharia law is for Muslims"

"Sharia law is for Muslims"

Except when it isn't. Right now there are a number of countries who have implemented it as rule of law, meaning everyone regardless of whether they believe in Islam or not, is bound by the same retarded laws. People are killed frequently and routinely for not believing, stating that they believe something else, and even not believing the "right way". To think that this is a workable or particularly useful system would take more than faith, but total ignorance, just about the only thing that could convince me to ignore the myriad evidence that it is horrible is a lobotomy.

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Oh no madam Muslims do have

Oh no madam Muslims do have problems with things in sharia law.......punishments mostly. But then they will be called munafiqs or traitors or agents whatever. they do have problems because punishments are barbaric and medievel.

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How can Sharia Law which you

How can Sharia Law which you state is only for Muslims protect all human beings? In order for laws to protect people they must be enforced at a local level.

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Maryam ….

Maryam ….

Your back...... (be still my beating heart)

Seriously...I'm glad you're still around...

I read the “excellent article” you recommended and I have to say that I found it little more than hysterical rantings of a pro Saudi spokesman…..trying to equate perfectly rational comments on the behaviour of the kingdom with a “Western” attack on Islam.

Can I ask ….have you read what Badahdah calls “Wallstrom’s anti-Saudi tirade.” ?

You see I do have to wonder why he plays the “poor , persecuted muslim” card …… when the Iranians notably vociferous defenders of Islam are silent. So too are the Pakistanis …the Algerians..the Morrocans etc.etc.

It seems only the Saudis (plus their puppets) have taken exception to Wallstroms “tirade”…..Which , incidentally was a tweet….not quite sure how you can mount a “tirade” on twitter…. (140 character limit….not much of a “tirade” then)

But wait…. It seems he has overlooked some of Wallstroms recent activities….

First, her government recognised Palestine as a state when it took office last autumn; the Israelis withdrew their ambassador and let it be known she would not be welcome in the country.

Not quite the actions of the stereotypical Western devils .

Also she has condemned the murder of Boris Nemtsov as part of Vladimir Putin’s “reign of terror”. The Russians responded by blaming Sweden for its supposed responsibility for the war in Ukraine – a country in which Sweden has had no military interest since 1709.

But it appears that saying ,

“This cruel attempt to silence modern forms of expression has to be stopped.” outweighs all other considerations. (Lets not forget it was 1000 lashes ,a de facto death sentence.)

And since when do we conflate Islam with Saudi Arabia ?

(Wonder if the Saudis still want the anti tank rocket systems that Saab are building for them ….. probably not…..they can always rely on prayer to stop the tanks.)

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Watchman, thanks 4 ur words..

Watchman, thanks 4 ur words...

My intention for starting this thread was only to clear the misconceptions...misconceptions..yes misconceptions

Many people only blame Islam everytime...why...??

Sharia law is for Muslmis.. It protects the rights of us regardless of race, religion n gender...

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"Many people only blame Islam

"Many people only blame Islam everytime...why...??"

Many people ?..... No…I think you’ll find that its only elements of the press and some news organisations.

Equally I think you’ll find that not many people actually take them that seriously.

It is one of the side effects of having a free press.

Not that the Saudi’s know much about that.

Indeed Muslims in general seem to have an extreme blind spot when it comes to freedom of speech.

Why is it not permissible for us (the west) to comment on your communities short comings (as we see them.)
But it is apparently perfectly acceptable for you to have the right to ,for example, come on this forum an hector us regarding how great Islam /Sharia / Saudi etc etc. is.

Do you not see your hypocrisy in this regard ? … (Not “your” as in you personally but as in you a member of the Islamic community)

The Muslim world erupts into fury (eventually …after a certain amount of rabble rousing by certain groups) over a few pencil drawings….(completely ignoring the 300 year old traditions within Europe of using cartoons to lampoon politicians ,kings ,governments , popes etc.)

Just for clarification….. everybody has the right to be able to earn respect ….

Every body has the right to their beliefs ,views ,opinions.

However NOBODY has the right not to be offended.

I think it is often forgotten just how young the modern Arab states are… many are barely 100 years old. They have a lot of developing still to do.

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I don't know enough about the

I don't know enough about the religion to make any kind of judgement about it. As far as I'm concerned the Shariah Laws were written by the hand of man, not some god that some prophet guy says wrote them. Same holds true for any other belief system where a few secular claims tout a metaphysical origin of the words they themselves wrote down in long hand.

They're all a sham, these various religions, but I cannot dismiss them out of hand as useless. They are very good at what they do to control the masses and for this reason alone I condone them. Until those same masses have grasped a sense of physical laws as the happenstance of the cosmos and not the handiwork of some conjured up omnipotent equalizer plying the ether, religions temporarily glorify the void knowledge has yet to rightfully claim.

I don't apologize for my views. I can only have them because that's how I see man. He is a selfish varmint always ready to take, rather than receive, and religions all have the antidote for that in the form of god-law. It works for now so if you've spiritually arranged yourself around it, good for you. Enjoy it but don't abuse it.

