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cwalcott : "how old are you

cwalcott : "how old are you and where are you from."

"Who wants to know, sweetie?"

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@cwalcott Re: "how old are

@cwalcott Re: "how old are you and where are you from."

Well, I suppose it depends on whether you use my manufacture date, or the date my metal was mined and smelted. And I come from a land far away above a multi-colored band of light where there be itty-bitty folks, a forest of talking trees, a squadron of aerial primates, and one ill-tempered green hag.

So, what is your sign, handsome, and what would you consider to be "the perfect date"?

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um pretty offensive for me

um pretty offensive for me being an indian that namaste part but tbh its fun
side note i think we should slaughter deepak chopra

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@Himal: Namaste! Did you see

@Himal: Namaste! Did you see my thread "How Would You Answer Shalom'?

I agree.I think Namaste falls into that category. Just wishing someone peace and respect. Now, Deepak? We need him around to demonstrate the level of new age gibberish capable of being produced. He is in the spotlight and every one can spar with him in public. If he disappears some other Gurus will pop up and might remain undetected.

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A final post for the evening.

A final post for the evening....

Center the wisdom of your existence within the frosty falling snowflakes of your consciousness so that the frigid rays of the sunless expanses of the universe converge upon the scattered images of unbound stallions penned within their own gateless corrals longing to run wild and free across the unlimited confines of ultimate futility. Peace and love to all.

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The more narrow the mind, the

The more narrow the mind, the wider the chasm of ignorance and misunderstanding.

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Yeah, I think the same as you

Yeah, I think the same as you. This thought popped into my head when I played geometry dash unblocked

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We have reproduced our

We have reproduced our buttocks via morphic resonance. Can you hear it? The quantum matrix is approaching a tipping point. This circuit never ends. Soon there will be an awakening of gratitude the likes of which the totality has never seen. We must learn how to lead holistic lives in the face of bondage. Parvati will enable us to access authentic fulfillment.

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Heeeeeey..... Sapporo got

Heeeeeey..... Sapporo got skills! *thumbs-up*

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It's interesting to see how

It's interesting to see how language can be manipulated to create the illusion of profound wisdom. While it's all in good fun, it's also a reminder to approach such statements seriously and to recognize the importance of clear and meaningful communication, especially in discussion of complex topics. Then I thought we could join a fun game called geometry dash unblocked


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