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"you're wrong"

"you're wrong"
"you're still wrong!!"

Why do I feel like I am listening to an 8 year old argue here?
You do not address a single point people make and instead simply tell people they are wrong. At least elevate your argument past the 3rd grade level and actually respond to peoples points?

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Touché, LFTW!

Touché, LFTW!

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Applying that logic for the origins of the universe just as a excuse to disprove God is in of itself is ignorant because it only makes that person look like a stupid asshole. --Michael

"God" is not the default answer to be disproved! Speculation about the origin of the universe is not about rebutting "God," which is not an explanation for anything. It's an attempt to solve a great mystery. An explanation attempts to build from the known to the unknown, not from one unknown to another unknown. Until you make a good case for "God," you have mere speculation. You can tell a creation story, but it is not a real explanation.

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Heisenberg says you're wrong.

Heisenberg says you're wrong. But we don't even need Heisenberg.

The universe is simply operating on paths of least resistance and settling down towards a state of equilibrium. It has randomly shaped its existence across 13 billion years of time and continues to wind down towards a sea of entropy.


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