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What ever anyone says or does

What ever anyone says or does does as a non-muslim, it cannot bring any more misconceptions, tarnish, aversion, contempt, despise and disdain, than the governments that enforce sharia laws and the extremist groups that enforce their delusional world view on anyone and anything with complete disregard for anything else than their own faith.

It is a crime against humanity, empathy, compassion, fairness and intelligence that the over 1 billion Muslims that claim that these atrocities "has nothing to do with Islam" and allow the terror, torture and abuse to continue while they pretend to not notice.

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Yep so true.

Yep so true.

The fact that countries where Islam is dominant, adopt such evil laws PROVES that Islam is a force of evil on the planet.

It takes what it wants by force and thus it will be brought down by force,

A quote from Spider-man :)

"The bigger they are the harder they fall."

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Well said, saudi law is

Well said, saudi law is totaly based on quran that is for betterment of human kind rather thn playing politics in the name of religion unlike other foreign countries

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I have to agree. If the "50

I have to agree. If the "50,000" terrorists have 50,000,000 who do not condone their deeds but take no action against them, their claims can only be construed as lip service. After countless events of terrorist activities with no police action taken, it must be further assumed that all of Islam supports terrorism in the name of Islam, leaving it in collusion with them.

In other words, as we Yanks put it, "Put up or shut-up". Make an effort to effectively police your own and then you won't have to publicly argue about Islam being a peaceful religion. It will be self-evident.

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Islam is the most disgusting

Islam is the most disgusting philosophy on the planet.

The so-called prophet Mohammed is a Terrorist and the Koran is full of violence and punishment for non-muslims.

It is common for Muslims to say that their feelings and emotions come from god, and therefore that is a pass for you to commit violence if you are angry and rape if you are sexually aroused.

Here we have one of the typical intellectually retarded Muslim arguments, that because western governments did something wrong, the western world should not complain about their disgusting society. Well western governments aren't saying anything bad about Muslims, they prance around with their blindfolded politically correct attitude and refuse to acknowledge violence and extortion that the Koran condones.

If you are a Muslim then;
you believe the "prophet" flew to heaven on a horse...... Stupid.
you believe that Muslims who leave the faith should be killed...Terrorist.
you believe that non-Muslims should pay a special tax... Extortion.
you believe woman are worth half that of a man.. Mysoginistic.

Islam is the most vile disgusting backwards thing on this planet, when muslims commit their terrorism or cruelty, they point to other people to try to excuse themselves from it, they are a people full of excuses.

Even a child of western civilization or of far-east asian culture, understands that they cannot excuse their ill actions with the bad actions of another, even a child begins to understand the importance of self-control and restraint, that just because somebody says something you don't like, doesn't mean you can escalate that situation through violence.

The Muslim does not understand this; and for that they are cursed into the act of killing one another for the rest of their days, like the savage dogs that they are. We should never, ever let the Muslims have access to our civilized societies, they belong in the desert with their rifles and bombs, killing each other, until the day their vendettas against one another destroy them all.

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Islam is the most disgusting philosophy on the planet.

Why..?? Becoz it orders to forbid evil....??

Qur'an is not a book of violence

“Take not life, which Allah hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus does He command you, that ye may learn wisdom.” (al-An’am 6:151)

According to the Qur’an, killing any person without a just cause is as big a sin as killing the whole humanity and saving the life of one person is as good deed as saving the whole humanity. (See al-Ma’idah 5:32)

Neitherr Qur'an says to kill any innocents nor Prophet said...Study Islam...Don't go 4 the media...

Don't blame Islam for what ignorant or non-practicing Muslims do....

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Doesn't that sura refer to

Doesn't that sura refer to the killing of an innocent Muslim ?

Because 'just cause' is not quite as easy to understand as you appear to be stating. It clearly does not just refer to an unprovoked physical attack. 'Just cause' in Shariah is in reference to Muslim sensibilities As oppose to non Muslim sensibilities.

maryam's picture
which surah...?

which surah...?

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The disgusting part is what

The disgusting part is what Islam considers just cause.

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woah, woah, easy there, buddy

woah, woah, easy there, buddy. I know quite a few muslims and the ones I know are typical americans with peculiar customs. In fact, they are more ethical than non muslims

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With all the bad things and

With all the bad things and bad guys that are associated with Islam, this religion will likely suffer ample of misconceptions.

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The tough thing about Sharia

The tough thing about Sharia law is that when a country implements it, EVERYONE has to obey it, not just Muslims :/

In the article: “It’s the duty of all countries and societies to respect religious faiths, beliefs and cultures of different communities in order to promote peace and stability in the world,” Badahdah said.

That's funny... Middle Eastern Islamic nations are among the most intolerant nations IN THE WORLD (well, North Korea and, to a lesser degree, China aside...). You all don't respect atheists or Christians when you establish a nation. "To promote peace and stability in the world"... which explains why Muslim nations are some of the most non-peaceful and unstable nations today (outside of some African countries).

