Nineveh only heard and believed.warning this debate might convert you

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Nineveh only heard and believed.warning this debate might convert you

We think God's a prick when the bible actually has healing on the Sabbath and compassion in it. We think there's no proof. When the Bible explains why God gives no proof.
We think alot of things why the Bible is not true but what does the Bible say in this mass generation of confusion having iliteracy in all that we believe.this is just to bring back to your remeberance of things in the bible and debate about the Bible.



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Soooo.. the bible may not be

Soooo.. the bible may not be the guide to truth?

I already knew that.

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It's absolute truth in terms

It's absolute truth in terms that everything in this universe and universe itself goes in accordance with it.

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Let me get this straight.

Let me get this straight. Everything in this universe and universe itself goes in accordance with the bible? Which bible please?

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yes, if you are irretrievably

yes, if you are irretrievably stupid.

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Socialistview "It's absolute

Socialistview "It's absolute truth in terms that everything in this universe and universe itself goes in accordance with it."


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Actions speak louder than

Actions speak louder than words. If you know you are able to prevent evil and do nothing about it, you can only be evil.

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@Socialistview: confusion

@Socialistview: confusion having iliteracy in all that we believe


Actually literacy has never been higher. It's increased steadily over the past several decades and is now well over 80%.

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Which Bible? Each Bible

Which Bible? Each Bible should have the same chapters same verses and same dipiction of the story within those chapter and verses in each Bible despite saying they and thou Catholic though have added a few more books to the established Bible.

Also god says change and he will even bring a blessing after healing the world. And that he wants to give us help but we don't want his help so let us die by whatever we die by.

Well I guess people have forgotten the ideals in the books they have read.

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"Each Bible should have the

"Each Bible should have the same chapters same verses and same dipiction of the story within those chapter"

What's a dipiction (sic)? I can't find it in any dictionary?

"Catholic though have added a few more books to the established Bible."

This has to be a windup.

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"Which Bible? Each Bible should have the same chapters same verses and same dipiction of the story within those chapter and verses in each Bible despite saying they and thou Catholic though have added a few more books to the established Bible."

It's obvious that you don't know anything about biblical history so please stop and learn about it before posting BS.

The "Catholic Bible" is the established Bible. The current version has all of the original books that were in the master copy.

The "Protestant Bible" is the Reader's Digest version. In the 1870s-1880s the Protestants got a bug up their butt and deleted the Apocrypha when they published a new Bible version in the early 1880s. The Protestant version is only about
137 years old.

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Are you aware that the Bible

Are you aware that the Bible does not specifically condemn the practice of slavery, but it does give instructions on how slaves should be treated during those times.

Genesis 16:8

And he said “Hagar, Sarai’s slave girl, where have you come from and where are you going?” She answered, “I’m running away from Sarai, my mistress.” The angel of the Lord said to her, “Go back to your mistress and submit to ill treatment at her hands.”

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I do and I watched a few

I do and I watched a few Jewish discussions about it. They say it because it would happen even with a law against it because it was apart of the culture back then and everybody was doing it so it would be very tempting to do it because of profitability so god made rules for it instead of outlawing it fully because it was so ingrained in the culture back then. But in a view slaves were treated mighty well compare to how blacks were treated in america. But I'm Christian and proud of it because slavery is frowned upon in Christianity.

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"But I'm Christian and proud of it because slavery is frowned upon in Christianity."

I disagree because almost all of the slave owners were christians and were able to accommodate their beliefs with slavery. You really should read up on your nation's history of slavery.

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"so god made rules for it instead of outlawing it fully"

Why didn't your god just do as it did with the commandments, just come right out and say it was bad and forbidden? The bible is a book of rules, there are over 600 rules in that book.

If your god put down silly rules like clothing (Deuteronomy 22:9–11 Do not wear clothes of wool and linen woven together) then why not ban slavery?

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@ "We think alot of things

@ "We think alot of things why the Bible is not true..." No one has to think the Bible is not true. That would be a "Begging the question (petitio principii) – providing what is essentially the conclusion of the argument as a premise, fallacy." NO ONE THINKS THIS WAY without being fallacious.

What happens is that a Theist or the Bible says something and only then is it examined. You have put the cart before the horse. No one can make a judgment prior to that which is being judged is expressed.

It may very well be that most atheist have a notion that the bible is full of contradiction and error. This is a demonstrable position. It does not negate the fact that there may actually be some good information in the Bible. The point that atheists generally make is that theists, be they Muslim or Christian, do not pay attention to their religious texts. They cherry pick the verses they want to focus on and simply poo poo away anything they disagree with.

@"this is just to bring back to your remembrance of things in the bible.."
So are you advocating a return to cherry picking? Why would I want to remember the things in the Bible? What possible motive would I have for that? I do not think the Bible is anything more than an ancient Iron Age religious text.

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Despite slave owners saying

Despite slave owners saying obey your master it does also say don't look down on your slave owner because their bretheren.

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"Despite slave owners saying

"Despite slave owners saying obey your master it does also say don't look down on your slave owner because their bretheren."

They are is abbreviated as they're, not their (sic), and it's brethren, not bretheren (sic). That aside your claim is asinine, there are no circumstances under which slavery is morally acceptable, and the bible repeatedly endorses slavery. Hence the bible is not only not a moral guide, it is demonstrably immoral.