Muslims cry for fairness when they aren't in power for a particular country, then, when they are, the fairness goes out the window and they implement sharia law.

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I read article.

I read article.
Badahdah criticise west countries that they are tarnishing islam and muslims and he thinks western countries are christions that,s why they are doing like this.
I have point this all is happening only due to religions. Killing of peoples in iraq, palestine and other countries is only due to religions. In western countries all are not religious so we can say that reaction from there is not purly due to religion while in saudia arabia all are pure religious peoples so we can say reaction from saudia arabia is purly due to religion. I am not citicising on saudia arabia or islam, i am just talking about my points that this all is only due to religions. Religions are responsible for these kellings.
If there is God then why god is not stopping this all while he/she has power of stopping it immediately now you can say god is examining so i have question why God wants to examine while all of us can,t do some thing without god,s wish even we can,t think without god,s wish. There is no god then why religious peoples are killing each other in the name of god which does not exist.

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Dr badahdah talked in saudia

Dr badahdah talked in saudia arabia crime is less than other countries. I accept this is right that there is less crime than other countries but this is only because majority of residents of saudia arabia is not poor and in society where peoples are not poor there crime shall less than those countries where all are not rich. Now you shall say peoples in saudia arabia are rich because there is sharia law, now stop here peoples are rich because their country has wealth of oil and profit of umrah and hajj. Now you shall ask western countries are also rich then why crime is not fully in control there like saudia arabia? anwer is simple westerns are some soft and where softness will stay there a little bit crime will also be.
I accept that sharia law has also good and unique effects on society but it is humand mad law and that,s why it is not perfect but i can,t say western systems are good because it is also human made.

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Yeah indeed the crime is less in Saudi compare to other countries because of shariah law...

In West everyday more cases of rapes, take place…

And if any one rapes, Islamic Shariah says… ‘Capital punishment’. People say it is a barbaric law.

I ask you ‘If some one rapes your wife or sister, and if you are made the Judge… what punishment will you give him? All of them said that… ‘I will kill the rapist’. If someone rapes your wife, sister and you are made the judge… what punishment will you give him? – ‘Death penalty’. some will say like …‘I will torture him to death.’

If you implement the Shariah in west where more rapes cases take place everyday – that every man who looks at a woman, should lower his gaze – the woman should be properly dressed up, and after that if someone rapes…

Will the rate of rape increase, decrease or remain the same?

It will decrease.

You said "Now you shall say peoples in saudia arabia are rich because there is sharia law, now stop here peoples are rich because their country has wealth of oil and profit of umrah and hajj"

Lol...I can never say that they are rich becoz of shariah law... Profit of umrah n hajj...?? i don't think soo

myrobot's picture

You answered only my this question and i am not agree fully with your answer "Now you shall say peoples in saudia arabia are rich because there is sharia law, now stop here peoples are rich because their country has wealth of oil and profit of umrah and hajj".
but you did not answer my main point which is about killing of humans only due to religions.
First i talked these killings in iraq and other countries are only due to religions. Am i wrong.
Now you said "if someone is rape my wife or sister then of course i shall kill him". First of all i don,t have wife still and don,t have any sister already. but suppose i have wife and sister and someone rapes then of course i shall kill him because he raped with wife or sister because i can,t bear it. Law is made for punishment to these persons who rape for peace in societ but these laws are made of humans not God because God does not exist. Some laws are hard and some laws are soft and i as i told western peoples are soft that,s why there laws are also soft so there crime is not less than saudia arabia. but saudi arabian society is hard peoples that,s why their laws are also hard and in result there crime is less but you can,t say those laws are of God. As you say those laws are derived from Quran, here i say Quran is made by arabian and as arabians are hard people so they added hard laws in the Quran and laws derived from Quran are hard and due to hard laws crime is less in saudia arabia.

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in above message i wrote a

in above message i wrote a line which can confuse you that,s why i am explaining it again with well words "Law is made for punishment to these persons who rape for peace in societ but these laws are made of humans not God because God does not exist" it means Law is made for peace in society by punshing those who rape women, but these laws are made by humans not by God because God does not exist.

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Okkhie...Well i was not

Okkhie...Well i was not pointing anyone sister or wife... was juz giving you example...

You are saying killing of humans only due to religions....noooo

They are ignorant people who don't have knowledge about their religions...if they study Islam completely then i think there would be no violence 2wards any innocent...

“Take not life, which Allah hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus does He command you, that ye may learn wisdom.” (al-An’am 6:151)

According to the Qur’an, killing any person without a just cause is as big a sin as killing the whole humanity and saving the life of one person is as good deed as saving the whole humanity. (See al-Ma’idah 5:32)

as 4 ur other answers vl reply you soon In sha Allah....

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Fifty years. That's how much

Fifty years. That's how much oil is left in the Middle East. Do you really think anyone will care about the region, it's politics, or laws when their only available export is sand?


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