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You thinking too technical

You thinking too technical god didn't outlaw all clothes just said that specific combination but you still had access to it. It's like marrying and divorcing in judiasm then Jesus saying Moses allowed that because you would still do it to say.

I don't cherry pick I give the Bible fully. Now for contradictions I see none except opposites concepts in one book to in the sense of the Bibles point of view to bring full understanding of all understanding if that makes sense which the Bible plainely explains that different situations has different actions which I have seen atheist do not come to realize that you act appropriately to that situation right. But what are we judging right now?

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You are either evasive or not

You are either evasive or not getting the point.

If your god is so powerful and can make any pronouncement it desires, then just why not say "slavery is bad"? Secondly, this god of yours that had no trouble wiping out everything with a flood, or ordering genocide doesn't give a rat's ass about maintaining "traditions" like slavery.

What are we judging? You. In one sentence you state you follow the bible fully. Then you do an about face and start the "context" game, where according to you some things are to be ignored while others are what's to be applied.

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Sorry but I have to ask, is

Sorry but I have to ask, is English your first language? Also are your comma, and shift keys broken?

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Everything we know about the

Everything we know about the cosmos and nature, does not require a deity.

The only thing that would require that is a slightly evolved, pattern seeking primate that fears its own mortality.

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Socialistview: Well I guess

Socialistview: Well I guess people have forgotten the ideals in the books they have read.

Not at all. I recall some excellent ideals from "Lord of the Rings", "Harry Potter", "Tale of Two Cities", "Gulliver's Travels", "Beowulf", and many more. There's courage, loyalty, friendship, endurance, honesty, nobility, altruism in all of these books.

From the Bible I learned about slavery, murder, aggressive invasion, rape, torture, lust, abuse of power.... And all of those things are done by the guys with god on their side, so I guess they're ok.

The one positive thing about the Bible is that it isn't quite as bad as the Quran.

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So no one can demonstrate any

So no one can demonstrate any truth for your religion, its claims, or the bible?

I'm not sure why you think this is news to an atheist forum?

Which part of the bible did you want to discuss, and why?

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I'm lacking in knowledge

I'm lacking in knowledge about new discoveries in the origins of life. We know bacteria doesn't come from rocks you can say well water mixed with dirt made the perfect suange for nuclei grwoth. Well doesn't the Bible say we come from dirt both man and animals but progenisis I think it's called says life begets life it's impossible for immaterial objects to grow a concious. We never see a new species of life popping out of mud over the millinia why think now.

I don't think god was on the side of anything like that.

Ask where is this coming of Jesus Christ and god would answer as the growth of wheat for the harvest I come.

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If you admit a lack of knowledge in abiogenesis, then do you really think that you are qualified to offer an explanation on the origin(s) of life? There are tens of thousands of very smart and well-educated people who have devoted their entire lives to this question. And you pop up and say "hey I know, I read the bible"?

About twenty years ago I was like you, firmly hanging on to some god concept, attempting to reconcile all the contradictions in the bible. But my efforts were self-defeating because the harder I tried to explain the harder I looked and the more I learned the more ludicrous the bible became.

And please, a ramble like this becomes incoherent. Please explain your version of abiogenesis.

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OP: God's a prick when the

OP: God's a prick when the bible actually has healing on the Sabbath and compassion in it.

OP: We think there's no proof. When the Bible explains why God gives no proof.

OP: Each Bible should have the same chapters same verses and same dipiction of the story within those chapter and verses ( CATHOLICS HAVE ADDED A FEW MORE BOOKS TO THE ESTABLISHED BIBLE.)

OP: Slavery was not the same back the. It was common so god made rules. He was too stupid to say, "Don't own your fellow man." Though he did say. "Don't mix fabrics or work on the Sabbath."

Another DFC bouncing around from topic to topic. No justification for anything. Random assertions with no facts or evidence. Displaying the depths of ignorance a believer is willing to wallow in as he sinks to lower and lower depths with each new post.

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Totals 2,821,364 24,994,82

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Abogenesis is life begets

Abogenesis is life begets life. I follow Jesus legalism is not the correct way to follow the law. He's all powerful but he hardly outlaws anything rather than having idols and killing god doesn't want to control our choices where were robots but let us freely choose.

Tell me one person that did deserve punishment. They were killing each other sacrificing each other to false idols evil to the poor treating each other bad. And god warned each and everyone of them before giving judgement. And again Nineveh had proof that Jonah came out the whale but believed him that god was going to destroy them for their evil.

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Oh dear, i think you mean

"Abogenesis is life begets life."

Oh dear, not even close, and I think you mean abiogenesis, not Abogenesis (sic), and abiogenesis is defined as the origin of life or living organisms from inorganic or inanimate substances.

David Killens's picture


"He's all powerful but he hardly outlaws anything rather than having idols and killing god doesn't want to control our choices where were robots but let us freely choose."

Not true. There are over 600 rules in the bible. Heck, some are even building codes, such as Deuteronomy 22:8 "When you build a new house, make a parapet around your roof so that you may not bring the guilt of bloodshed on your house if someone falls from the roof."

I won't list all the rules, but here are most of them.

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What objective evidence do you have for a God existing?

The bible is the claim, not the evidence.


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